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  • Ummm…..GO TWINS!!

  • Gentle Readers: Kindly excuse me if, as a matter of civic and maternal duty, I must root, root, root, as quietly and politely as possible, for the home team. If they don’t win, it’s a shame, or so I’m told. On the other hand, maternal duty also requires me to state: It’s only a game, it’s all in fun, you’ll put your eye out, etc. etc.
    Far be it from me to be so common and coarse a Yankee fan as to scream, ‘WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!’ at any Minnesota fans who might drop in for a friendly cuppa. That would never do.
    Besides which, I don’t quite know why they scream, ‘WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!’, but they do. They even sell t-shirts that say ‘WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!’ I remain clueless.
    Love from a NY Sports Fan (Extra Mild).

  • I’ve just realized I should be taking more train trips! Lots of knitting time! With scenery!

  • oh mi god… bagels and lox… you just made me drool… cant read about yarn… dreaming of bagels and lox…

  • Love, love, love the photo of the two little darlings expressing their civic pride. Go Yankees! Had to miss going to last nights game–there was a wedding party I could not get out of (although if it had been the World Series…) Hubby kept calling the cellphone with updates. I am not a good party guest during the post season!

  • Wait a second. Is Carolyn hoping there are TWO in there or is this yet another instance of my totally missing something sports related? At least I know who the daddy is. I’m going to take a nap now.

  • somebody help me out –
    when i click on a link in the “comments” window, the link opens in same window (no re-sizing or toolbars)
    is there a setting/preference that i need to change so that i can have links to other blogs open in a new IE window?
    met a (machine) knitter last night who designed the most gorgeous shawl that looks, for all intents and purposes, like tree bark. now, that might not sound gorgeous, but it is.

  • Kay: Trains go to Chicago, too. They stop just across the river from my office, as a matter of fact. A midwestern odyssey positively screams quality knitting and iPod time! Sure, we’d have to drive three hours to get to my favorite yarn store (in Wisconsin), but what’s that to a true believer? I’ve done it before, six hours roundtrip in one day, all for the love…er, insatiable greed…of yarn.
    Just a thought.

  • Aw heckfire, Kay, you know I’m sitting down here in train-free Nashville (truly, not a single passenger train comes through the city) all et up with envy. So glad you got to nonvirtually hang out with Cristina and Cheryl, glad about bagels, glad about large chunks of train time, just glad about every bit of your day.
    In related mass transportation news, yesterday I attended the unveiling of the Plan of Nashville, an ambitious long-range plan for the city that includes, yes, bulldozing the interstates downtown and returning the city core to a grid of streets. In the next fifty years it may happen that a train starts to run through Nashville again, at which point I can hop on for a ride to visit you, Evelyn, and everybody else in the country. Can you imagine? Undoing a giant road project? My sprawl-bustin’ imagination blew a fuse at the possibility.
    PS Go Yankees (it is killing my Southern behind to say this . . .)

  • Fab ! A knitters get-together.Always the best.
    Gorgeous scarves !
    What did you knit on the train ? Blankies? :0)

  • isn’t philly fun?!?
    i isn’t philly fun?!?
    i <3 living here!
    and train knitting...yes!
    i just got back from a 24 hour (one way) trek to chicago on ye olde amtrak. yay!

  • GO SOX!