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  • Will be there in spirit [and in the flesh, well, at a family party!!] Love, love, love the invite. Christina, you are AMAZING!!
    And Ann, Love, Love, Love the blanket. What a Wonderful Time Capsule O’ Fiber!!

  • I wish I had a car.
    How far of a bike ride do you think it is?

  • Guess I’d better get packin’! Where did my “I [heart] Patsy” shirt get to, anyway?
    Can’t wait to meet your non-sewing, non-knitting pals, Ann. Let’s remember that the MDK concept of ‘whip stitch’ is deep and wide–enough to include ‘sitting on the sofa holding an Amstel and keeping us company’. xoxo Kay

  • Like last time wish I could be there! Looking forward to the pics though and wishing you all a great time!

  • Dear Ann, wish I could be there, too–especially for the lard. I’m not due until later in November, but this baby, according to the OB’s estimate is already BIG. It might be good for his second-in-the-birth-order self-esteem to top his brother’s 10lbs, 14 oz. (I know, TMI) and pork fat loading might do the trick. There’s a Cracker Barrel near the turnpike, but it’s just not the same–wait, no, they’re all disturbingly the same, but you know what I mean, I hope. Pleeeez do some instant fone-blogging for all of us who’ll miss the fun.
    xo, Cristina

  • Hey!
    I’ll see you ladies at Angel Hair since I have to wait for my hubby to get home from doing rounds!!
    I look forward to it!