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  • Oh wow. Thank you so much for the mention!! I loved that colouring.
    Love from Australia!
    Louise Bersten / Doodlesknit.

    • Amazing!! What did you colour with? It’s so bright!

      • Im with Tasha. What did you use?

        • Looks like she used markers!

    • Totally spectacular, Louise! I keep watching your movie over and over.

  • On it! Thank you – what a thrilling upgrade!

  • I love this coloring book, but now wish I’d waited for a sturdier version. Oh well!

  • (And have you visited Crane? Roadtrip!)

  • Louise’s flipbook is delightful! My IG resistance is wavering.

  • Congrats! Just ladt night after screwing up an easy lace pattern for the zillionth time I was lamenting that your book is in my Amazon basket aling with othervthings I need, yet I still haven’t hit the buy button.
    This was just the kick in the arse I needed! Thanks!

  • Congratulations! Sure is hot north of the border too. Whew, she says, as she sits in front of the large floor fan and wonders if she HAS to take the dogs out again. The dogs are wondering the same thing.

  • Mighty Fine Spine!

  • I usually like coloring books to have a spiral spine; will this fold out flat?