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  • If you have a red clock, I gotta have it too. I just blatantly lifted it right off your source code and plugged it into my sidebar, adding my own tag line, Time to Make Art.
    Thanks a million for finding these toys for me.

  • I may just have to steal this idea ! What with this fab clock and the super Buttonhole Bag,that’s taking the knitting world by storm,it seams that you’re a bit of a style guru.Who needs Martha ?

  • My friends, I steal cool stuff so that you can steal cool stuff. I found the clock link at Art for Housewives, which I found at Nashville Stitch & Bitch. (When one is in need of a walk on the wild side of the Internet crafts world, Angela is your go-to gal.) The clock people seem to invite us to take the clock, use the clock, and enjoy the clock. I think it is a very handy thing for knitbloggers, since we live in so many time zones (and stay up so late knitting and blogging).
    xox! Kay

  • I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this entry! My fiance loves clocks of any sort (don’t ask me why, cause he certainly isn’t the most timely fellow), and this will be right up his alley!

  • ….this makes me realize that time is marching on….”so much to knit…. so little time…..”

  • Tres cool!!! I do not have a blog, but I will visit yours and watch the clock.
    Have y’all seen this: http://www.lares.dti.ne.jp/%7Eyugo/storage/monocrafts_ver3/03/index.html
    It is hysterical.
    Happy knitting and clock watching.

  • Red State Time: Just a little more laid back than that Blue State Time. We’ll get there, just give us an extra hour, so’s we can load up the shotgun and get an extra prayer in there.

  • Hi Kay –
    Thanks to you and Debbie Stoller, I now have my very own, springy-colored, how can it look any better button hole bag! Wahooo!