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  • Happy Happy Birthday Kay and enjoy your Noro Kureyon shade 211! Have a wonderful day!

  • Happy Birthday to my favourite ever blogger!
    May your life be full of Noro, garter stitch, beautiful children and Kir Royale (not in that order, necessarily).

  • Happiest of Birthdays!

  • Happy Birthday Kay! Have a lovely time and how wonderful that you are able to send all that loot!

  • Cheers! and Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for the lovely gift of this pattern and your example of generosity.

  • A very happy birthday to you, Kay! It would have been my mom’s birthday today too!

  • Happiest of Birthdays, Kay! Sounds like it will be, what with the Kirs and Paris & all…enjoy!

  • Happy birthday, Kay! If I could, I would click the “Kir Now” and “Chocolat Now” buttons for you too.

  • Happy birthday, dear Kay.

  • Happy birthday! Great presents you are giving yourself this year!

  • Hum, hum, hum…
    Bon anniversaire
    Nos voeux les plus sincères
    Que ces quelques fleurs
    Vous apportent le bonheur
    Que l’année entière
    Vous soit douce et légère
    Et que l’an fini
    Nous soyons tous réunis
    Pour chanter en choeur
    “Bon anniversaire”

  • Kay,
    Happy Birthday! Wishes for a joyous day and for many, many more!

  • I’m thrilled to know that I share a birthday with you, whom I admire so much. I’ll be clicking the “buy now” button today, as well as sending another donation to MercyCorps, in gratitude for the many blessings of this life we celebrate today. Happy Birthday to us!

  • Happy Birthday , happy kir sipping and blanket knitting. Isn’t that cool , the funds you’ve raised in less than a week! Portents for a most excellent year.

  • Hope you have a lovely birthday and really enjoy those special treats – but watch out for choccie stains on the vanilla knitting.

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!

  • Happiest of days Kay and thanks for making your wonderful pattern available and charitable.

  • Happy Birthday!!!
    I am always amazed by the generosity of the knitter community. Thanks for your great pattern and the opportunity to donate.

  • Happy Birthday Kay. Many many more your way I hope.

  • Awesome and happy birthday!
    I am going on a yarn crawl this weekend and I was wondering (why I’m asking before I’ve bought the pattern is beyond everyone, including me) how much yarn in how many colors does the blanket call for?

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! Sounds like you’ve got the perfect celebration plan. Enjoy!
    As an FYI to others trying to hunt down the Kureyon 211, it too has been discontinued, but there seems to be more of it around than there was of the SG 269. woolneedlework.com is getting a shipment in about two weeks. I got mine at yarnbarn.com–not sure how much they have left. That’s as far as my search went since I actually was able to get ahold of some. Good luck to everyone!

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday! What a great way to celebrate!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!
    since i had it already, im using Berocco Vintage in pastels and off-white, with size 5 needles. it is intended to be a high-school graduation present for my daughter. she is careful with her hand-knits, but i think a blanket needs to be more wash-friendly. it has a lovely drape and feel, and i am not unhappy with my choice. more Noro 269 and 211 for everyone else!!

  • Bonne anniversaire Kay! Enjoy the Kir Royale. I haven’t had one of those since a decadent dinner near Nice involving far too many courses and ending up with a selection of cheeses…mmmm…

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Curious. There seems to be a sudden run on Noro Kureyon #211. It seems to have started at 5:57 AM this morning. Wonder what that’s all about?!
    Happy b-day. Have a chocolate croissant on me.

  • Happy Happy Birthday! Wishing you a fiberlicious day…

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! You deserve the very best. Kir Royale, Noro, and everything else. Baises!

  • A very, very Happy Birthday to Cro-Kay Kay!
    Have a wonderful trip! Have a Kir Royale for me (if you run out of excuses just for yourself!)

  • Happy birthday Kay. Indulge and enjoy!

  • A very happy birthday to you, Kay! And what great news on the pattern proceeds! Add another five to the total–I’m going to buy my copy shortly.

  • Joyeuse anniversaire!
    You can bask in the knowledge that you’ve started a glorious ball of knitted love rolling around the globe…..
    I’m about to give in to the mitred blanket weakness, dropping my other current projects like so much laundry.

  • Happy birthday! I love that your celebration includes your wonderful generosity both to us and to the people of Japan. May this year be a delight to you!

  • Happy birthday!!

  • congratulations! Enjoy a Happy Birthday.

  • happy birthday kay!!! make it a wonderful one. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! Your’s and Ann’s posts bring me a lotta joy and I thank you for it.

  • Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday today too. My gift to myself: I pressed the “buy now” button. Whoo hoo!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Kay! I am toasting you with my mug of tea right now! I am pondering hard what colors to use for my blanket – this lack of white is driving me towards a more Japanese indigo inspired palette!

  • (sings) Happy Happy Happy, Birthday Birthday Birthday! Enjoy it all.
    Just out of curiosity, what do you think you could raise for auctioning off that blanket? You know, for the cause? (Cuz with the return of 40 degree weather down here in the mid-Atlantic, “buy now” means a warm and beautiful blanket to me today, rather than a pattern I’m afraid.)

  • Joyeux anniversaire ~ mai et dieu bénisse et répondre à toutes vos rêves! And, merci beaucoup for the pattern and all you have done for Japan.

  • Happy Birhtday to you!
    Celebrated my birthday a week ago on March 17. Yay for March birthdays, just what we need to keep going until spring really arrives.

  • The happiest of birthdays to you, Kay! You are the queen of miters and log cabins. Thanks for the pattern, and years of inspiration!

  • Happy Birthday Kay! From another March Girl (31st.)

  • Oops, better put a call in to Mr. Noro. According to Webs, Noro Kureyon #211 is a discontinued color, too. Darn!

  • Happy Birthday, Here’s to a nice day and many more.

  • Happy Birthday and you have a great day!

  • Joyeux anniversaire, Kay! I had my first birthday in France in,er, 30 years two months ago. No cassis around so I had to settle for plain fabulous Champagne.
    The menu sounds great although you are missing a food group: no eclair? no macaron? That’s just wrong.

  • Happy Birthday Kay – thank you for your wonderful pattern and generosity! Ave a vonnderfuul day dahling!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • H

  • A

  • PPY BIRTHDAY, HON! Luv ya! Keep knitting! Do not stay in Paris too long because I can’t keep track of the time difference!

  • Happy Birthday from one March 24th-er to another!

  • Happy Birthday my friend! Your pattern is beautiful and I just found my Spring Break Knitting! I have a bin of red/black/grey Kureyon that has aged nicely in my stash and I think it will look great against a navy and grey background. (and thanks for the spiffy Buy Now button that makes it all so easy!)

  • Have a wonderful birthday. The Kir Royales are a great start.

  • Joyeux Anniversaire, ma chere! May you enjoy your gourmet tastes in gourmand(e)portions! : )

  • The happiest of natal days to you. Party on! (

  • happy birthday

  • Wonderful birthday wishes to a wonderful woman who brings a lot of joy to our lives.

  • Happy Birthday Kay! May you have many many more wonderful, generous years ahead of you. $5000 in just a few days is really stunning!

  • Happy birthday! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Bonne anniversaire, Kay!
    Paris memories – Kir Royale, et chocolats ….
    What a place to be for a birthday!

  • Well, if it were my birthday (or the day after) and I were in Paris, I’d be heading over to Laduree for some macaroons. I was wondering if some of these blankets everyone is suddenly making might make their way back to Japan for the earthquake survivors a la A4A?

  • Happy Birthday and Enjoy your trip for all of us! Someone posted that the creme colored Kureyon is also discontinued, I hope not, but if it is, I found what I consider a suitable substitute. Mushishi by Plymouth Yarns has a creme colorway (#15) that is beautiful. I found at my lys this evening. It is a wool/silk blend with a rustic texture. It also is gently self striping-very pretty.

  • Happy Birthday Kay! I hope you have had a lovely day! I showed the pictures of the new blanket to my knitting group was huge hit! so should be a few more $$. I love it ,started picking some colors,can wait to start mine….have great rest of the day! Wendy

  • Joyeux Anniversaire!


  • wishing you the most happiest of birthdays, and in the most beautifulest of cities in the entire world – may you cherish the memories of that day, and your contribution to the world, forever!!!

  • Kaye, I hope your birthday was indeed joyous!

  • Well, oops! Right intention, wrong spelling! Happy Birthday.

  • Salut! Sante! Bon appetit! Joyeux tricoter!

  • Happy Birthday! Eat lots and lots of chocolate and knit. Sounds so perfect.

  • Happy Birthday to half of my newest favorite blog. (New convert to the K&P).

  • Happy birthday and hope you have a blessed next year!
    I am going to click on the “buy now” button now! Thanks for all your efforts and the AMAZING outpouring of purchases for the gorgeous blanket to help Japan’s relief efforts.

  • Noro yarns rock. Silk garden is my favorite but Taiyo looks scrumptious.

  • happy natal! you are like a fine wine….improving with age. 🙂

  • I hope you had a fabulous birthday! Lucky girl, celebrating it in Paris!

  • And I was pregnant for my 40th birthday as well. Where did THAT time go?

  • Hippo Bird Day to Ewe!
    I was between pregnancies when I turned 40 – at that point I had a 4 year old and and a 1 year old (and there were two more in my future, but who knew?). I recall at least one friend noticing long before we told anyone just because they noticed my wine glass had ginger ale instead of white wine in it.
    Enjoy those kir royale (kir royales? Kirs royale?) – you have earned every one.
    And thanks for the blanket – can’t wait to start!

  • Many happy returns! Birthdays in France are the best.

  • Many happy returns of the day! I’m looking forward to making my blanket (and figuring out mitered knitting).
    Your birthday in France . . . what could be better?

  • Many happy returns of the day! I’m looking forward to making my blanket (and figuring out mitered knitting).
    Your birthday in France . . . what could be better?

  • Have an absolutely fantabulous birthday! Many happy returns!

  • I saw this morning that your fabulous mitred crosses blanket design is featured in the ‘new and popular’ section of the Ravelry Patterns, and I cheered for you – not knowing that it was also your birthday! What a great present! Happy Happy birthday, hope it’s been wonderful!

  • Happy, happy birthday, Kay!

  • Happy Birthday Kay and I bought the blanket pattern too. My birthday is on the 27th and I have already received a yarnie gift certificate, enough for the yarn to make the blanket. I am looking forward to buying and starting.

  • Yay, I’m back and was able to “buy now”!!!!

  • Happy (now belated) Birthday, Kay!! My wishes are delayed because I was seriously distracted by the Buy Now button and the subsequent mitered square knitting. (Acknowledging my attention span issues, I’ve snatched up some Malabrigo from the stash and I am knitting a Mitered Crosses Pillow.) Thank you for the fabulous pattern and for your generosity.
    Here’s hoping your birthday month is as spectacular as you are!! Mwah!!

  • happy birthday Kay….it is heart warming to see all the love and generosity that human beings possess…. and the power of knitters is amazing!!!

  • Hi Kay,
    Belated happy birthday! I have just purchased the wonderful clever pattern. Thank you for your generosity for helping people in Japan. How amazing that you have raised so much!
    I am Japanese but live in the UK and it has been very hard for me to see the suffering in Japan.
    Juliet from The Knitter told me about your pattern and I would like to blog about it and put a link on my site, if that is OK 😀 If not, please let me know.
    Anyway, thank you so much for the amazing pattern and hope you had a wonderful birthday!