Contest! What’s Your Favorite Runway Knitwear Design?

By Ann Shayne
November 7, 2017
  • The first few looked ok. My favorite is the 5th slide (Grenoble?) A lot of the rest made me think of the Yarnharlot: …you can wear a sweater that is to big but not one that is too small….

    • I love mulberry, the colors, the colors, the oversized shape.

  • I like montcler Grenoble. It looks warm and totally comfortable

  • My first pick is Mulberry. It has a lovely balance of color and texture.
    My 2nd choice would be Moncler Grenoble.

  • The Zadie & Voltaire red cable sweater, although it’s difficult to choose between that one and the Grenoble chocolate sweater.

  • My favorite is the green and cantelope colored pant suit by Min Min. Reminds me of a by gone era. And from looking at some of the others I guess sleeves can’t be too long.

    • That’s was my second favorite!! It was so well put together!

  • Like the Milly red, part sweater, part poncho. I think you have to be about 7 feet tall to pull off most of the looks, but it’s fun to dream of being swamped in beautiful yarn.

  • The Lanvin, the deep V-neck and the length perfectly balances the horizontal stripes. Love it!

    • The striped Lanvin. I see there is more than one.

    • Me too on the Lanvin! I hope to see reasonably priced “adaptations” in malls… An over-sized brioche or cabled sweater ought to be cast-on tonight if I’ll have the chance to be on trend before spring comes…

  • I like the blue cable knit by Daks, second from the top. Part of why I like it is the color, but I also think it would be something I would wear, with a little more length.

    • I agree. I would wear the Daks, if it were longer. It gets my vote.

  • I’m really a traditionalist so the Daks cable sweater is my pick. Love the shade of blue and the way it’s styled with the checked shirt and low slung pants. Looks very wearable.

  • I like the whole look by Sonia Rykiel.

    • Another vote for Sonia Rykiel, even though I have no idea whats going on at the bottom there. And I would probably make it in coral because I’m obsessed.

  • Like the mulberry. Lovely to look at and not ridiculous

  • The red Zadig et Voltaire. I love the whole look–fabulous color.

    • Zadig et Voltaire for me too – I love the cozy red, and I like the styling with the pink hat and dark red/brown pants — clashing reds. It looks like a version of something a “real” person could wear.

  • Would someone please rush a few boxes of Krispy Kremes to those poor waifs—STAT! All those boney little knees were extremely distracting, but my favorite garment was #35—is it a poncho or a sweater? I loved the russet-y color and it looks super-cozy to wear.

  • My favorite is the colorful MiuMiu. It’s a happy sweater!!

  • It isn’t the most high fashion look of the lot but I envision the Lanvin Cableknit as a wedding dress. I think it would surprise your guests who may not think of wearing a knit item in that way, for that occasion. I love the mix of knitting and netting. A real ‘labour of love!’

  • Love the Zimmerman coat! Classic, stylish and beautiful!

  • My favorite is the Daks blue cable knit. I’d make it a tad bit longer, but I love the way it’s styled with the gingham shirt, stripped pants, and loafers – my kind of outfit!

  • Lanvin! That black and white striped dress is To. Die. For. If I weighed 90 pounds and my life were not one continuous hot flash you can be darn sure I’d be knocking that off and wearing it as often as possible!

    • Yes this . LOL

  • I like Daks and Grenoble. I sure hope it was really cold in that venue or those poor models must have melted.

    • Don’t worry – with no body fat you can guarantee they’re always freezing.

  • My favorite is the brown cable knit by Moncler Grenoble. I live in upstate New York and the winters here can get pretty chilly. That sweater looks cozy and wearable.

  • Mulberry. Love where the colorwork is located, and the accent stitch patterns. I would, though, knit a size that actually fit instead of swallowing. Some of these knits were too weird, too impractical, though. Also, I thought designers were moving away from using anorexic models with that grim, starving, staring look.

  • It looks to me like the first 4 all were inspired by Norah Gaughan. Go Norah! Knit Chainlink or Breaker and be your own runway model.

  • I like the Sonia Rykiel red cable knit with the extra flappy stuff around the hips. Some of them are hilarious, there were a few that I would enjoy wearing, none that I can imagine actually knitting… It’s fun to look, though!

  • I like Ulla Johnson’s cable knit look. It’s the perfect answer for going to a formal Christmas party and not freezing with bare shoulders. Just pop that sweater over your fancy, flouncy dress and you will look elegant and feminine and still be warm in a winter night in NYC. Personally, I would wear it over jeans.

  • Those are amazing! Such sweet eye candy… Chloe was the one that stuck with me the most, and it would even be wearable by someone who isn’t 85 pounds

  • The Milly cable sweater is such a perennial classic. The creamy sheep color, the cable and diamond pattern, the cozy turtleneck – I’d wear it for years, with so many bottoms. But that Jill Sander tunic what I want to knit now. It is so sleek and modern, in that gorgeous russet color. Feminine, urban, and completely contemporary.

  • Ellery. Loved the dark blue with white that looks like a winter night forest/sky.

  • I love all of the sweaters in the piece, in fact I have a lot of old Vogue knitting issues from the eighties and early nineties. I see a lot of similar designs. Thanks again for your newsletters.

  • I like the blue Daks-sweater best. But was amazed at how wearable most designs looked. Maybe some of them a bit toooo big, but nothing completely insane. Liked the Delpozo sweater with the coloured stripes too.

  • I like Joseph for coziness, Miu Miu for color and Les Copains for the stripes. My knitting tends to be loose so maybe I can be fashionable.

  • I love the Vanessa Seward turtleneck sweater. It can be worn by anyone of any age. It is versatile and would go with anything, dressed up or casual.

  • What fun knits! The Milly is one that I might truly wear myself , but I love so many of them!

  • Stripes by Alberta Ferrari…love the visual effect of ever-widening stripes toward the bottom of the garment!

    • LOL! That is the one I picked to be The Least Likely To Be Knit (Or Worn) By A Real Woman. Nobody but a 90-pound waif model can wear something designed to make her hips look bigger. Different strokes, right?

  • It’s Milly for me! Cozy cables in a neutral shade.

  • Ulla Johnson’s big persimmon-colored cables. I’d love to snuggle up in that!

  • Ulla Johnson. love an autumn color cable knit! And oversized…(almost).everything is oversized

  • Mulberry. Yep.

  • The pink Joseph worn with the red pants. Although I’d ditch those red pants.

  • I liked Miu Miu because the colors were bold, yet not too in your face, and the whole look was sleek. Some of those huge sweaters just looked silly, and their models often looked like they knew it.

  • Moncler Grenoble all the way! The cables! The COLOUR! (notice I spelled that the English way!) And the fit and proportion are perfect. Swooning.

  • My choice would be the Mulberry it looks like something you could knit yourself. Also her fluffy socks look so cosy.

  • Lanvin…v-neck dress/tunic…by a long shot!

  • Ellery! Very artistic.

  • Lanvin Cableknit! So white! So wintry! So elegant! And the sleeves won’t drop into my soup! What’s up with all those super long sleeves? !

  • I love the Milly classic cable knit although the other cabled sweaters were also among my favorites. I think the Milly sweater is my favorite as it is a classic but also so stylish! It could be dressed up or down, with a sleek black skirt or with skinny jeans. Love!

  • I love the Lanvin striped dress!! So cute and it looks very wearable.

  • There are so many beautiful sweaters but the Delpozo striped hoodie takes me back to a similar ski sweater that my sister and I took turns borrowing from our mom. I wish I still had it!

  • I love the optimistic daisies on the oversized Topshop Unique sweater.

  • Milly. Classic cables with uncrineworthy styling and execution. Those oversized POSs? OMG.

  • Number 4 in Stripes, the Delpozo, made me smile.

  • I liked the Moncler Grenoble one. It looked like something I would actually wear, warm and comfy!

  • Mugler and Lanvin, but if I have to choose one it would be Mugler. Why – it flat out speaks o me the most.

  • Hard choice! Maybe the classic cables of Daks or Grenoble. I really like the fairisle by Mulberry and the Balenciaga, but very oversized gets old quickly.

  • I loved Ulla Johnson’s cinnamon sweater with the extra large cables 🙂

  • Hard to pick one. First would be the Moncler Grenoble, second choice the stripy Lanvin (but I’d have to wear leggings or something more substantial than the model)…

  • I enjoy a contemporary unfettered look – kinda tough to find in haute couture. However I would love to wear the piece by Secai or the multi colored piece by Chloe that reminds me of a Noro piece. Will need to schedule time in a cooler climate as both of these would be intolerable in Florida’s winter!

  • There’s no doubt on this one — the Mulberry (the one you show at the top of this page), by far the best. Why? Color work, of course! Beautiful! It also reminds me of the motifs on Quaker samplers (cross stitch).

  • My favorite is Mulberry, subdued and simple. A Littleton oversized for me, but not as wild as most.

  • My favorite is the red/pink Molly Goddard pullover…I can see myself reaching for that often if it were in my closet. But a close second is the airy-but-slouchy striped mohair goodness from Chloe. I’m going through a color and striped phase.

  • Milly by indigital is not atrocious. The rest are just ungodly ugly… or look like something best forgotten from the 80s. It’s why we knit… so we don’t have to wear what they design. Have they never heard of classic?

  • I think I would have to go with the very first one, Cableknit by Lanvin. The classic winter white, and I always love me some cables!

  • Easy, the Mulberry one. Cables, texture, colour work, yet still wearable. Saying that, I’m in the UK so probably not eligible to win! Still, I enjoyed the distraction!

  • I’ve been a Sonia Rykiel fan for years and years; she’s really got a way with knitwear. I love the shape of that red sweater and the way she paired it with that patchwork skirt for a real a hand crafted vibe.

  • I like Mulberry for its nice mix of color and texture. I wouldn’t want it so oversized though.

  • They are so styleized that by the time i completed knitting one, it would be out of style. Some of the more classic shapes look like boring knits. If pushed to pick, I would say the first cabled sweater. (Maybe I would make the body a bit longer).

  • I like Mulberry as it’s something I would wear. Thanks for the inspirational images–what if we all just knitted what we liked in any way we liked? Creativity would rule the day!

  • My favorite was Sacai. The black and white stripes were really eye-catching, and I loved all the frou-frou at the sleeves. But more importantly, have you seen this Gucci sweater? It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen — roosters and ship wheels and giant tassels!

    • And a bargain at $4,200! I’d give anything to know who on god’s green earth is going to buy this?

  • My favorite is the fair isle gansey mashup by Mulberry. It is outrageously huge but the designer kept the fair isle part fairly simple. I guess it is machine knit but for the hand-knitter, this is almost doable except for the size!

  • Oh wow! Where to start??
    If I have to pick a favorite, and I do, it’s the Sacai: I love the summer-boating- stripes meets winter- wear aspect, and love that fact that I could never get near a stove while wearing it 😉
    All the striped ones are great, really.

    But I’m dismayed! I’ve been giving away my many oversized sweaters from the 80s and 90s, and here they’re showing them – and that was my reaction even before I got to what they call oversized! Yikes!

    Thanks for the entertainment, and the contest. MDK rules!

  • I love Sacai. The open neck. The fringe on the sleeves and around the bottom. Something I️ would really wear!!!

  • I like the Daks cable knit but I’d make the body longer

  • Molly Goddard actually looks wearable (and knittable).

  • Ah my youth! Not wasted on Bell bottoms but on my Dad’s knit vests paired with A bodysuit! LAVIN! I’m feeling your youthful fun!!!!!

  • My favorite is the 5th slide, Moncler Grenoble. I think it would be wonderful for Minnesota winters!

  • Milly! Cobalt blue plus devil-may-care look. But I had to LOL at the oversize, AKA Gauge Gone Wild ones.

  • i loved the Dior and the v necked striped Lanvin! The Mulberry is gorgeous! All that yarn! My very favorite as far as style went, though, was the Louis Vuitton. I really liked the classic black turtleneck paired with the split skirt with ruffles.

  • The v-neck, gray-scale striped sweater by Lanvin is nice, with clean lines and wearable colors and detail … though probably with something other thsn fishnets.

  • I think the Molly Gottard (pink/red stripes) would be my favorite. I love the color combo and the mitered stripes on the shoulders. It’s clean, simple, sporty and modern.

  • The Daks cable knit sweater it’s my favorite. It’s something I’d make/wear myself and the royal blue color is amazing!

  • The Dior with the stars, or Montcler Grenoble brown cable.

  • well that totally blew me away…..anyone else seeing a throwback to the 80s here in those giant oversized, poofy sleeves?!?! everything goes round comes around i guess!!! I really did love the very first white cabled sweater. Fun review….thanks for the link!

  • Since you thoughtfully asked us to choose a favorite “look” and not just “a favorite piece of knitwear,” I will choose the very much red outfit from MaxMara even though the red pullover is arguably the most subtle element in the outfit. (The turtleneck is a contender.)
    Here’s why, in no particular order:
    1) RED! So very RED! I cannot wear red (well) except on my feet – this look is strictly fantasy stuff for me.
    2) Slinky velvety red trousers! Festive!
    3) That plushy coat! With the satiny lining! Yum!
    4) Red shoes! AKA ruby slippers!
    5) This is the clincher: red plushy mittens ON A STRING!!

  • I love the black and white Dior with the crescent moon. But the Topshop Unique oversized sweater looks so cozy and ‘curl up on the couch’-ness involved.

  • Rimaldi’s cropped grey sweater with the big sleeves. Other that the length of the sleeves was struck with the ordinary appearance of the majority of the sweaters.

  • Delopozo. Love that the stripes are outside the box. No matchy-matchy. No fibonacci.

    Also liked the oversized because they were so accurately labeled.

  • I fell for Pringle of Scotland for the ludicrous oversized everything – and the beautiful natural yarns. No I would never wear this anywhere. That’s why I like it!
    Runnersup for me would be the bathrobe/pajama look of Zimmerman (which covers up most of the sweater) and the striking model for Balenciaga. Her outfit looks wearable in real life so maybe that means it fails on the runway?
    What a good diversion to start the day!

  • Pringle of Scotland because I always wanted to feel like a sheep among the heather. Fun contest!

  • Elory’s polo neck! Sophisticated and engaging.

  • The Dior calls out to my hippie self! However I would be more likely to make the Topshop Unique for my grown daughter. She would love it!

  • They are out of their minds. Most of us could only pull off that oversized look on the runway. Who’s going to feed those women? They can”t even work thier cellphones!
    I like the striped Lanvin sweater best. It could be flattering and I could get my coffe in my hand and to my mouth while its still hot.

  • The striped Lanvin. I love stripes, and the yarn just looks yummy!

  • My fav is the Miu Miu – love the colors and the fact it’s a whole outfit!

  • I love the fluffy oversized Chloe stripey number!

    • yes! I so agree. (I was worried I was the only one)

  • Moncler’s Grenoble and Ulla Johnson!! Both very wearable, knittable, and would be fantastic wardrobe staples. There is also a timeless quality to them that isn’t too trendy.

  • You had me at the top of the page: I would choose Mulberry. I like the mix of both color and texture, and the look becomes contemportary because if its volume. (Of course, those of us who are somewhat height impaired, could never pull this off, but we can dream.

  • I love the Pringle of Scotland…..the asymmetrical bottom, vertical columns and the rich color. Very unusual and stunning.

  • well have to say not crazy about any of these, must be an old fashioned ravelry girl.

  • Milly, the classic form and yarn that shows off the cable….. true to form for me, I’d change the neck from turtleneck to wider ballet style, and perhaps some variety in the diamond forms….

  • Hard to choose, but I’ll go with the Pringle of Scotland because I would like to go back to bed.

    The straining seam on the super-oversized Maques’AlmeidaJ is hurting my heart.

  • All things oversized!!! Makes me feel better about my envitable mishaps . My new mantra is, no problem, it’s fashion! Plus I happen to live in New England where the winters are long and cold and sometimes I want to dress like a sheep.

  • Can I vote for the Ellery pants? They’re not knitwear but they are perfection. The sweaters are a tougher call…. I’ll go with Alberta Ferretti and Sacai for the fun factor.

  • I’m in the quirky camp – love the pants/top outfit by Miu Miu

  • Like many, my favorite is the Moncler Grenoble sweater.

  • Wow, the Sacai! It’s so lovely and sleek, and reminiscent of cross-country skiing sweaters, and the so-fab wardrobe of Audrey Hepburn in “Charade”. I’d do it in neutrals, from dark to light, to make it look like architectural steps.

  • There is something mysterious and compelling about the Dior sweater!

  • Moncler Grenoble — The cable sweater knit in a warm brown multi yarn. (#5?) Classic style, beautifully designed. Zoom in to see how the cables flow around the yoke and sleeves. Also the only design I would actually wear 😀 (Wonder if a hat knit with a really bulky yarn would look like that Doctor Zhivago fur hat she’s wearing.)

  • Oy, so many turtlenecks and crop-tops! The one I like the best is Ulla Johnson, but I’m a suckah for a chunky intricate cable layered over a chiffon skirt.

  • I vote for for the Molly Goddard striped sweater. I chose it because I would actually wear it myself

  • The Lanvin cableknit although I also liked the Jil Sander. There were a disturbing number of puffy sleeves. Please tell me those are not coming back. I only like those on little girls. Very little girls.

  • I liked the Bottega Veneta Gibson Girl silhouette. Not as extreme as some of the others, and very wearable.

  • I can’t say I’m much of a fan of the runway look, which so often seems to involve models wearing something 8 (or 18) sizes too big for them. But I did find the Zadig et Voltaire quite interesting.

  • I love the black and white striped sweater with the long black skirt. That is a look I would definitely wear. LOVE stripes!

  • I love the striped one from Delpozo – okay, maybe I’d want it in a slightly less body hugging version (this one verges on looking like a swimsuit) but I love hooded sweaters and hope to one day knit one. The stripes are pure eye catching fun 🙂

  • My favorite is the rust colored sweater “Ulla Johnson” with the traveling cables – reminds me so much of Ann Shayne!

  • My favorite was Stripes by Alberta Ferretti. Most of the rest were just blah or weird.

  • I was debating between Moncler Grenoble and Les Copains — I think Moncler Grenoble wins my vote!

  • Love Milly. It’s a classic tunic and it suits me!

  • I have two favorites: Mulberry is the first one. It’s knitting itself for the texture and the color work. Montcler Grenoble is the other one. Extraordinary cablework: not common.

  • Probably the Les Copains or the Chloe. I’m a sucker for stripes, and for sweaters that look exciting but not too complicated! 🙂

  • I like the bubblegum oversized turtleneck by Joseph. It’s always interesting to see what designers produce for the runway with no limits other than their imaginations. The freedom is inspiring.

  • Ulla Johnson after many choices, wins for me. Big massive cables my fave.

  • Oh my – stripes, voluminous sleeves, and oversize-ification to the extreme. I really like the color and pattern of the Moncler Grenoble and I would like that tall lithe body to go with it. I also like the bright striped form fitting sweater mostly because I have a similar (subtler) sweater in my closet and I like feeling on trend.

  • I really liked the Tod sweater, it’s oversized and cozy and The big graphic is fun but it still looks put-together, not sloppy. Great for winter.

  • I liked the styling of the Sacai stripes the best. The Chloe stripes made me think about how you might adopt the look though. Use a gradient/fade Boxy to accomplish that patterned stripe drop-shoulder…

  • I like Stripes by Alberta Ferretti. Might be fun to do in ombre.

  • The Moncler Grenoble brown cable sweater, wth the wide-bottomed turtle neck s my fave, but I HATE knitting cables, so….

  • I know we can’t see much of the sweater but I like Milly. It is sophisticated and looks wearable and warm. I do think her legs are going to get cold.

  • Daks is something I would wear – just a little bit longer in the body, though. My “cropped” days are over.

  • The yellow and green Miu Miu. Love the playful colors

  • Oooo. . . Fun! My favorite was the Les Copains — I love the shape, the wide stripes, and it actually looks wear-able. Second, though, goes to the Jill Sander because très chic and not ridiculous. XO

  • The cableknit by Milly. It just looks… soft and luscious and completely snuggly.

  • I love the understated elegance of Dior.

  • I liked the Moncler Grenoble – it looks very wearable, warm and cozy. And it fits well.

  • Montcler Grenoble, by a mile.

  • It is Oversized Joseph. A knitters lesson in gauge & I am wearing this now I will work the ends in later! Haven’ we all done that. The ends are a part of the design ! I like the cable sweater look this season with all the evening wear skirts too.

  • Milly and montcler Grenoble – lots of others are fun to look at but not good for everyday wearing

  • I love them all but what knitter doesn’t relate to the problem-solving that took place in creating the grey Polonecks cropped affair? “Oh, my. I ran out of yarn for the second sleeve. I guess I’ll just take a little off the body.”

  • I really liked the bright miu miu outfit and the Tods sweater! The oversized ones seemed a bit much to me. At least the Tods one has the interesting color blocking and the miu miu one was just altogether different.

  • I liked the Sacai sweater – can’t go wrong with fringe!

  • I love Mulberry because of the different design throughout the sweater and love the colors!

  • I think my favourite was #11, the black and white horizontal striped sweater by Sacai. I love the combination of the bold, but kind of common, large black and white stripes with the fluffy (are those feathers?) cuffs. I’d spend my time wearing that sweater finding ways to tickle people with the cuffs while trying to make it look like an accident. (Hey, what’s that on your chin? – Hey, lean in here for a selfie, would you?)

  • I would happily take the entire head-to-toe Milly look, and love the crazy big-sleeve cropped turtleneck sweater, but the winner is Joseph. Always Joseph.

  • Jil Sander. Dramatic, yet classic and wearable. Hmmm, I think I could make that. It’s a lot of knitting, but it’s not difficult stuff.

  • I like the brightly striped Molly Goddard. I love stripes, I appreciate that it looks like it fits (I don’t like oversized!!), and I love the fun, bright colors! Several of the other striped designs, and a few of the cabled designs also caught my eye.

  • I like the cables in Ulla Johnson. I like the Lanvin too.

  • I think Mulberry is a winner. I love the colors, but a little oversized for me. However, it is my pick.

  • I like the Lanvin black/white stripes. Looks warm and cozy, altho I’d wear it with pants, not as a dress!

  • Love the knitting, but the styling kept making me hear my mom: “You are not leaving the house like that…..” Mulberry would be my first choice because of the fair isle.

  • First choice would be the big daisy sweater. Looks cozy with a little graphic interest.

  • Love #35, Jil Sander
    yes, it appears sleeves can’t be too long this year

  • I like #14, Les Copains, best — the color block stripes are very wearable and it’s my favorite color combo!

  • My first choice would be Montcler Grenoble with Milly a close second. Both look like they would be fun to knit and very wearable. Where can I find the tall cowhide boots, because I think they really pull together the Grenoble look? I liked the general design of some of the “oversize” collection but overall they made me think of a Craigslist ad: ‘Moving to Miami and won’t be needing my winter sweaters. Go to to view. No Englishmen named Jack please.’

    • CabledLanvin beause I could almost see me wearing it. Canada Sue

  • Daks is the best because the piece is beautifully proportioned (not that I would ever wear that bright blue) but it gives the model a perfectly professional and polished look, showing the sweater as a piece of engineered art rather that a lump of wool to merely shock one’s perceptions. Beatifully executed.

  • I liked the third one best, I think. Milly, I think it was called.

  • I like the Dior navy that looks like it’s trying to be stary stary night sort of. Looks like it’s going back to the 80’s for the knitwear this year. Glad I saved all of those old Vogue Knitting magazines. They are back……

  • As much as I liked the Dior sweater, I am choosing the red sweater by Sonia Rykiel as my favorite. I like the hemline. “Alternative-styled” hemline? “Asymmetrical”? Even though the sleeves are knee length instead of wrist length, the hemline totally wins my vote.

  • The eighties are back. And while I agree most commentersthat I would love to slouch around in Milly and Montcler Grenoble, I think my fav is Sacai. The slightly bateau neck! The combination of stripey parts and solids! And the cuffs (even if my practical side would be annoyed by them)! So Sacai for me.

  • I really like Mulberry but the dark brown cabled pullover, Moncler Grenoble is the one I want in my closet right now.

  • 100% Les Copains. The stripes, the textures, that pop of red – brilliant! and wearable, unlike a lot of the looks. In fact, I think I have some fuzzy black somewhere…

  • I like Sacai. Black and white stripe with cool ends to the sleeves!

  • I am really stuck between Daks, that awesome blue color pop, sophistication, but fun with the pattern mix (stripe, check, etc) and the matching hat, so sleek and pretty! But, then also, Moncler Grenoble. It is so fun and warm and cozy looking! The beautiful soft fur look with the big chunky cable knit sweater in that gorgeous chocolate brown. All the different mix tied together with color and the theme of warmth! Both are so appealing! But I guess if REALLY forced, I will pick…….Daks. Only because I feel for my region and life style, I would get more wear out of it. But I was very hard pressed to choose between those two!

  • I’m in love with Les Copains… the burgundy on the shoulders really makes the sweater for me! It seems so elegant while still being cozy.

  • As a mere mortal, I don’t see myself wearing most of these, but I can see myself hunkering down in the chunky cables of Moncler Denoble, but I really love Dior’s “ugly” Christmas sweater. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Love the joie de vivre and clean lines of the Miu Miu

  • The Moncler is nice, but I think the Jil Sander is spectacular. Too bad I’m not tall enough to wear it!

  • The Lanvin cableknit. Does couture mean oversized? LOL

  • My vote goes to the black and white striped dress, although I’d wear it as a tunic over leggings. I like a lot of the designs but wouldn’t wear them myself. They certainly have eliminated the problem of fit with a lot of these…just make it gigantic!

  • I was not expecting to like any of them. But I actually liked most of them, although I’d probably make some changes were I actually knitting them! I think my favorite was the black and white Stripes where the stripes got progressively wider towards the bottom.

  • My favorite for sheer ridiculousness is the blue Balenciaga polo neck where the model is clearly saying,”Mommy, this is big brothers sweater, not mine!” Also, as a Minnesotan, the trend of heavy sweaters and diaphanous skirts just cracks me up. 20 below zero, anyone?

  • My all time favorite – Moncler Grenoble…the beautiful brown color, the cables, the length, the turtleneck!!! All things I love in a sweater…although turnlenecks are too hot for me these days, I still love them!

  • The MARNI buttery yellow jacket. Proportion, style and ease. What beats that??

  • I love the sweater featured in your header. It is less “wild & crazy” than some of the others. I also like the fair isle stitching….

  • I would absolutely wear the striped Alberta Ferretti one (maybe with shorter sleeves, just saying), but I am also really loving the styling on the Moncler Grenoble cable knit number – it indulges my run-away-to-Finland fantasies!

  • I love number 3 Millie. I’ll stick with a traditional style sweater.

  • I like the last one, Tods. Very bold and graphic.

  • Moncler Grenoble for me. Originally I was going to say Sonia Rykiel but then realized all the extra bits around the hips (don’t need anything more there!)

  • I love the Dior with the moon and stars – Marks and Spencer have an almost exact copy –

  • I really wasn’t wowed by any of them but my favorite was Lanvin’s black and white striped sweater dress. It looks crisp and gives the model a sophisticated but slightly casual look.

    Now, if only I had the appropriate body shape for a sweater dress 🙂

  • Tempe rly. Love the shape

  • I like the Delpozo — the sleekness, the stripes, orange & pink.

  • I really like the classic style of the white turtleneck by Vanessa Seward. And like most everybody else I also like the Grenoble.

  • First, let me say that why anyone wants to look like a model is beyond me. Looking at 37 wraiths was depressing. Second, looking at haute couture sweater, I am impressed by the artistry and infuriated by the notion that designers think real people want to walk the streets in sweaters that would easily fit two people.

    As for the sweaters, I was intrigued by several. I loved the asymmetry the Jil Sander sweater/poncho/drapey thing. Loved the Dior, the Mulberry fair isle, and all the Aran wannabes, but if I had to pick a one to knit, it’d be the Milly. Timeless, classic, and classy.

  • I love the one by Mulberry! Those colors, that oversized shape!

  • The first Lanvin. Why? When I choose my favorite, I’m picturing myself or my daughter wearing the favorite and I just couldn’t see either of us in most of the designs except this one. It’s not oversized, it doesn’t have a turtleneck, but it does have cables!

  • I actually like the first slide the best – the Lanvin cable knit. I think it is a wearable IRL look. I like the aspect of the cable sweater being fitted (shrunk if you will) and paired with a floaty, shimmery skirt. Completed with the black boots and fishnets – I’d wear that! Can’t say the same for many of the other looks!

  • For sheer practicality, the Grenoble, but for fun, color me Sacai!

  • Sonia Rykiel is for me the most relatable. Love the cables and the fact that if the electricity goes out, it will keep two or three grandkids warm. But that picked, I like Ann Budd’s designs better. Have you seen her skirt pattern! And of course her socks.

  • I spotted quite a few stunning cable sweaters and turtle necks, but there was something about the turtleneck designed by Bottega Veneta. Maybe it’s the shoulders or the ribbing. Maybe it’s the fact that the model looks like she’s a heroine in a steam punk novel. Maybe it’s the fact that I’d kill for those boots she rocks striding with something that can be called a swagger. Maybe it’s the sum total of everything but suddenly I’m wanting a sweater with huge puffed shoulders and flattering ribbing.

  • Chloe. I would totally wear Chloe. Or maybe Mulberry! Other than that, several look fun to knit but also share that head-scratching quality of most haute couture. I’m such a fashion philistine.

  • The one I might actually wear? Lol The brown cable turtle neck.
    The black and white strip with the fluffy sleeves is fabulous.
    If I go with this tend I don’t need to worry out loosing weight!

  • I like the striped Lanvin dress/tunic. That deep V neck is gorgeous.

    I was tempted to pick one of the oversize sweaters with the mile long arms cuz that would mean I couldn’t do any housework at all. But then I realized it would also hamper my knitting and painting, so that was that. 😉

  • Ohhhh….they saved the best for last. I was seriously taken with red cables until Mulberry wrapped up the show. Might need to shorten the sleeves a bit, but how much fun would it be to knit those bold, graphic rays! But first….picking a color palette. Mmmmmmm….

  • I really like the Lanvin striped v-neck dress. B&W is classic and the proportion of the stripes is good. I’m not a fan of oversized sweaters so I don’t care for most of what is on the runway now.

  • The striped sweater by Ferreti!.. .This was a tough call though, so many oversize sweaters you could literally hide in, when life gets rough.

  • I like the black and white striped Alberta Ferretti. I like the simplicity and the the way the stripes are graduated. I would totally where this one.

  • The Molly Goddard sweater is a great color explosion and looks comfortable and fun to wear.

  • I like the Saint Laurent pants set, but not in the runway colors. I think it would be rather cute in a less garish color way.

  • My favorite is the striped sweater from Alberta Ferretti. I love the op art look of it. All sorts of possibilities are already forming in my head.

  • Aquilano Rimondi, totally wearable and very elegant

  • More than one to fav – Love the cable on the Moncler Grenoble that rings around the shoulders like a snake and the crisp clean lines of the diamonds in the Milly call out to me too.

  • I love the blue color of the Lanvin sweater and the fair isle cozyness of hte Mulberry.

  • Most of them I find boring and uninspiring.

    Sacai is funny because it pretends to be two sweaters, i would just choose different colours…
    Joseph and Zadig &Voltaire are inspiring to knit myself (less oversized, though)

  • The Jil Sander rust colored long poncho/cape. I love the asymmetrical shape and length of it. I would would look stunning walking my Cavalier King Charles, George in this. We would own the park!

  • Miu Miu (heart emoji heart emoji) matching belted tunic & slacks…Wow! so Fun!…

  • #35 — the Jil Sander cape/tunic, hands down. If only I could wear it without resembling a dead shrub, rather than a majestic redwood. Sigh.

  • I’m going with Pringle of Scotland. Makes me think of marching sheep. Who could resist that glorious wool?

  • I love the Delpozo. Cool stripe line across the yoke and sleeves. And the tight hood is wicked weird looking.

  • My favorite is Moncler Grenoble brown sweater. Thanks!

  • #30 Topshop Unique – Love the whimsical daisies AND it looks very knittable and wearable.

  • I liked the Milly cream colored cable sweater. It looked refined, not outdoorsy, as cable sweaters tend to look.

  • The Jil Sander assymetrical poncho in burnt sienna is stunning. It has elegance and style, and would actually keep you warm.

  • Ohhhhh, the pink Joseph sweater had me at hello. The color, the soft fullness, the unexpected pairing with the red… I am swooning. GORGEOUS!

  • There are some interesting choices (too much sweater or not enough model?), but Milly looks like a very wearable option. It feels like a pretty timid option after looking at the others though.

  • Tods INDIGITAL was my favorite. I love the asymmetrical bi-color star design and it seems easy to reproduce myself. It’s a classic minimal shape but I would change the colors to fit in my wardrobe.

  • Moncler Grenoble for me. Ooh… luscious color and it just makes me feel like snuggling up near a fire … maybe 10 years from now when the hot flashes have ended (hopefully… 7 years already and they are still hearing me up). The crazy oversized torsos and knee-length sleeves are only for the runway. Nice post. That was fun!

  • Mulberry! And always love Sonia Rykiel ❤️

  • MaxMara-classic, clean, can be dressed up or down, and worn multiple times in the season.

  • While to me it looks a bit like children who got into the dress-up box of too-big garments, I did admire the graduated-sized stripes of “Stripes” by Alberta Ferretti. Thanks for the fashion show and the opportunity!

  • Thanks for that! I feel inspired! I love the Jil Sander poncho. Very chic.

  • My favorite is the Montcler Grenoble cabled turtleneck. Why? It’s gorgeous and looks wearable.

  • Hmmm ,,, not a guy in the bunch? Once again I wonder why there’s such a fuss about male knitters, but we are so invisible when it comes to designs and fashion. I could adapt #17, the MaxMara grey turtleneck by getting rid of the ridiculous puff sleeves. And adding some COLOR!

  • I like Ulla Johnson’s Aran inspired sweater… It looks fabulous with the skirt and would be great with jeans, as well… The wide sleeves give it an edgy look…

  • The Milly cableknit is my favorite. I could totally make that my jam.

  • i have two favorites Miu Miu and Tods. If you remove the accessories , Miu Miu is very wearable. it would not overwhelm the wearer. On the other end of the spectrum is Tods with its over-sized,boxy shape and bold pattern. I can see it downsized to make a “fun” garment.

  • I enjoy when you post updates about knitwear in the fashion world. I enjoyed so many of the sweaters for many reasons. I think I was most drawn to the Alberta Ferretti in Stripes. I like how the stripes grow with the sweater, I like the swingy construction. i like the ornamentation along the shoulder lines. I could not tell if it was buttons or bangles in the photo. It seems like this is a trend across several sweaters, a good way to disguise slightly crooked shoulder seams!

  • I liked #1, especially the little almost-peplum along the hem, and the tapered waist. I’m sad to see so much oversized stuff – haute couture inevitable trickles down, and I’m not tall enough or skinny enough to be engulfed by clothes like that. Even the models look like they’re hiding some squidgy parts.

  • Definitely Miu Miu. The sweater is bright and sassy, and the tone-on-tone belt brings more interest to an already interesting sweater.

  • Alberta Ferretti – black and white, oversized, looks like I might be able to make it.

  • I have to go with the Moncler Grenoble for the cozy chocolate color and the classic cable design. The Jil Sander swancho caught my eye, too. It’s the time of year for a brown knit.

  • That Pringle of Scotland outfit – go Big Knit or go home!

  • The blue Daks is my choice! I like the color and the style.

  • I like Zadig-I’m shorter and very mature (age) and I can see myself wearing it.

  • I loved Stripes by Alberta Ferretti. I can imagine making a sweater or socks with gradient stripes.

  • I’m not a big fan of runway fashions because I have a practical brain that just finds them silly. But then, in this show, I saw a number of things I liked, knowing their fashion choices, not realistic woman-on-the-street choices. My favorite, by far, is Sacai–I’m a sucker for stripes, and I know I love fringey cuffs and necklines. Weird for a practical wardrobe person, but I once made a Lion Brand pattern with a fringe/fluffy neck and cuffs, and I loved it! I wore it until it was too pilly to wear in public. I was a rookie and didn’t know that Homespun yarn doesn’t breathe–it’s one of the only sweaters I’m considering making again, for myself. It’s just so much fun to wear.

  • Balenciaga, because our furnace isn’t working and it just looks so warm and cozy. But really, everything cabled. Love cables!

  • Love the rusty orange cable-knit one with the garter stitch background. More textural interest than having a purl background, and the size looks so cozy!!

  • I like the Ulla Johnson design with the big relaxed sleeve incorporated into the sweater design. I also liked the earth tone shade of the sweater and its monochromatic look when paired with the skirt and boots.

  • What I want, what I reallyreallywant, is a closer look at the fingerless gloves worn by the Bottega Veneta model. Or maybe they are actually striped leather gloves 🙁

  • Wow, there are some fabulous sweaters in that slideshow! I loved the oversized Chloe sweater, but I think my favorite is the striped sweater from Alberta Ferretti. I love how the stripes change width down the sweater. That would be a fun technique to try out.

  • The design that struck my fancy immediately was the angular oversized sweater by Jill Sander. The simplicity of her fabric combined with the extreme asymmetry of the garment stood out to me over all the other designs.

  • I have to pick two. The Miu Miu two pice because it’s so retro and fun. Although I think only a model could actually wear it. I also pick the Jill sander Brown because I could actually wear that and look good!

  • I like the Miu Miu, not for the actual pieces itself, but because of the stripes. I think the stripe and color sequence on the legs is great!

  • So many monochromic ensambles. Moncler Grenobles bronze marled sweater caught me. It’s wearable, cozy and versatile. The construction looked interesting as well.

  • Stripes by ferretti.

  • Tods tops my list. The color inserts are A-maz-ing! High fashion yet absolutely wearable. I adored MiuMiu too with its retro rock colors – straight from my 100 year old mothers knitting books. Not the colors but the slim lines and clean stitches. Fun fun fun. Thanks for an always delightful tidbit to my day. You’re my morning check-in…with coffee.

  • I love the les copains sweater. The stripes and colors are great and the looser fit is more my style.

  • Montcler Grenoble — well proportioned, interesting design and beautiful brown. very disappointed overall, tho. not a single one in the bunch that I would want to copy, except maybe this one.

  • Quite a few show a somewhat surprising lack of new design, IMO. i like Jil Sander and then Sacai’s looks!

  • Anything oversized….especially the too long arms. We’ve all been there at one time or another…and had no idea we were trend setters!

  • The monster cables of Ulla Johnson!

  • Mulberry has the most wonderful combination of color blocking and texture. Definitely one I would love to have in my wardrobe.

  • I like Jil Sander and Stripes by Alberta Ferretti.

  • I can kind of imagine knitting and wearing the sacai one but probably all that fringing would drive me nuts in reality. Still think it’s my favourite for being out there enough to be interesting but not too mad.

  • My first pick was the very first sweater! The white cable knit by Lanvin. It was classic and timeless and suitable for any size or shape. (Quite frankly, some of them frightened me….I guess that I am not so “fashion forward”!!) My second one was the peach coloured one by Joseph. It seemed to be comfy and cozy with the big cowl neck. Fun to look at all of the choices!

  • The Lanvin black and white stripe v-neck simple elegant

  • What a fun journey that was! I loved Balenciaga. The simplicity of the pattern shows off the stitch work plus I do love to hide my chin in a bulky turtleneck that stands up proudly! I just can’t get enough bulky sweaters . . . pair them with straight legs pants/jeans . . . a statement!!!

  • Pringle of Scotland While it might not be totally wearable by the average consumer it is a good exercise of of shape and texture.

  • I really like the 7th one by Ulla Johnson. I’m a sucker for all things cable and those oversize cables are fantastic. The whole sweater, especially those poofy sleeves, looks cozy and like something one could actually wear on a cold winter’s day.

  • I liked the “Milly” sweater – classic neck-line and cable work up the front. Can’t see it much with the coat over it. The dress “Lanvin” is also nice. I agree with Wendy Johnson’s comment – but may be with leggings it would be OK.

  • There were about 5 I would consider wearing, but narrowed it to MonclerGrenoble or Max Mara. I think I like the classic styles and lengths. Pushing the envelope of what knit can do can make it unwieldy to wear.

  • Definitely that Mulberry sweater. Texture, colorwork, gorgeousness.

  • SACAI because: Feathers!! (or fringe that looks like feathers)

  • Okay, I know we’re supposed to think outside the box, but I immediately wanted to knit Moncler Grenoble
    Indigital. So beautiful.

  • Montclair Grenoble, love the collar.

  • I really like the eye bending illusion(?) of Stripes by Alberta Ferretti! While I like the idea of knitted pants (my butt gets cold) but I wasn’t sure that’s what Miu Miu was

  • I like the Dior. It’s dark and wintry and I might actually wear it.

  • It’s hard for even me to believe it, but I’m drawn to the Dior “get-up” in which the sweater graphic pulls the eye in to learn more – what is that image, actually? But that’s what makes it intriguing – sort of a mash-up of a “on the moors” Scottish Fair Isle and a dream-influenced children’s book illustration.

  • Moncler Grenoble looks the most wearable.

  • Temperley cable knit over frivolous skirt appeals to me

  • MaxMara was an easy pick; great combo of interesting, wonderful color and flattering.

  • I enjoyed the ridiculous runway styling, but am going to go with Moncler Grenoble for its lovely brown color and cozy wearability.

  • Okay the Dior turtleneck over that lovely skirt looked so doable

  • I like the Lanvin the best, with the Daks as a close runner up. I’m not sure that a lot of those designs will be seen in the ‘real’ world, but it was a fun trip! The Dior isn’t bad either…

  • Milly – classic natural cable sweater with a fun, fringy short skirt and strappy shoes, the last are totally impractical for winter – love it.

  • Jil Sander! It’s the ultimate winter tunic with jeans and high boots.

  • The polo neck by Dior. So feminine but also looks warm and solid.

  • Love the Miu Miu pantsuit for the reason it looks very polished and leads to the look of long lines!

  • Jil Sander speaks to me. It’s fun to scroll through, but you know when you see the one, don’t you?

  • I like the Milly (#3) look for wearability. The Temperley (#6) sweater with the big cowl and full sleeves feels my favorite sweater from 1985. But the Jil Sander sweater/poncho is the only one that had me looking for more pictures.

  • I do love be the oversized looks, and anything oversized in general, but those Ulla Johnson cables??! Be still my yarn-filled heart!

  • The oversize Jil Sander made me smile. Wow, that’s a great blanket/sweater hybrid.

  • Tods! That’s my choice for the fun of the design. Great, jolly colours, too.

  • I love the cableknit Sonia Rykiel. The fun design made into an instant classic with the use of cables and I like the sizing. not so much that it looks I’ll fitting but very loose and comfortable

  • The Jill Sander asymmetrical tunic…part sweater with sleeve, part cape/poncho with slit opening for hand…stunning. The slant of the angled hem is perfect.

  • I’m liking Sonia Rykiel’s orange sweater the most. Flattering looking fit with flair for days. I wasn’t too impressed with most of the others. I’m not a fan of oversized fit sweaters. Though I found a lot of shoes to swoon over.

  • Les Copains for me. Those sleeves! 😮

  • Call me old-fashioned, but I like Sonia Rykiel. The traditional cables played off against play with the shape, oversize without being overwhelming and the COLOR, balanced with the other pieces, especially the patchwork skirt.

  • Mulberry it is.

  • Well, that was fun! I like the Topshop daisies best, but if I were making it I would make it considerably smaller. It’s not 1985 anymore. Hope the contest includes Canadians!

  • I really didn’t like any one of them, but if I have to vote for one it would be “Ports 1961”, knitted much smaller. I like the different stitches and the classic shape.

  • I found a couple of favorites! But of course I have to go with the queen of knitwear, Sonia Rykiel!

  • Mullberry. The combination of colourwork and structure is on my to do list. Also the colours are lovely. But I like my sleeves to reach my wrists and not my ankles, thank you very much.

  • Cableknit – the very first slide – is my favorite! It actually fits and looks great with the skirt.

  • Pringle of Scotland. Because who can resist those luscious loops?

  • Someone else likes the Ellery pants, but swoon— that sweater! The moon, the people, the stars (I think— I am on a little iPad). So it’s the Ellery swetaer for me because I like and will wear weird clothing!

  • Well, I’m not one for fashion. Most of these are pretty extreme for me, but the Daks electric blue with dark grey is a classic combo.
    As I was looking through them, though, they put me in mind of some kind of children’s story – the Delpozo is the delicate damsel, and the three (I wanted to stop at one, but they kept coming) evil queens are the grey turtleneck by Aquilano Rimondi, the Bottega Veneta, and the Saint Lauren. In this story there is a knight – Jil Sander, a superhero – the Tods, a lumbering helper – the Balenciaga, and a bird – the oversized Joseph. I have no idea how this story would go, but there are characters aplenty!

  • I love the cable sweater by Temperley – those sleeves!

  • On this election day I vote for the b+w striped Lanvin dress. It’s so crisp and in proportion.

  • Ooo! Bottega Veneta No17, is gorgeous! That’s some incredibly well fitted design, and those blouson sleeves are so feminine and sculptured. It’s rare to see knitting as nicely structured as tailoring! While the Saint Laurent is really deliciously stylish and unusual, a bit like a hug in a sweater, I think the Veneta’s ribbed texture and slick fit make it a total classic, with a nod to Victoriana and the subtlety of tone, it’s a wear anywhere with anything look that transcends the baggy shapeless “woops I used the wrong size yarn/needles” sloppy excess styles, which do look cozy yes they really do look snuggly!

    • Sorry I think that’s the Max Mara! Hard to tell what name is attached to which image from here! So that should read “Ooo! Max Mara, is gorgeous! That’s some incredibly well fitted design, and those blouson sleeves are so feminine and sculptured. It’s rare to see knitting as nicely structured as tailoring! While the Marni is really deliciously stylish and unusual, a bit like a hug in a sweater, I think the Veneta’s ribbed texture and slick fit make it a total classic, with a nod to Victoriana and the subtlety of tone, it’s a wear anywhere with anything look that transcends the baggy shapeless “woops I used the wrong size yarn/needles” sloppy excess styles, which do look cozy yes they really do look snuggly!

  • I like the mulberry!

  • Milly. It’s so classic. I would love to have it in my closet.

  • The Joseph one that’s peachy colored and has a huge collar is my favorite. I want to hibernate in that collar. I love that it’s a clean and simple design . It looks so cozy

  • Pringle of Scotland omg, she’s wearing a real live sheep! (Almost…) I wouldn’t wear it but I love it!

  • Add me to the Moncler Grenoble fans. Because I like me a conservative cable sweater…

  • I’m a sucker for cables, and #5 – the Moncler Grenoble – hits all the buttons for me. It’s just finally turning sweater weather here, and I can think of nothing better than throwing on a nice warm snuggly cable-y sweater!

  • The red & pink Molly Goddard reminds me of “better days”. I would totally wear it all the time, so this one is my favorite!

  • I love, love LOVE the oversized Mulberry sweater. Everything about it: slouchiness, color-work, ease of wearing with so many different things.

  • My vote goes to the first sweater in the stripes category, Alberta Ferretti. I like that it is oversized, but not extremely so as some of the sweaters in the later slides are. I like the optical illusion of the stripes’ changing widths. And I’ve always liked too long sleeves, both to keep my hands warm and to ensure that the opposite – too short sleeves – isn’t ever go to be a worry.

  • What a fun contest.

    The sweaters were astonishing. Some in a good way, others, not so much.

    But I am hardly a fashion plate myself. My esthetic is to look in the mirror and say “At least I’m clean.” And then I think of the running joke in a Hard Day’s Night about how clean Paul’s Grandfather was and how little credence Grandfather gave that. And I finally get the joke!

    Anyhow, the black Dior sweater was my fave.

  • My favorite is on the tame side…the Miu Miu sweater and slacks in lime green and gold. I love the idea of knitted slacks. I’ve never thought of it before, but it appeals to me.

  • The Alberta Ferreri sweater with the increasing depth stripes (is that a Fibonacci series?) is appealing. I think the stripes might conceal any midsection woes.

  • The wacky dramatic stuff is fun to look at, but I would wear that vibrant blue cabled Daks sweater every day for the rest of my life.

  • While they were all mostly interesting and all mostly (in my opinion) unwearable, the first few were pretty classic with #5 by Moncler Grenoble being my favorite. I love cables and the good rich brown really did it for me.

  • So hard to choose but for me it was hands down the Mulberry! Loved the neutral with texture combined which with interesting pattern and color stripes. This has to be the year of some of the most beautiful cable patterns ever and the Vogue selection did a great job of showing some great ideas. Thanks for the great time burner! Totally fun.

  • Love the Dior. The colors and the muted intarsia are just beautiful. This may, however be the winter I finally tackle an all over cabled sweater.

  • There were several in contention but Molly is beautiful and so wearable! Love the cables!

  • I’m cables all the way, as such, my favs are Montclair Grenoble and Ulla Johnson.

  • I love the Moncler Grenoble brown cabled sweater. It looks cozy and edgy at the same time.

  • I liked the Jill Sander- futuristic looking. Also the striped Lanvin sweater dress/tunic.

  • I loved the cables! Temperley is my favorite; oversized without looking like it’s drowning the model; the proportions are right. And it looks like big yarn. Fast!

    The oversized section of sweaters just reminded me of my very first sweater project at age 14. We don’t need no stinkin’ gauge swatches! Oh, yes we do…

  • I know we’re supposed to pick our favorite but I’ve always had trouble with the idea of single favorites so . . .the classical me loves the Dior with it’s amazing colorwork – need that pattern; the bright-seeking me loves the grab-you-and-hold-you blue Daks – it would make you happy every day; and the rebel me is too giggly delighted not to love the Ferretti – need to hold back the giggles and don that don’t-mess-with-me look when wearing this.

  • Mugler! My daughter was just telling me it’s time for an 80’s fashion resurgence.

  • I liked a lot of them but the one I had a visceral reaction to was the Balenciaga. And I’m not sure why. The color? The coziness? The model? The fact that I would wear it in a heartbeat?

  • The Marni blue, if I️ have to choose one.

  • Since my taste runs more to the classic styles, my favorite is Mulberry. I love the tan/light brown/khaki main colorway. I think it gives the sweater a warm, comforting appeal. The wide bands of Fair Isle designs, with their complimentary colorways, go so well with the main color. The Fair Isle designs themselves go wonderfully with the textured and cabled wide bands knit in the main colorway.
    Both style of bands don’t clash with each other. They seem to blend harmoniously into a single design that is soothing and pleasant to view.

    Surprisingly, for me, I also like the roll collar. It’s not too tall as to appear as a turtleneck, yet it’s higher than a crew collar and adds to the feeling of comfort, warmth, and ease that the sweater conveys.

    For myself, I wouldn’t wear such an oversized fitting sweater as I am a plus-size myself, and have found such large sizes make me appear sloppy and larger in girth than I already am. However, with less ease and a slightly shorter length, I feel this design would make me look and feel comfortable and attractive.

    Mulberry is a winning design in my book!

  • I like Ellery and Zadig et Voltaire, both because of the patterns. Although it sure seems like the sleeves would get in the way on the Zadig et Voltaire.

  • The Jil Sander with the asymmetric hem has an interesting classic-with-a-twist look. A bit much for 5’2” me, but lovely on the tall young model.

  • Love the funnel necked boxy asymmetrical textures of Zadig et Voltaire, in a screeching hot red.

  • I must be a Lanvin girl. I loved the white cable sweater in picture 1 and if I were younger and trimmer, the v-neck striped sweater dress in picture 13. The oversized sweaters and long baggy, draggy pants in the last several pictures were hysterical. Can you imagine actually wearing one of those outfits for the day? Your sleeves would end up in your food, you’d trip over your pants, and going to the bathroom? Forget it.

  • Can I pick ‘none?’ I know it is Vogue, and I know runway shows are over the top, but are the 80s being resurrected? Because if they are, I think my wardrobe will go into hiding, unless I dig out the huge shoulder vest and the Calvin Kline drop shoulder, huge sweater I knit out out Rowan HandKnit cotton in graduate school in the 80s (which was paired with a cotton/linen brocade pencil skirt and a stubby silk designer jacket I sewed ….)

  • Montcler Grenoble

  • So, I am expecting some weird knits that I could jokingly admire but I actually like many of them! Grenoble seems most wearable for me. Love the cables!

  • Ulla Johnson… because Cables! Did I mention Cables? Non traditional at that! Cables!

  • I’m probably not the right person to ask about haute coutere numbers. When I see a 98-pound waif apparently being digested by some red blob of wool with several more sleeves than the model has arms, I tend to snort tea through my nose.

    Having said that, there were a few pieces that could conceivably be brought down out of the stratosphere and actually made/worn by real people with real lives. The two that leap out were both from Lanvin, so I guess that’s the “winning” designer in my book.

    The white cable knit is classy, though one has to really squint to figure out which part of this ensemble is knitwear and which is “accessory”. And the V-necked striped dress is a knockout. (Not for someone with a figure like mine, remember, but there ARE real women out there who could wear the hell out of that.)

  • Ulna Joh neon, but I really like the Dior also

  • My choice would be the brown tweed Moncler Grenoble. I love the neckline – cables and the overall look of the sweater. It looks warm, cozy, and like a real person could wear it!

  • My favorite is the Temperly lilac cable sweater with the over sized turtle neck. And I think it’s the sleeves that make that sweater so appealing. Puffed ball gown like sleeves! On a sweater! Im not typically a fairy tale girl, but that sweater screams snow princess to me. And since we’re oscillating between the 40 degrees and 90 degrees every few days right now, I would dearly love some snow princess in my life. Those sleeves are magical. I have to figure out how to do that!

  • My fave would be Moncler Grenoble. I also liked Topshop Unique but would have to mod the sizing way down for it to be wearable on my frame.

  • I like the blue Daks sweater best. It looks very versatile.

  • Bag held by Delpozo is actual favorite. Sweater is Lanvin. Yes, they all need more food, sleep and fresh air.

  • I like the sheep lady towards the end because I like sheep.

    • To clarify: the Pringle of Scotland is the designer of the sheep lady’s outfit.

  • The Tod oversized graphic is so striking!

  • Jil Sanders. Classic and modern at the same time. And could be worn by someone who isn’t a stick!

  • So many beautiful wearable knits. My favorite is the Jil Sander, something i think i could wear and also something that would look grat on Wonder Woman!

    The cables and stripes are also wonderful. Did anyone see Madame Secretary last Sunday? One of the characters has started knitting and talks about “dreaming in cables.” A wonderful inside baseball comment.

  • The blue cable knit by Daks has my vote. The color is just great.

  • Pollonecks! Those arms just might work for old ladies and their flappy upper arms.

  • Always a sucker for stripes. I could live in that Alberta Ferretti sweater, especially if it had thumbholes in the last sleeve stripe. Runner up is the Sacai striped number, with the dark stripes in all the right places.

  • It seems I would echo many in the comment list Mulberry, I could see myself wearing it. Fashion shows are just that – Theatre for clothing, this is a star texture and pattern

  • Bottega Vanetta for an allover wonderfully pulled together and balanced look, that included a fresh take on sleeves.

  • I must be getting old because I only liked the first few looks and then it lost me, it became too fashion show and not enough wearable. I really liked the whole look of the second cables look, Dak? The royal blue really pops!

  • So many great ideas! I think my favourite had to be the Topshop Unique oversized sweater. That collar looks amazing! And the placement of the flowers! I want it to swallow me.

  • The Daks blue cabled pullover for the color and silhouette. And the Molly Goddard, for the colorful amazing vivid stripes!

  • The Jill Sander poncho/tunic is so contemporary and comfy looking!

  • PRIIIIIINGLE! Takes the cake for “I can totally make this”. Delpozo in a quick second, I never see it in New York, but a lot of places have the line in London for a fondle!

  • I was torn between the practical ones I could see myself wearing and crazy but amazing. I went with the latter. Temperly flows like a ball gown and Pringle-well Pringle looks like the sheep to sweater all in one.

  • Oh the Mulberry. The lovely tones and the juxtaposition of texture and colourwork is sublime!

  • My fav is the Jil Sander sweater/poncho, beautiful and asymmetrical, very flattering for a tall woman (like me;-))

  • That two piece jumpsuit from Miu Miu was wonderful!

  • My favorite is the Pringle of Scotland item. I love its longer flowing lines and the rich colour. Some of the others were more eye-catching (I was delighted by the combo Rya pillow/purse accessory on another model and the sweater that looked like a sheep, in a way).

    • I read the labels wrong. It was the Jil Sander one that I prefer the most.

  • Stripes by Lanvin. Love the design.

  • I loved the Lanvin striped dress, eminently wearable! Lovely looking yarn, too

  • Thank you for the link and the give away!
    Hard to decide, but I would say Sonia Rykiell, Moncler Grenoble, Temperley and 1st place goes to Bottega Veneta. I really like the shoulders!

  • I liked the Marni jacket.

  • I guess I like Lanvin best …thanks so much for sharing with us!

  • Daks was my favorite!

  • I would wear Daks if sweater were a bit longer. Love the vibrant blue.

    • Lanvin. Its flattering and normal.

  • Cables, Stripes, and Puffed Shoulders – Oh My!

    The oversized were awful. No one could look good in those. My favorite was the negative ease white sweater with the bright stripes.

    But would I knit it. No.

  • Mulberry ….fair isle and cables.

  • The Jil Sander caught my eye. Love the drama of the length and asymmetrical line of the piece.

  • Why were all the sleeves so terribly long? If you don’t like form fitting clothes (and I don’t), then this is your/my season to rejoice. Also, Temperley/Digital also stole your sweater. All those crazy cables going no where, come on- where on earth did they come up with that idea? Someone that is reading this blog, that’s who!!! Call the sweater police!
    The one I liked the most- yet I would hardly call it a favorite was Zadig et Voltaire- those decending stripes, I liked it.

  • The mulberry sweater definitely – I like how the colours look beside those gansey style stitch patterns, and the shade of grey is perfect. And the plummy rose corduroy skirt (or pants?) … nice.

  • Although I find the whole ‘oversized’ look hugely impractical, I LOVE the Pringle garment. It looks like a partially shorn sheep. What more is there to say?

  • After having looked at all of them a few times, I think I like the Mulberry the best. I’m blown away by how something that effectively looks like my husband would wear it, looks so amazingly chic and glamorous on a runway. I put it down to its classic design and earth tone colors.

  • I loved everything about the green poloneck Bottega Veneta. The sleeves, the ribbing, the color, and especially how it was paired with those jods and tall boots.

  • It’s the Mulberry for me. Love the combination of cables and colour work in the stitch work. Also love the slouchy silhouette and colours and styling of the outfit p.s thanks for sharing the slideshow – inspirational

  • I love the Sonia Rykiel sweater. It looks like it would be both flattering and interesting to wear.

  • My favorite is Mulberry. Thanks for the fun link. Many sweaters look really cozy.

  • I like the Lanvin. It’s a versatile knit. You can wear it as a dress or belted it and pair it with a pair of leggings and boots.

  • Mulberry. I love the colorwork and the textured panels. I’d make it with a bit less ease, but it’s lovely.

  • Call me a classicist. I like the Dior with the subtle moon and stars best.

  • I can’t choose a favorite, but I am happy to see all those cables, having almost finished a white cabled vest (inspired by Van Noten styles last winter) and four black and white striped sweaters, having almost finished a black/white sweater/tunic. Now just to sew buttons on the vest and finish the bottom of the striped sweater (ribbing? hem? – the oversized ones make me think about just binding off loosely). Thanks for the eye candy!

  • They are mostly hideous! Wouldn’t waste my time or yarn on these projects except Cableknit. At least that one fits! What is it with designers making garments that just don’t FIT people-arms too long, body of garment too baggy, collars erasing necks, etc?

  • Louis Vuitton called my name! There are a lot of beautiful designs—it was hard to pick just one,

  • Pringle of Scotland. Now that is a poncho. Love the color

  • Milly is my pick. It’s a classic, and who doesn’t love a cozy turtleneck when it’s cold?

  • My favorite is the Moncler Grenoble. I’m obsessed with cables, right now.

  • Marni under the Polonecks section. Not just something I would knit but also could see myself wearing.

  • That dark blue Dior that looks like a winter sky, intarsia moon & stars pattern? Definitely my favorite.

    Runners-up: Les Copains – love the stripes with red cuffs. MaxMara – the sweater looks plain, but that velvety coat is gorgeous! Ports 1961 – would love to see the side view of the shoulder/sleeve embellishments. Scaled down to normal human size, it’d be something I’d love to wear. (Ditto a more-fitted Mulberry.)

  • I liked the black Mugler sweater the best. It’s classic with very nicely done sleeves and neck. I would wear this. If I were to knit it, I would probably make it in a very dark jewel tone instead of black. But maybe I’d make two, because the black is stunning (if harder to knit).

  • I love the Molly Goddard pink and coral (persimmon?) stripe. It is wearable. It is pink.
    Even as a thinner and younger version of myself I did not like sweaters that bared the midriff, because why bother? are we not chilly? and I think the knuckle dragging sleeve length of some of these sweaters would be better off on Planet of the Apes.
    I hope some one wins who needs socks 🙂

  • I love the black and white striped pullover by Alberta Ferretti!

  • My favorite is the white one at the beginning of the oversized section (assuming it could be shrunk down to a size slightly smaller than “falling off the model”). I like the texture and it looks comfy.

  • I love the Temperley long skirt and sweater combo – it’s not a look I could ever pull of in real life, but I love the bulky sweater and a ball gown look!

  • My favorite is the Moncler Grenoble. I don’t wear turtlenecks but that one just looks like it would keep out any winter wind. Also, cables.

  • The Dior is so intriguing: that black-and-white hazy picture look, and it isn’t too oversized. I can picture *anyone* wearing it!

  • For me, it comes down to three: in 3rd place is the Aquilano Rimondi with mutton chop sleeves & crop body: simultaneously channeling Edwardian and 1980s styles; 2nd place goes to the MiuMiu two-piece in green/yellow/turquoise strips: a throwback to the 60s/early 70s, in a good way (it seems like she stepped away from a Hockney painting). And my favorite is the Jil Sander asymmetrical piece with the giant cuff. Is it an oversized turtleneck? A poncho? Love it and I, a typical larger American woman of a certain age, would wear it.

  • I’ve already posted my choice, but I’m so enjoying reading the comments and taking another look. Such inspiration!

    Sonia Rykiel’s red sweater and patchwork skirt caught my eye. I really liked the look but wondered what the back of the sweater looked like. Was it a cardigan worn backward? It is!

    I found the complete coverage of Rykiel’s Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection on Vogue, and there is the same sweater in ecru worn buttoned up the front. Love that Rykiel did that…and love the red sweater even more knowing it’s buttoned up the back.

  • I rather like the all-black oversized turtleneck-ish sweater over the funky leather skirt by Mugler. It looks like something I might actually consider wearing!

  • Two favorites – I like the possibilities for color blocking choices in the Les Copains striped sweater, and the great squooshy texture stripes in the Ports 1961, although I’d make it in a size to fit a normal human (can you imagine having to wash dishes in some of those sleeves? All that oversizing is a hoot).

  • It (literally) won’t make me win any prizes but I did not like any of them.
    Right now I am in love with the Sunset Highway sweater and Kerrytown pullover. Both on Ravelry 🙂
    I’ve loved other Delpozo sweaters in the past way more.

  • Too many to choose from and fordifferent reasons. But Dior wins for me at this moment because it’s interesting, wearable by anyone, and who can argue with Dior?

  • I love the Jil Sander big sweater/coal/poncho fusion. So many of these designers seem to be channeling the 70s – a low point in my fashion life.

  • I love #11, the black and white stripes with frou frou on the sleeves and at the waist. It’s designed by Sacai. The frou frou makes me think of something Stephen Be would do with his designs.

  • Love the Sonia Rykiel. It would be fun to knit, and I could even wear it, with a few mods.

  • I’m in love with the Aquilano Rimondi! I feel like if The Fifth Element had a sequel that was set in arctic temperatures, that would be Leeloo’s go-to sweater.

  • This made my day! Nothing but nothing is more hilarious than the current “designer” esthetic. I’m not crazy about any of them (although Cableknits isn’t bad), but my vote for most ridiculous goes to Polonecks. Someone got paid for that?

  • I love the cable knits best, the blue one with matching slouchy hat is my favorite

  • Oversized by Joseph – looks perfect to throw on over whatever you’re wearing and head out into the cold. I have long arms, but think sleeve shortening would be on the cards, and chunky yarn would make it a quick knit!
    I always remember the scene from The Devil Wears Prada where the Meryl Streep character points out how the ‘cheap’ sweater / outfit the lead character is wearing was influenced by the high fashion of a few seasons before (or something like that, must watch the film again). So I think we might be seeing lots more stripy clothing around soon!

  • The rusty cables by Ulla Johnson. I doubt those ones with the extra foot of knitting in the sleeve will catch on, with either knitters or wearers! I like the big kapow one, too, by Tods

  • The Mulberry I’d fabulous. The colours and the shape. Love the simple yet complex designs.

  • My favorite is the black and grey striped Lanvin sweater dress. I could totally rock that at work…if only I wasn’t always overheating. 🙂

  • Whew.. love the comment that we need to ship STAT some Krispy Kreems to those models. I go for classic looks, Milly and St. Laurent, but the winner for me was the Jil Sander turtleneck.

  • I liked the 3rd look. skirt oversize white cable sweater and black jacket. it just looked so chic and wearable i guess. not for me too short but some one!

  • I like Lanvin (black & white horizontal stripes, red cuffs, maroon shoulders) because it seems absolutely wearable. Second choice: Mulberry. Fun colors, fun graphic.

  • I choose my clothes for functionality. I like the Molly Goddard. It’s the most realistic looking sweater of them all. I couldn’t wear any of the others to work.

  • Two, first I love the drama of the Max Mara. In truth, I tried it on at a MM boutique while traveling in late Sept. Works on the tall, fab model. On not so tall, not so young me, it was pretty ridiculous. Had dh and the shop manager and me all having a great laugh. She (tall and fab) then put the coat on just to prove it wasn’t all me ; )

    Next, I love the Mulberry. I’d totally knit that, in a slightly different colorway, and love every minute of it!

  • Dreamy Dior, with what looked like a depiction of children with the moon. 🙂

  • Maybe it’s the fur skirt and fog machine clouding my judgement but the Moncler Grenoble takes it for me. The bigger ropes that shape off the turtleneck and sleeves give it a really beautiful texture and shape.

  • Moncler Grenoble – definitely. Perfect from cable to color.

  • My vote goes to the Dior (dark celestial…). Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My favorite is Mulberry, although maybe not quite so oversized – but definitely somewhat oversized! It’s a nice take on traditional colorwork.

  • I liked the dark Dior with the figures. It had a realistic fit and beautiful design.

  • I was surprised that so many were almost wearable if you could find one that wasn’t too oversized. Mulberry did catch my eye. It is both bold and delicate at the same time and a refreshing take on stranded color work and texture. Still too oversized for me but as a knitter I can knit to fit, right?

  • Daks, love everything about it.

  • I like the Moncler Grenoble because it’s looks cozy and like it actually fits the model.

    I’m really not a fashion person…

  • I like the Bottega Veneta, it reminds me of the original Blade Runner look harkening back to the ’40s. It’s so feminine and sexy!

  • It was tough but the jil sander cape-coat in that lovely brown won me over.

  • Mulberry is my pick. Just the right balance of traditional, modern, texture and pops of color.

  • I liked the 1st slide, Lanvin. Cables are always fabulous and the proportions are perfect. I lke parts or ideas of the others but so many of them look like somebody’s first sweater with no guidance! Eeks!

  • Lots of beauties, but that voluminous, dusty teal polo neck by Balenciaga is to die for.