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  • Ohmidgod. Ohmigod. I’m supposed to be working, but OMIGOD! ITS GORGEOUS!!! Reallly, really, RILLY GORGEOUS!
    I’m inspired once again to finish my stupid (sorry, I mean not perfect) squares. The last one I was really inspired on, but it’s so un-square I may have to revisit it. They just seem so… hmmm. Not perfect. But if my sister Melissa from the city of 6 O’s can get one in, I better get on the stick!
    It’s too too too beautiful. Hooray for you all!

  • Holy afghans, batman! I agree with Susan – that baby is GORGEOUS!

  • Wow this is amazing. What a fabulous afghan. It is truley inspiring.

  • One down, now how many to go? I will be sending some squares too soon, just to contribute a tiny bit too.

  • Superb! Fantastic! How are you ever going to part with it?

  • I’m plotzing, I’m plotzing already!
    Things in particular I love about Bwankie Number One:
    It looks like a blanket. It all hangs together even though it uses a zillion different shades and patterns. It has an organic unity that says “Afghan,” not “I’m a bunch of higgledy piggledy squares.”
    The seams are so great. Cindy did a fantastic job–and I love the mix of crochet and cross stitch. I was kind of worrying about the whole issue of seams, and she has shown us how it should be done.
    Hooray to all! I am totally thrilled. Thanks, everybody!!! Off to plotz some more.

  • glory be…. cindy is a miracle worker, and the afghan is a work of art! the unique combo of stitches she used makes each 8″ square a contemporary oil painting. it’s all about the TLC! XOXO

  • Is Cindy a mensch or what?

  • PLOTZ! [Cool word. I must find a way to incorporate it into my vocab.]
    That is one STUNNING piece of work. Believe me; Erika Knight will stumble upon this and eat her heart out. Gorgeous! You two rock 🙂

  • “Plotz” doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it. This former shikse is kvelling over Cindy’s menshlechykayt and tsedoke! And all good mitzvahs to YOU too for pulling this together!

  • Outstanding ! Your couch looks so chic, so dressed, so cosy ! How can you bear to part with it ? Keep it and send a donation instead !

  • Kay,
    The afghan is absolutely beautiful. I wish I had just a little of the talent you all have!

  • It is simply and elegantly DEVINE!! Thank you Cindy and now I am whining because I want one too! 🙂 I love the cross stitching to pull it together. Martha Stewart move over baby!

  • That is so cool! It’s so nice to see one of our Afgans all sewn up. Which reminds me, I need to work on my June square – better get busy!

  • To those who have suggested that I might be tempted to keep this afghan: Why, it never entered my mind. (HA!)
    Sadly the International Charity Knitting Administrator’s Handbook (2003-2004 Ed.) strictly prohibits self-dealing in handknit blankets. I tried to appeal using the classic legal argument “It Goes Really Swell With My Sofa(Cum Davenportum Bonum Est)”; no dice. Off it goes to Afghanistan after everyone at the sew-up bees has a chance to admire it.
    Yours in Knitting Integrity,

  • Woah – quel afghan!
    even my SO thinks it’s amazing!!!!
    cheers to everybody,

  • I am speechless and only plotz could truly describe what I’m doing over this afghan. Not only are the squares (and their arrangement) a beautiful sight, I’m blown away by the beautiful seam. Of course, the fact that my new shop opens tomorrow means that I’ve been doing a LOT of plotzing lately.
    That I’ve been so remiss in my contributions to the afghanalong makes me feel terrible. Especially since I’ve been staring at a pile of squares blocked a very, very long time ago! I confess that I snagged my Lamb’s Pride Bulky log cabin square and gave it a place of honor as a swatch for the shop but your instructions were so great and it was so fun to do that I’ll just have to make another one for the afghans.
    My offer to host the Nasvhille sewing bee still stands and I’d be more than honored to play a role in y’all’s wonderful, wonderful endeavor.

  • Look great. Very very nice!


  • Cindy! Carolyn! Kay! Ann!
    Just LOOK at what you have put into the world!
    Skill, love, beauty, generosity, wit, human connection, PLOTZ.
    And that afghan is pretty great too.
    I am overwhelmed.

  • It’s gorgeous! What an amazing project you two have started. It must be so rewarding to see the first finished piece. Congrats to you and all who contributed! 🙂

  • It really is goregous. We leave for Hilton Head, SC tomorrow so my Rowan Handknit Cotton DK squares (in green) will be coming back to NY with their SC postmark. Yea!

  • aw man! Looking at knitting/afghan pr0n like this makes me want to get my act in gear and knit up some squares. so cool!

  • The afgan is beautiful! I really like how it was stitched together..the color especially. It makes me want to make some mini-afgan-washcloths so I can do some stitching like that. Love your site! Found out about you from Carrieoke.

  • Now THAT is SOMETHING. Something LOVELY. In the minus 2 spare minutes at work today I found myself fiddling with the mouse clickers, trying to get a closer look at that seaming technique.
    Well. Well done. Bravas all around!!!
    Y’all (Ann, that one is for you) should ask Afghans For Afghans whether, golly, in addition to the five hundred blankets coming their way courtesy of MDK, they might also like a $ donation? Just let me know in plenty of time before that piece of history gets posted on eBay!

  • At least take a whole bevy of detailed photos of that piece of art for posterity. It’s a beaut. I never thought so many squares of different yarns would turn out so well. Color me humbled.

  • OHMIGOD, indeed! I could not only plotz, I’m positively farklempt!!!!!
    I, too, am inspired to get off my butt and finally block the two squares I’ve had sitting around since March so I can proudly become part of this most incredible project! Not only that, but the love and care that exudes from that fabulous object is beyond words.
    Aww shucks, all you mason-dixonites, you’re my inspiration!