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  • I thought both Daniel and Santino had more beautiful pieces than Chloe. Daniel had such a striking diversity. I thought he deserved to win and I wasn’t even really a Daniel fan.
    They said Chloe stood out because her collection was cohesive. Too bad the running theme was 80’s chic, with emphasis on the poofy sleeves. When they crowned her the winner, I thought I heard the theme song from Dynasty playing in the background.

  • I thought Daniel showed the most wearable collection. I think his age was what did him in. His 13th design was best of show in my view.

  • I’m so glad that men can get away with a simple black tux at nearly any occassion.

  • I’m with Thomas. When I read that your boy George Clooney was wearing a 10 year old tux to the Oscars, my only thought was THAT’S SO UNFAIR.
    But hey Ann, since you’re getting all Meow Mix on poor Chloe (I agree, her designs are a snooze and I want to own everything Daniel V designed, but in a Big Boned Gal size), I’m going to OUT YOU and tell everybody that you actually DO need something for the Swan Ball.
    Love from a Land Without A Swan Ball

  • Here in UK, where I didn’t see this show, first year fashion design students might produce something like most of Chloe’s efforts. Unworkable, unwearable bits of origami. The black and white jacket by Daniel is quite ‘couture’ and I think he will get the work. Thanks for featuring this, it’s fun.

  • What’s the Swan Ball?

  • I was terribly shocked as well . . . especially because Chloe’s collection was so shinyshinybadpromdressgonewrong. I totally agree about the fabrics . . . soooo ooky. And you are spot on with the Swan Ball comment — those dresses all looked very “Houston Charity Event”.
    I’m still not sure what was going through the judges’/producers’ brains when they chose her.

  • as soon as i saw chloe’s massive shiny pink sateen prom dress head out onto the runway, i was sure she was done for – the judges didn’t even MENTION the fabrics or the incredible 80’s feel to everything. i was counting along with each collection and chloe’s had only three pieces that i liked, while daniel’s had about ten and santino’s had about six (although he doesn’t have any idea how to dress women with any kind of chest, which annoys me). my vote would have been for daniel, but i would have been satisfied with santino winning, even though i’m not fond of him. but chloe? come on!!!

  • My family came running when I shouted “NO WAAAAY” at the top of my lungs when Chloe won. I am still in shock. Those clothes were so unwearble and stiff. And Falcon’s Crest or Dynasty or WHAT-ever. There was so much glare coming off those outfits it hurt my eyes. Ick ick ick. I did like flowy long dress, though.
    I thought Santino really did a great job and as a former Santino hater, I was really proud of him. He took the coaching. Tim Gunn said in today’s blog that he really did NOT want Santino to win because after Jay last season & then Santino this season, it would be called Project Freakshow.
    Daniel’s was so complete- okay the bags were a bit off but really his looks were great. I agree his age did him in. It was cool that Michael Kors offered him a job right there on the runway.
    Project 13 was beatiful!

  • only we dont have any project runway here… or least not that runs with the mainstream.
    they do have a top model show though

  • Woha,Ann! A whole new side of you came out there!

  • Word. Just word. I watch with a group of fellow graphic design majors, and we’ve really come to love Santino after a (really) rocky start – we spent several episodes screaming for him to get auf’ed, but last night, we were screaming for him to win, and were SORELY disappointed. I feel like the producers of the show simply used him for ratings and then kicked him to the curb as soon as he actually took the advice he was given (a plus in the real world!) and edited his work – and it was beautiful! Good thing there’s almost a year before the next season, because it’s going to take me that long to get over this mess.
    P.S. That pink poof-ball of Chloe’s? We were all screaming “Noooooo!” when that thing came out FIRST. Ugh. And what was she thinking putting outfits that used the same fabric BACK TO BACK?! Woe.

  • Kara (the last designer eliminated before the finals) put up a collection, too, as a decoy … it’s the bonus video on the Bravo site.
    I love it. I think she blew the finalists out of the water.

  • I’m so with ya1 I really was gobsmacked when they said chloe won. I thought for sure it as goign to be Daniel, but I do believe that a bit of ageism came into play there.
    I was really dissapointed. I did not like Santino, but I felt like they decided not to choose him because they already tought he was going to have a career no matter what (even Nina said that he belonged in fashion) I really liked his collection and thought that it really showed he DID listen to them. Daniel’s was by far the most wearable for “real women”, I loved that one cap sleeved pale blue blouse.
    Chloe’s stuff, just ick. I mean, Santino was right on when he said she’s a fantastic patternmaker but dang, girl. Get some fashion sense!

  • Oh!!! and I forgot to mention that Kara put funky handknit hats on all her models. Not sure I’d combine them with evening wear, but they’re awfully fun.

  • Swan Ball? Three words: Prom Never Ends.
    I’m wearing the same tuxedo I’ve worn for the past 10 years.
    Or maybe I can wear my new skating costume from Roberto Cavalli.
    Or maybe I can get one of Chloe’s outfits on eBay.
    Or maybe a dress made entirely out of pantyhose connector parts.

  • I liked Kay Unger’s Sportwear header, where the model was wearing strap-on heels. Strap-on heels always make me want to play tennis. And did anyone else get the “E-Z Sew” Vibe?

  • Oh man. I couldn’t disagree more. Chloe’s been my favorite from the first episode. I just love her. I suppose it is the southwestern in me.

  • Kelli-THANK YOU! I liked Chloe’s the best by far as well.
    Daniel’s stuff is just too ho-hum. Everything he made is already in a department store. Blah. I thought he was waaaaaay out of his league.
    Santino will probably be good in a few years when he can figure out how to edit his designs without losing his personality, but he’s got a way to go.
    Chloe, otoh, is the whole package. She can make a well-finished product, she can really hone in on a concept, and I think she has the best eye for what suits a woman’s body. She’s not the most cutting edge designer out there, but she’s not the most derivative, either. And her stuff is-with a few exceptions-pretty (gasp! imagine that!).
    So YAY!

  • I dropped my knitting and reached for valium when Chloe won. She’s a nice enough young woman but those clothes were hideous. The girl can sew, but she seems to have this fascination with seaming on the rear end. WTF? I don’t know a woman on earth who really wants her butt emphasized. Unless said woman is horribly underfed and hoping for a little extra junk in the trunk.

  • It’s just my feeling but I think this decision is all about finding a marketable designer for Banana Republic, Chloe really fits there. As the shows major sponsor I could see the company wanting to capitalize off the show and of the finalists I think she would be the most willing. Daniel is more haute couture if he goes to work for Michael Kors I bet in a few years he’ll be as successful as Michael himself. I loved that 13th piece also but I think Nick had a lot of input too. What do you think?

  • Chloe has been terrific all season, UNTIL last night. Her sofa covers were awful and shiny and stiff. I live in Texas and there are loads of women who are very stylish and sleek and would never dream of wearing that stuff. The older Republican Headliner’s CLub/Petroluem Club ladies might, but they are not a majority. I still like Chloe, but her fantasy collection was way off the mark. It IS hard to find good fabric in Texas….

  • I felt let down by the whole finale. Definately agree with the majority about Chloe’s designs (even Lacroix wouldn’t send those down the catwalk). Daniel seemed to lose steam and Santino doesn’t understand the female body in the flesh. So what are we left with?
    I felt gypped.
    My predictions: Daniel will do his own line of very successful Upper East Side clothes after a couple years with Kors. Santino will be dressing Paris Hilton and Kylie Minogue and Chloe will be the biggest thing ever, in Houston.

  • I wanted Santino to win. I was ready for Daniel to win. My husband had to shake me out of my chair after the show as I sat there in disbelief after hitting the power switch. It was so oddly unsatisfying. The thing is that people really do dress way over the top in Houston, so that’s probably what she’s going for. Sigh… Maybe Project Runway 3 will be better?

  • Runway clothes aren’t meant to be worn, for the most part,(see recent NYT coverage of the fall lines). You’re right, Daniel’s stuff is far too subtle for most of the audience and the judges know that. It appeals to me, but I used to make all of my own clothes and I can see the haute in his couture. Although, I must admit to liking the raspberry parfait that is Chloe’s “little dress”.

  • I’m with the majority here–Daniel, shouldawon; Santino, really pulled it off; Chloe, like her, hated her collection. Wanted to share a funny Project Runway/NYC subway moment. On the way home from school, my five-year-old informed his sister that, “Chloe won.” Not that they’d been watching. (Way past their bedtime and too much bleeping.)It’s in the ether. Anyway, a woman standing next to me who’d missed last night’s finale was stunned and we ended up having a chat about Daniel’s future. The guy sitting next to my son was just cracking up over my son who does a pretty good Heidi Klum imitation. “Salantino (my son’s pronunciation), you’re out.”

  • I so agree that Daniel’s collection was so much more wearable and relatable. Chloe did do some great things throughout the challenges though, so hopefully her designs will lean more toward those pieces and not her horrible Fashion Week collection.

  • Ya’ll, check out Defamer’s take on the Chole win:
    ” And Chloe Dao even showed some spunk, likening her designing process to immaculate conception, and her collection to her “baby.” It was a clever tactic that may very well have contributed to her winโ€“ who in their right minds, after all, is going to deny Baby Jesus the big prize?”

  • Ann,
    Santino Fan

  • i am now so VERY glad I didn’t watch the show–I couldn’t stand the photos of Chloe’s stuff, I might have done something drastic. On a lighter note, I did felt my first felting project (mittens) last night, and though I won’t win a design contract, it was tres cool.

  • Thank you so much Ann, for this eloquent and accurate post! I just spit out a sputtering little rant on my blog. Too quote the judges: Santino – what passion! Daniel – such skill! Chloe – what nice seams, and such a good businesswoman. Yep, clear winner there. The thing is, I’ve got intermediate sewing skills, and given the patterns I could reproduce anything in Chloe’s collection (not that I would ever want to). I definitely can’t say that about Santino and Daniel. That’s what fashion is about, that little extra something.

  • Ahh! I couldn’t agree more with you about Chloe- so bad, so trivial, so been done before!
    However, I think Santino was robbed, Daniel’s stuff was sweet, I was impressed by his collection but it just didn’t dare to try some thing to the degree that Santino would, too safe, too like Banana Republic already is

  • I just finally watched the last two weeks of episodes… I really like Santino’s collection! I don’t know why, since I didn’t like the rest of his stuff. Daniel’s stuff not fitting properly in the boobs bothered me (more than Santino’s) and Chloe’s stuff was just… boring! And I liked her stuff throughout the show! ah well. it’s not like I buy runway stuff anyway… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I agree with every word you said! I was really routing for Daniel V. (Sigh)

  • I”m with you! Liked Daniel’s stuff much better.

  • I feel your pain. We have Project Catwalk http://www.skyone.co.uk/programme/pgeprogramme.aspx?pid=67 over here and last night they dumped Christopher ! I mean – Christopher , WTF ?! Any fool could see his stuff was just in a class above the rest !!! Plus he had that posh English boy look which’ll guarantee him designer god status – No ?

  • Well, I guess I’m in the minority, here. I can’t watch the show (no Bravo) but I did look at the stuff online. I looked at all of the clothes before I found out who won, and I thought Chloe’s were the best. I’m sorry, but most of the clothes in the other two collections would be completely fugly on anyone who weighed more than 90 pounds. And the fit was horrendous on Santino’s stuff. I mean, creases and wrinkles in ALL the wrong places. A couple of Chloe’s things were ridiculous (the poufy sleeved pink thing) but several of the dresses looked covet-worthy to me.
    So, am I a total fashion idiot? Maybe. I may not know fashion, but I know what I like.

  • Who knew? The passion, the agony, the beauty of it all.
    Daniel will do just fine. Leaving with a job offer from Michael Kors before the door hits your butt on the way out is hardly losing. I am so, so heartened by the groundswell of support for him. I thought I was the only one left in America with a soft spot for the elegant, understated, finely tailored, Audrey Hepburn-esque thing he had going. I can even forgive him the few poorly fitting bustlines – they just looked a little baggy, like he had planned on actual women possibly filling them out instead of models.
    Santino, Santino, Santino. His earlier pieces styled the flash ‘n trash that I thought all design folks were wild for these days. They looked more like he was decorating a themed Christmas tree than dressing a woman. So – such a shock to see some of the lovely things in that final collection. Those bustlines were way out of wack though, down low and just all wrong. And of the final three, I worry about his future the most, because he demonstrated that he isn’t exactly Mr. Congeniality. I’m tellin’ ya, people skills still matter and he doesn’t exactly shine in that area, if ya know what I mean. If he can just learn to play a little nicer, and deal with his Wounded Inner Child in more constructive ways, he’ll be fine too.
    Chloe’s stuff from the season was way, way better than her final show. Let us all have a moment of silence in the hope that she goes there for inspiration. She’s got good skills, as Napoleon D. would say, and a new car, and my daughter thinks she’s totally cool, so I think all will be well in Houston.
    May peace break out in the fashion world (what a shock that would be).

  • I love your commentary!
    I have never seen the show but I do live in Houston and work for a charity.
    Believe me, Houston women do not dress that poorly. Chloe’s stuff was appalling!

  • A disclaimer: my name is Ann and I have posted here a couple of times now – but I am not THE Ann. If I post in the future I will heretofore try to identify myself as a “secondary” Ann, as opposed to the “primary” Ann. Such a lovely name, n’est-ce pas?

  • For me I have to say I WAS NOT IMPRESSED with any of the collections. I think they all fell short. If I had to pick -it would have been Daniel, but he did get a job offer from the snotty and often nasty Micahel Kors. Santino is just too nasty for me. It was fun TV watching and for that I am gratefull. I have a neighbor who in one of the contestantson the Food Networks Next Food Network Star and he is the nicest guy–Reggie Southerland, so I will be wathing that next..

  • I actually thought Kara’s collection was the best. She had to present because at the time we only knew the final four so she was the ringer. I’ve read a lot of reviews that agree.

  • Just say no to that baby doll dress. Anyone who’s actually had a baby could not wear such a thing. Why do we let men do this?

  • You know, I live in Houston. Trust me, Chloe is *not* designing for the majority of us here. She is definitely not my new muse. I loved Daniel’s collection, and I thought he should have won. Half of Chloe’s dresses were HIDEOUS.
    I knew it would be Chloe though. The Tressemme hair commercials that featured *only* her model gave it away.

  • Funny, I thought the same thing when Kay Unger appeared!

  • I may be late but I have to chime in. I was rooting for Chloe…. cause I’m from Houston…. but I also wanted Santino to win. If there could be a tie I wanted it to be between Santino & Chloe. I think she won because they knew she was a business person with a successful dress shop in Houston and the judges liked that part of Chole… just my opinion.
    I’ve not been to her LOT 8 shop — it’s in the part of town that says you need money even to look & browse here. LOL