The Cool, Scottish Knits of Di Gilpin

By Ann Shayne
July 3, 2017
Keep your cool with our temperate-weather projects.

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  • I’m sorry — did you say wool mini-skeins? *drool*

    • I know!!! Off to try to shake yarn money into checkbook….

  • Beautiful scenery and gorgeous knits! Who could ask for anything more?

  • Very pleased you are featuring DiGilpin designs. I’ve been following her for many years. She designs beautiful lace patterns, as well. I no longer see the pattern post but my favorite shaw is her Sylph caplette that I knit several years ago. Tried to post a picture here of the caplette but could not. Completion was a tour de force as it was my first lace project and my introduction to her stunning and diverse designs.

    • Aaugh, senior moment! The yarn used was Sylph. The Di Gilpin pattern is Santa Ana.

  • Oh golly! That blanket! With the moss stitch breaking out amongst the stockinette. Love all of this! Frock coat! Custom gansey! SNOOD.

  • Is there a pattern for the lace gansey tunic?

  • That tunic is really something, isn’t it? Wowza. I just perused the project pictures on Rav, which are helpful – I am so grateful to everyone who posts project pictures and notes! There are only 8 Seols listed to date, but I won’t be a bit surprised if that number should suddenly rise, you know?
    And I just want to see the first 10 seconds of that video on a continuous loop. Even when I close my eyes.

  • What is a gansey?

    • Gansey….a sweater worn by Fishermen and hand knitted in a worsted 5ply wool to a tiny, dense tension of up to 54sts per 4ins…..filled with fantastic stitchwork and complicated patterns originating from each family or village along the coast of Britain and also many of the North Atlantic countries including the Netherlands (see the excellent books by Stella Ruhe). The construction is particularly magic…knitted seamlessly with gussets! Practical, utilitarian and yet absolutely beautiful……do check out the Moray Firth Gansey Project… …for some great samplers, patterns etc………just a starting point to that deep rabbit hole!!!!

  • Well that was a deep rabbit hole!

  • Such a lovely, relaxing post – makes me want to do nothing but knit and listen to the rain falling outside my window all day long! My little corner of Nashville (Lebanon) has been enjoying the rain and its accompanying slight drop in the temps :). Perhaps today will be the day I can finally begin my Granito!!!

  • I have that coat on my needles at the moment. In her yarn. Stunning doesn’t begin… Don’t even ask what it cost, even with a great exchange rate! Worth.It.

    • ☺️☺️

  • We had a gansey workshop with Di on Skye in April. Her designs are stunning!

  • Hi Ann, thanks for your fabulous words! For those who love a challenge and intarsia,we have reworked the Mondrian blanket into an amazing Poncho…..Fano……which we made for the Strikkesfestival in Fano,, Denmark, last year……………Pattern coming out this Autumn!!!!

  • O M G, that beret. And that cowl, too.