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  • Here is a link to beautiful yarn spun by the farm witch – http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=58716
    Take a look. Her blog is http://www.farm-witch.blogspot.com/

  • I love Etsy & have spent way too much time and money there – but I feel that I am supporting my “people” – those that love to create with their hands as I do.
    Check out the gal with the stitch markers – she might have an owl at – spindlecatstudio – I am pretty sure she does!!!
    So many others to tell you about, but I will let you find them yourself!! Have fun!

  • I love Etsy & have spent way too much time and money there – but I feel that I am supporting my “people” – those that love to create with their hands as I do.
    Check out the gal with the stitch markers – she might have an owl at – spindlecatstudio – I am pretty sure she does!!!
    So many others to tell you about, but I will let you find them yourself!! Have fun!

  • I have a couple for you. First up is aidosaur, who doesn’t have much up at the moment, but she draws beautiful things and does prints, t-shirts, and buttons.
    Next we have Silver Owl Creations and honey. The key pendants just steal my breath.
    The Red Bird Designs does amazing feathered headbands and hairpieces, and a few other things as well, including some jewelry and some knitted stuff.
    Damselfly Yarns hand-dyes yarn. It is gorgeous, and feels amazing.
    Mind’s Eye Yarns hand-dyes this amazing merino/tencel sock yarn that I am completely addicted to, luckily she’s local to me.
    Violent Belle, her I don’t even really know how to describe, but it is GOOD STUFF. Jewelry, funky accessories, tiny top-hats.
    And, because I love you, I saved the best for last. The Uncommon Facade does hand sculpted, hand painted leather masks. I have one, and it is comfortable and amazing and people ALWAYS talk to me when I’m wearing it. She does (and prefers to do) custom work, and the things in her shop are mostly there to give you ideas, but they are also for sale.
    And these are just the Etsy shops my friends run, I didn’t give you my entire favorites list. . .

  • Oh goodness. I better go buy up anything I want before sending you any recommendations.

  • Hmm! You might want to do a search for needlefelted objects. I’ve found some awfully cute things that way, like little chicks in a knitted nest, etc. Also there’s an apple cookbook written by hand and handbound. I haven’t actually bought any of these, of course. Another thing to look for is needlebooks or needlecases. They have them for knitting needles, but my favorites are for sewing needles. They’re like miniature books with felt pages for the needles.
    My favorite artwork prints I’m swooning over, I will not tell you the maker of, because otherwise they would all be gone before I could afford to get any! Sorry! 😉

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5395198
    Since you asked so nicely, I have to recommend my friend Leah’s Our Yellow House. (etsy seller name ouryellowhouse).
    Thank you so much.

  • Favorite Etsy stores? Uh oh.
    sudlow — lovely simple jewelry. I like the cicada wings.
    daneister — because occasionally he sells beads made by Bob Burkett, amazing cast metal beads in silver, shibuichi and sometimes gold. If I had a small fortune I would collect them all.
    Daneister also sometimes sells beads from Green Girl Studios. They have the best ever toggles, usually used for jewelry but great for sweaters and little bags (and they have owl beads …) Green Girl Studios beads show up in other Etsy stores, too. Search on ‘shibuichi bird’ to see the bird toggle in use.
    CraftyHedgehog Umm, I confess a kind of stunned fascination with the knitted Lab Rat and other ‘Knitting in Biology’ stuff. My friends and relations never believe that you can actually buy a hand knit dissected frog (or rat) mounted in a real lab tray, no less. Or you can get the pattern to knit it yourself. Whew.
    Shares in a sheep, with dividends in the form of yarn. And you can meet the sheep!

  • Not about Esty, but about owls: this winter we have had four different snowy owls within 15 miles of our house in the central fingerlakes region of upstate NY. One guy was only about two miles away, and we have visited him pretty regularly for the past two months, watching him catch mice and preen and fly – it’s amazing what strong, sure fliers they are; they look so puffy and unathletic at rest. He was still hanging around last Thursday, but haven’t seen him since then – maybe he finally has headed back to the arctic. Now we have to settle for great horned owls hooting, and screech owls whinnying, at dusk in our yard this evening – you should come visit!

  • A little shameless promotion! Check out my yarn bowls at
    potterknitter.etsy.com though I’ve been pretty slack about keeping current.
    I’ll try to tune it on Thursday, I never do anything cool with etsy

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5536696
    Rivulettecraft has a really fantastic shop on etsy filled with handspun and lampworked beads. My Abfav is her 32 Flavors handspun yarn.
    I could not be more in love with the earrings from BetsyEtsy. I have a pair of her sushi earrings that I insist on wearing for all of my sushi dates.

  • I mentioned Green Girl Studios in my post above — the Etsy shop is called cathydailey and has the lovely bird toggle (and owl beads).

  • Could I be completely selfish and offer my own shop for your perusal?
    Although alas, I have no owls for you to hoot at, I do have lots of bird motifs flitting across my work right now.
    Plus, my love of the color scheme on the big dotty chair MADE me create this particular item:
    It’s still at the gallery this week, but will be in my etsy shop Saturday AM!

  • a live etsy market sounds like fun– wish i could go with you. sounds like the kind of event where they have cocktails, or at the very least espresso w vanilla gelato. look forward to reading about it!

  • You’re right, Kay, owls are cool. My grandfather looked like a wise old owl, kinda like your pincushion, but waaay more SERIOUS. He was the greatest!
    Have fun at Etsy.

  • One of the etsy places that I like is http://www.redheadedstepchild1.etsy.com
    She makes intricate crocheted and beaded jewelry. Not many items up, but oh, so fine!

  • I bought a watch and bracelet made out of colorful metal knitting needles cut into small rings from SassafrasCreations on Etsy. She makes many other things.

  • You do realize you’ve essentially issued a challenge for someone to come up with a cubic zirconium object you will covet right?
    I’ll be watching for new Etsy offerings of knitting needles with tiny cubic zirconium owls on the tips, or something…

  • I have spent more money than I am willing to admit at tiny happy’s etsy shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5062323. I’m particularly smitten with her Hiding Places lockets. She updates on Wednesday mornings. Getting mail from Norway is, in my opinion, an added bonus. I believe she’s willing to do custom stuff, so if you mentioned the owly love, amazing things could happen.

  • I’m so confused. Is the public invited to this? You know, the public might like to use this event as an excuse to see you and also eat at a certain focacceria ristorante. Just sayin.

  • Oh, I know, I know ( raising hand enthusiastically) You must see the tiny worlds and dolls made of recycled sweaters mck254.etsy.com

  • Recommendations:
    mymommadethis for great sock yarn. Check out her Glam sock yarn = superfine merino and Sterling Silver! Colorways named after rock bands and rock n roll songs. On a scale of 1 to 10, her color goes to 11!
    abstractfiber for great spinning fiber. Check out her cashmere blends – my favorite colorways are “Chartreuse”, “Mood Ring”, and “Shady Glade”.
    barbware for handmade jewelry. Hand cut, hand hammered, in elegant shapes that will never go out of style. And, she’ll do “to order” for special requests.

  • My favourite site is this one from a fibre artist in New Brunswick, Canada. She has a farm on which her animals are loved and protected and her products and creations embody ‘the love’. Unbelievably realistic hooked rugs on her blog too – works magic with fibre.

  • Here are some owl cards from Fisk and Fern on Etsy. They have lots of other cute things.

  • I have never even looked at etsy, but while going though my reading of blogs, I came across something I had to look at – lo and behold – it was sold on Etsy. so, here is the page – you love owls – I love corgi dogs!

  • I, too, love etsy and my favorite shop is: glasselements.etsy.com The fused glass creations are incredible and one-of-a-kind.

  • How fun will that be? Since I am one drill bit shy of opening my own beach glass button etsy shop i can’t drop my own URL (or my sanity–yet) but here’s a fave, they turn old funky books into journals, preserving the covers and select inside pages (and the folks who do it have the best customer service on the planet)ex libris anonymous

  • You have to see the cute aprons at Nancy Floeter’s shop:
    She uses reclaimed fabrics and vintage designs.

  • In a hopeless act of self-promotion, my shop is at http://www.samuraiknitter.etsy.com. I do hand-dyed sock yarn and merino rovings, and ribbonwork flowers. No owls, though if you want one, I could have a go at making one with ribbon… hmmm. That could be interesting.
    Owls, huh?

  • Real skillz at [email protected]
    (Weaving – an art you don’t do yourself!)

  • Following up on Gale’s suggestion that you visit the folks who make journals from old books, check out:
    http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=18856983 – looks like it might have your name on it.

  • Awesome. Check out the shops and items I’ve favorited from my own Etsy shops: http://www.tortillagirl.etsy.com and http://www.friedinbutter.etsy.com . Lots of talent to be seen there.

  • Kay, you absolutely must visit this etsy link and see this creation. Only $600!

  • Mix ‘n Match knitting earrings:

  • I fell into an etsy hole last week when I started looking at tea towels. Oh god. The teatowels.
    You could start with Skinny LaMinx:
    Also… I have a birthday coming up:
    Handwoven Recycled Denim Rug
    More gorgeous handwovens:
    Excellent Trees and Owls:
    Excellent Wack-Fabulous textiles:
    Tiny needle-felted animals in swings
    Paper goods:
    Bird cards, with lots of owls: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22319828
    Quail & Poppy of CA – quails, almost as cute as owls:

  • We have all gone crazy for the boxes and project bags from AndreaJene. A super sweet Atlanta girl and the quality of her goods is great! Check it out! AndreaJene.etsy.com

  • No etsy recommendations just a question. Um, is this going to be tomorrow the 18th (and Wednesday) or the day after the 19th (and Thursday)?

  • So much to choose from! But here’s one: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6209208

  • I think you should check out Moth and Squirrel (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5099551&section_id=5369990). She/they?? have a booth at our local farmer’s market and I have bought birthday gifts there for my children’s friends. These are way better than giving Power Rangers or Star Wars toys!

  • I think you’ll really like “tinctory” at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5176973
    Gorgeous combinations of needlework and jewelry.

  • Is it terribly gauche to mention myself? I create eco-friendly supplies for fiber artists, all of it local, recycled and/or organic.
    You can check it out here: blondechicken.etsy.com

  • How great is Etsy! I work at Hatch Show Print and a bunch of us have shops (including Agnes bettyturbo.etsy.com, illustrator of your likenesses for the first book cover). snowowl.etsy.com and fatcrowpress.etsy.com and rocksinyoursocks.etsy.com

  • I love the recycled knitting needle jewelry at sassafrascreations! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=73034&ga_search_query=sassafrascreations&ga_search_type=seller_usernames

  • Don’t forget the lady who makes ceramic buttons. You posted about her two years ago and I followed the link right to spending $40.00 on buttons. I haven’t used them yet, but I LOVE THEM!
    I can’t think of few things more bizarre- love for buttons, but I love unique beautiful things and the buttons make me happy. (I even keep them in a special box, still wrapped in bubble wrap- don’t forget that the packaging by the artists is also tres cool- I kept the tags b/c they were hand drawn (!))
    Anyway- don’t forget!

  • I bought a dragonfly shawl pin and a hair stick pin from Nicholas and Felice recently–LOVE THEM. Just went to find the link to paste here, and they have even more great stuff!

  • I shop etsy for my spinning fibers and sock yarn ALL the time, and here are some of my tried and true sellers:
    Lizardtoes (sock yarn, stitchmarkers…wonderful stuff, always free shipping)
    Yberry (great sock yarn)
    Vampy (beautiful spinning batts)
    Jazzturtle (wonderful handspun yarns, spinning batts, and supplies for spinning art yarns)

  • SO exciting! My shop looks a mess, so there will be NO shameless self promotion here. I am just excited to watch you shop.
    I spend a lot of money on letterpress and supplies. Fabric? yes Handspun yarn? yes Handmade books? Of course
    Have a ball!

  • Oh, you will be sorry you ‘fessed up your love of owls. People will send them to you for the next thirty years.
    I know a teacher who loved whales. Or at least she used to love them until every single student for twenty years gave her whale stuff. (not me! I never divulge my little cravings…beyond my need for Mast Brothers Chocolate and gummy bears)

  • Well then, I gotta say:
    esdesigns makes gorgeous botanical jewelry. I maybe own several pieces of it.
    grizzlymountainarts has great ivory doodads and crochet hooks and nalbinding needles and tatting shuttles…

  • Thank you so much kay 🙂

  • Treehousetogs.etsy.com makes some super cute kids clothes. She uses some great fabrics to cutomize blankets, skirts, shirts, pants, belts – with images like fish and trains and cars and… owls! Check out the dark grey velvet toddler pants and hoo hoo wants a pink belt (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=17883566)for the owl goodies. Can’t wait to see what you find!
    By the way, we heard some very loud barred owls in our back yard here in Ga last week. It was so exciting!

  • You are brave. I think you should leave your credit cards at home.

  • Knitting Iris (writer of the great blog of the same name) sells naturally dyed yarn. But it goes fast! Quick I think she just updated the shop!
    I also love the knitting notions at Karatstix.

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5045800
    this is my favorite etsy shop…I think your owl needs some acorns don’t you

  • Ok, here’s mine: MateyCouture.etsy.com I love Matey because the clothes are fun and I love the spirit of a young woman, not afraid to put herself out there, who does a great job designing and creating original clothing. I can’t claim NAYY, as she is the daughter of a friend but I do like her things!
    Gerrie in St Paul

  • here is where I just got a new bag to hold my Kindle 2 – she does quality work and is quite popular on the Kindleboard. I can see one that could make a nice knitting bag also ….
    and she is a pleasure to work with and deal with.

  • So you love owls? Well, all of us who lived through the seventies were marked by them. Personally, my apartment is full of hot pink and bright green, a nod both to my childhood and the fact that if I unfortunately don’t have a man to decorate for I might as well make the best of it.
    Etsy labs is fun. Please let us know if they still have their indoor skateboarding ramp, I haven’t been there for a couple years.

  • My favorite Etsy site is my mother-in-law’s gallery of her amazing paintings and painted housewares: coralislandgallery.etsy.com. Of course, I also love the jewelry made from aluminum needles: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=19746649. So glad you asked the question!

  • My favorite Etsy site is my mother-in-law’s gallery of her amazing paintings and painted housewares: coralislandgallery.etsy.com. Of course, I also love the jewelry made from aluminum needles: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=19746649. So glad you asked the question!

  • For the spinners here Butterfly girl Designs has some really lovely spindles as well as fiber. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5207884

  • small whimsical paintings involving blue. My favorite is Life Boat: Dear God be good to me–the sea is so wide and my boat is so small

  • small whimsical paintings with a lot of blue. My favorite: Life Boat: Dear God be good to me the sea is so wide and my boat is so small…
    LeslieArt’s shop

  • Kay, check your day/date. Thursday is 19 March; 18 March is Wednesday.
    Have fun!

  • My brother and his wife run a a printshop and gallery frameshop, most of the sales for which are on Etsy. their website is http://www.tugboatprintshop.com, and their etsy shop (of the same name) is http://tugboatprintshop.etsy.com
    Also, here is an owl they made: http://www.tugboatprintshop.com/woodlandwoodcuts_store/owl_packed.jpg
    Paul and valerie make the most awesome woodcuts and lithos, seriously. My brother is the only person to win the Governor’s award for art in South Dakota TWICE!! (cool) and their art is so cool that even Shepard Fairey likes it (seriously).

  • Check out VintageHomeStyle for great material for your creativity – vintage sewing and crafting supplies, as well as creations made with vintage for your scrapbooking and home!

  • I used to have an etsy shop, but it’s now defunct. It’s been awhile since I’ve etsy-ed, but since I’ve had to stop knitting for awhile, I’ve been teaching myself to tat, and TotusMel ( http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=36519&order=&section_id=&page=2 ) has some of the most awesome stuff I’ve seen. Not sure if it’s your taste or not, and there’s definately no owls, but I’m blown away by her talent.

  • I bought a wonderful row counter from ‘ jeanettejed ‘. Take a look, nice to look at and very useful if you happen to not be very good about clicking a row counter.

  • I feel like that owl looks.

  • Totally off topic but, when are you gals going to have a cable variety show? Inquiring knitters need to know.

  • Sheknits by Amy – lovely knit and crochet items – baby hats, crochet baby booties, jewelry. Just lovely.
    Also at http://www.knitsimplyknit.blogspot.com/.

  • Etsy is like a mall for me. A really, really cool mall. Some of my recurring favorites are: bitofwhimsyprims (cloth dolls and patterns), EnfinLaVoila (stationery), persnicketyknits (marvelous knitting clutches), moop (fab bags), hazelnutcottage (jewelry), DogboneArt (screened bags, tees, etc), and ArtisanGraham (leather journals).

  • Hopefully this will link correctly. My favorite jewelry maker on Etsy is poetsummer. Her charm bracelets are fantastic. All sorts of really fabulous themes. This one is called “The Owl and the Pussy Cat”. She does fantastic work.

  • ok so many good ones up already, but if you want a quirky giggle, try MissKarina.

  • This is one I go back to over and over and over. All her stuff is great- but check out the jewelry in particular!!

  • I think you should take a look at my sisters etsy shop, it is parkrosepretties no owls but she has the most beautiful lap quilts made out of recycled materials and unbelievable but true, no sales as of yet. You might as well take a look at mine too, sweetpoppycat
    Good luck in your search!

  • That sounds like a really cool project to be involved in. I wish I had a link to send you, but I’m avoiding Etsy in order to save myself some money! It’s a dangerous place!

  • You *must* check out Janice Rosema!
    Hand dyed yarn, hand made buttons, hats, patterns, embellishments, it’s all good! She’s well known here in So. California and has had her hats in some pretty high end department stores.

  • I have an etsy link that isn’t quite like all of the others…it’s my mom’s site, and it’s a product that she came up with in conjunction with my dad.
    During “life’s intimate moments” there can be a bit of, well, moisture. This is a product to protect things, and save someone from having to endure the wet spot. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5700127 Right now they have a simple “silky” edge to them, but she’s going to make them with fabric bias edging. (or has made them but hasn’t put pics up…)
    (and I can say with certainty that I want to wrap myself up in the terry. It’s organic and just scrumptious. Srsly.)
    (we’re a family who’s pretty open about most things, and when my brothers and I were younger all of our birds and bees questions were answered honestly, generally at the dinner table.)

  • alittlegoodness
    LikeMy Dress
    Those are my favorites! You’ll love all of them. They range from the artistic to the wooly to the sublime. Enjoy!

  • alittlegoodness
    LikeMy Dress
    Those are my favorites! You’ll love all of them. They range from the artistic to the wooly to the sublime. Enjoy!

  • alittlegoodness
    LikeMy Dress
    Those are my favorites! You’ll love all of them. They range from the artistic to the wooly to the sublime. Enjoy!

  • alittlegoodness
    LikeMy Dress
    Those are my favorites! You’ll love all of them. They range from the artistic to the wooly to the sublime. Enjoy!

  • A good friend of mine creates beautiful pottery that she sells on etsy – jennyblasenpottery.
    She even makes yarn bowls, although sadly she has none currently available (it looks like it sold yesterday).

  • ok I will list a few of my favs….there are so many to choose form though….ok let’s see. here is five really cool shops….oh just 5 seems so ridiculous! I love Etsy!
    ok so thats six….couldn’t help myself, I could list shops for days that I love.
    Oh I have two shops also if ya wanna peek
    Oh and BTW…I don’t knit what so ever but I saw your name and was intrigued. I do not come across alot of other Kay’s 🙂 And usually if I do they are little old ladies LOL So, hi Kay!!! (who isn’t a 90 yr old for a change)