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  • You need bigger tote bags! Join me in this so I don’t feel so rediculous lugging eight pounds of garter stitch frenzy everywhere I go!

  • Forget the hut; what the fairies really want are log cabins, preferably in Noro.

  • i know my dear grampa would suggest the Polaroid camera…circa 1970’s. He insisted that the picture that popped out the front would develop faster when sandwiched between a large manly upper arm and the side of the chest. i think the scientific community’s verdict is still out on this one….

  • Wow, that’s a wake up call! I have pictures in my camera from last fall that haven’t made it into my computer yet. Never thought that I might lose my camera. Good luck with that–I’ll say a little prayer that it will turn up.
    Love the log cabin colors.

  • My life changing summer discovery is mixing lemonade (Crystal Light is perfect) with Sweet Tea Vodka – that is a perfect summer cocktail.

  • My life changing summer discovery is mixing lemonade (Crystal Light is perfect) with Sweet Tea Vodka – that is a perfect summer cocktail.

  • you know those rather overpriced single serving crystal light tube things? One of them has exactly two teaspoons of mix in it. So their instructions (one tube thing, 16oz) is easily deconstructed (i find their stuff too sweet, so i add more water). I still buy the travel tubes for my purse, but at home, I use the tubs, and just measure 2tsp into 20oz water.

  • Dear Kay,
    My jaw has dropped in sheer awe! How do you do it? I thought I understood the garter stitch blanket, but no! You keep making it fresh and exciting! Is there no limit to your simply executed GENIUS? Your latest is ‘flat-out’ gorgeous! (I can’t believe it’s likeness wasn’t captured with an Instamatic…)
    You continue to amaze and inspire me!

  • Dear Kay
    Whitstable is one of my favourite local places to visit – wish I’d been able to “bump into” you!

  • 1. Lovely to hear that the wedding was so enjoyable – especially after travelling so far to attend.
    2. When we first moved to London to live for a couple of years, my partner was the one searching for somewhere to rent – he declared that there was a new placename every couple of metres (feet) and many of them were as whimsical &/or descriptive as Squeezegut.
    3. Fingers crossed for a found camera, but if not we are very happy with a Fujifilm Finepix – small enough to fit in a pocket when dogwalking, easy to use & pretty good pics.
    4. Awaiting logcabin revelations with baited breath!

  • Hi Kay!
    I am sure your camera will turn up. Thanks for the inspiration to get wedding pix out of *mine*.(It’s an Olympus Ultra Zoom. –The kids played lacrosse, and they looked far away without it.) I like it.
    I was reminded by both Angry Chicken and your posts about concentrated drinks to whip up a batch of cold brewed coffee. It was in the NYT at some point, and the writer of the recipe is correct, you won’t want regular brewed coffee iced, again, after tasting the cold brewed.

  • Sorry to hear about the loss of the KayCam! I know the things are precious… I’d be desolate without mine.
    I’ve been using my new and pretty Canon Powershot SD770IS for my entire European trip, as blogged here: withalisp.wordpress.com if you’d like to check out some of the picture quality. The camera is a sturdy little thing, the battery lasts forever, and I find it’s the perfect weight between hefty enough so you don’t lose it in your purse, and light enough that it’s not a burden in the least. Plus, the 12x zoom really isn’t that terrible at all. Only slightly weak. The macro function is excellent, as well as some of the fun settings. There’s a color accent setting! Photograph only red! whee!

  • I hope your camera turns up – I can’t wait to see the blankets in their bigger state.
    I just bought an Olympus Stylus 9000 that I love – lots of easy to use settings, 10x optical zoom, and the pictures come out well.

  • I’m also making a Noro Silk Garden log cabin using yarn I bought at my LYS sale. I also bought some solid color Noro Cash Iroha to thrown in randomly inspired by LB’s rescue blanket. I really liked that touch that you added.

  • Isn’t there a post from maybe a year ago where everyone recommended a new camera for Ann?
    It would be miserable to lose your Kay Cam. Maybe it was left in the seat pocket on the airplane. (Did you go in an airplane??)
    But, really, log cabin, garter stitch, pretty colours… you just can’t beat it. I just whipped up a baby blanket sized thing, but knit it with 2 strands of wool held together — if you put it on a human body, it feels like that lead apron you wear when having your tooth x-rayed and I am afraid what would happen if it was placed upon a person weighing only 15 pounds….
    And, I think there is a street in Norwich called Old Horse Street, which if you say it carelessly reminds you that it was once in a nasty part of town.

  • Hey,
    Just wanted to say I laughed so much over that garter stitch blanket paragraph that I almost choked on my lunch…. thank you!
    (P.S. nobody does garter stitch like you x x x )

  • I just purchased an Olympus stylus 9000 as well, just in time for Gales Knitamatography workshop tonight – so I’ll let you know is she has any observations about it. It has some great features for those of us not so photographically inclined.

  • We like the Canon PowerShot SD1X00 Digital Elph in our house. I have the PowerShot SD1000, daughter #1 has the SD1100, and younger daughter just got the SD1200 for her birthday. Small, high resolution, great macro shots, does video if you need it, and not a bad price point. Has lots of ability for manual settings if you are so inclined, or you can use it as a PhD camera (Push here, Dummy).

  • I, too, have an inner (perhaps imaginary) badass, who wants to dress in an unconventional non-mothery sort of way, inspiring new knitterly fashions and well, excuse me while I go brew a pot of tea before I get dressed in my summer mom uniform of 3/4 sleeve, boat neck tee and cargo shorts, then vacuum and make the beds…..
    p.s. But YOU DO inspire us with your fresh, edgy garter stitch creativity!!! And I am wonering how you manage to get it all done!!!!!

  • My family has been doing the concentrated tea thing for years – it was only last weekend that I realize that not everyone brewed iced tea like that. I like to brew my concentrate in a French press coffee maker, so I can filter out the bits of loose tea easily. Incidentally, the best iced tea in the world is made with a few tablespoons of loose tea and two generous sprigs of fresh lemon verbena from the garden.

  • I do brew the concentrated tea in the fridge myself. The only comment I would have is to NOT squeeze the tea bags when removing. That will cause it to be bitter, and all for a Tbls. or so of tea? Now, must go find a good spot to await the latest garter blanket craze I sense is coming with your next post.

  • Garter Stitch Rocks. I just finished a garter stitch baby blanket (pattern from PurlSoho) and it was mind-numbing pleasure since my personal life is currently chaos. Love your blanket and pics.

  • Garter Stitch Rocks. I just finished a garter stitch baby blanket (pattern from PurlSoho) and it was mind-numbing pleasure since my personal life is currently chaos. Love your blanket and pics.

  • Might be worth keeping an eye on, in case of helpful people who find and want to return your camera: http://ifoundyourcamera.blogspot.com/

  • I bought a Nikon Coolpix L100 and LOVE it! This is a point-and-shoot camera. I’ve learned one thing recently, if going to a wedding, pop in a fresh card just for the event. I made the mistake of using the card I always have in it and because it was so full of wonderful pics the shutter speed slowed down on me and my father/bride dance pics were all blurry. It’s great on battery life–Kodak is NOT. Always on a learning curve, that’s me.

  • The orange-y Crystal Light plus a mango flavored vodka (or thereabouts) also make a fabulous cocktail, BTW.

  • I always thought they wore those big hats at wedding in England.
    Sorry about your camera. When our old one died last year, we got a Panasonic Lumix. It has a Leica lens, and zooms 10x from 28 to 280, so from wide angle to zoom. We took it on our recent trip and it did very well. It’s screen is the biggest I’ve seen on such a small camera.

  • Dear Kay,
    My jaw has dropped in sheer awe! How do you do it? I thought I understood the garter stitch blanket, but no! You keep making it fresh and exciting! Is there no limit to your Stash of Noro Silk Garden? Having gazed upon your latest beauty I guess that YELLOW will make a stately yet surprising appearance. Hurry up. Keep knitting. Show us, show us!
    You’ve really got your knit on this days.

  • Suzanne, please elaborate on sweet tea vodka, I don’t like sweet tea, but with lemonade and vodka, hmmmmm.
    Kay, after a week working in Mexico, I would be afraid to go to squeeze gut alley, mine has expanded in abnormal ways here.
    I hope you get the kaycam back soon.

  • I used to build huts above the tideline for beach fairies. Then I’d set their table with a mole-crab shell, which is to beach fairies what a 25-lb turkey is to humans.

  • But Kay, we already know (and love) that there are no limits to your simple-mindedness. Why do you think we keep coming back?! I hope the Kay-cam surfaces soon- I’m anxious to see the hippie camp photos (being a Birkie wearer myself) so that I may view them with my Woodstock CD playing in the background. In other news- my boy Matt boarded the bus yesterday to begin his journey to A-stan. I owe him a delayed Christmas-birthday gift of a (very) sturdy camera (the boy is hard on electronics) to record his tour so I will be sure to Fw his more interesting images.

  • You are a BBoC! Oh yes you are! Can I get an Amen? I long for garter stitch. August 1 is my Garter stitch reunion. Yes, I will be singing “reunited and it feels so good.” I knew you’d want to know.

  • Kay,
    did you ever drink the Luzianne tea made specifically for iced tea? It makes lovely sun tea. They don’t sell it in Seattle so I always buy a box or two when I am in Nebraska.

  • I DO look at your garter stitch innovations slack-jawed with delight. How do you do that? Keyhole variations of color on the dish cloth, the precious squares of color on the bucket blanket redo – LOVE IT!

  • 1) Kay – Once again, I am humbled by your creative imagination regarding the garter stitch. That common little stitch is highly uncommon in your hands. I am not worthy . . .
    2) Sweet tea vodka! Where have I been? I must know about this. Now. Time’s awastin’ with summer flying by!

  • “New Tea Twist” (Sweet tea and lemonade) – The Arnold Palmer
    Some will remember Arnold Palmer, some won’t. I was told that is the name of this concoction, and have no idea if it is loved by Mr. Palmer, but it is named after him. By the by – nonalcoholic, safe for all, and a snap to make.
    I use Publix (local grocery store chain, read and weep if it’s not yours locally) #1 – sweet tea (and put on your big girl panties, girls, unless you are forbidden sugar, it must be the fully leaded kind, and you will be happy with it, promise) and plus #2 – Publix lemonade. Combine, half and half. Serve over ice, mint optional. Come out on the veranda, silvery tray with glasses glistening, wipe the tiniest bead of sweat off your brow, and graciously accept the compliments. (“Oh this? It’s nothing.”) It is lovely.

  • In one single post, the England of my imagination has been both upheld and shattered. The fabulous tiny alley – check. Children building houses for wee folk – check.
    But, NO HATS at the wedding?!?! What?!? I thought women in England always wore fabulous hats to weddings. Jeez. (They do in the movies.)

  • Did you check ALL of your knitting bags? I’m forever finding random things in my knitting bags that were previously considered “lost.” I think it is because my knitting bag is always next to me when people hand me stuff.

  • Okay- So I lost my white bra for two weeks and just found it night before last. This really cramped my style. I’m sure most Normal women have more than just three bras in nude, white, and black, but not me. I’m always shocked at the price and by the time I come around to the idea of spending $50 on something I could go without all together before I had kids, it’s time to take one of the old out of the rotation. Anyway, after trying to sleep, but finding myself unable, I decided to quit wasting time. I determined that I would first, find that bra and then work on that mitered-square baby blanket (I just didn’t get enough mitering out of the full sized one—much like your garter stitch affection/afliction). So after ransacking the basement (this was a bottom up search)and looking under the couch and its cusions, I finally found it hanging in our bedroom closet (I Never hang bras in the closet). Cutting all the white shirts out of the wardrobe rotation (in summer) was pretty painful which leads me to the following advise: Ransack again. If it fails, you must buy a new camera–preferably one different in character than the old one in the off chance you find it hanging in your closet two weeks later. A big Nikon (I’m biased) is the perfect companion to your (hopefully, soon to be found) little cannon. Usually, the fact that I look like a tourist (even in my own backyard) doesn’t bring me down. I embrace it like I embrace my attached ear lobes.

  • The Canon s3 IS is s really great camera. You wouldn’t need to learn a new menu system and it comes with great zoom and super macro capabilities! It is a bit larger than the canon elph series but we have really liked our s2. The IS stands for image stabilization so it helps to decrease the shakiness when photographing really exciting knitting close-ups.

  • Congratulations to Joseph on his bullseye! I hope he comes across his marked arrow next year–Big Thrill indeed! (The man standing next to him looks very unconcerned that his own life is in jeopardy with a young boy preparing to shoot.)
    The wedding looks so casual and stress-free that they forgot to invite a minister! I”m afraid that I would have been tempted in Squeeze Gut Alley to climb the walls by putting one foot and one hand on each wall, just to see if I could do it (unless, of course, I was wearing a dress).
    I can already see something “over the edge” with that Log Cabin blanket–4 center squares instead of 1? You have crossed the garter stitch Log Cabin line, Kay!
    Mary G. in Texas

  • There’s a fabulous plastic lid you can buy for your mason jars: sold for use in freezer jamming, but it’s multipurposeful… it has turned mason jars into travel water jars for us. My purse is big enough for two of them, and the iced tea (pgtips or Choice organic english brekky)is always in the quart-sized jar. Owen loves his water jar, and John rolls his eyes, but always accepts when I offer him one on a road trip!
    Also, as far as I know, the only way to find the old camera is by purchasing a new one. The old shows up within a month or two.
    it’s great to read you. big smile.

  • Nice form, Joseph!
    Rockin’ the garter stitch, Kay!
    SO sorry about the camera. Fingers crossed for it turning up. And look what a public service you’ve done – people are feeling a sudden urge to get their snaps into the computer! And hopefully backed up somewhere externally as well…I once lost an entire archived portfolio with a hard-drive failure. Argh.
    Good luck 🙂

  • I recommend one of the Fuji Finepix lines. Excellent battery life and very good at handling low light. Also has the very compact charger now.
    Best in its class in 2007 or something like that.

  • perhaps a naughty fairy has your cam
    yes i know publix live in florida
    sweet tea is lovely sides you can not
    put two cups of water in a crysal light
    travel packet you really a glass
    i am angry at my garter stich we are
    not speaking to one another
    happy to have your posting

  • oh shoot – I almost forgot — WHOO HOO to Joseph – Archery is very cool – we used to belong to a club in East Hampton – and I am thinking about starting up again myself if my arm can manage it …. Congratulations on the Bullseye

  • well apparently my first post went out into the ether somewhere –
    Thanks for the tip on the Crystal Light and tea – going to do that tomorrow – I’m trying to cut back on the Diet Coke myself and this could help – (but I do use the cans for Amazon Gift Certificates)
    We knit at the museum today – the Thursday group from the Library has the 1:30 to 4 duty for 3 more weeks (I think) to watch over the doll exhibit and sell any dolls people want to buy – if you are in town join us – we would love to see you. And no one thinks you are weird if you love garter stitch -that is all I am doing right now myself – or if they do think it is weird they are too polite to point it out hehehe

  • Horse, barn door. I know. But I heard this very neat idea. Make something on your computer or with crayons or oil paints. It matters not. But it should say that the camera belongs to you and have your name & phone number. Then take a picture of it. Leave the picture in the camera. When someone finds the camera, they’ll know where to call. Now I’m going to do it on my own camera. Can’t wait to see your latest wizardry.

  • The trip looks like it was fun.
    If the camera doesn’t turn up shoot me a email and I can help you pick out a new one (my job, but i wont sell you one as you are no where near me) So no pressure and help all in one.
    Or, barrow a friends camera and come into the house saying “Oh what a great new camera I’ve got” The old camera may get jealous and show itself.

  • Kay, I do hope you find your KayCam. I love looking at the world through the lens of your camera. I have switched to a bulky SLR camera, which is harder to misplace and easier for me to use. Can’t wait to see the twist on the log cabin.

  • The Noro log cabin looks absolutely fabulous against the fabric quilt!

  • Wait, why would I want to give up Diet Coke? Not that drinking it slows me down in the iced tea and coffee, hot or iced, category. Nope, not at all.I myself am making a summer log cabin blanket in squares, so as not to make my lap sweaty. I like sewing things up, though.

  • I never thought of the concentrated tea thing! Just the thing for making tea at work!
    Even better than a Crystal Light cocktail – mix the tea half and half with fruit juice! Pineapple is my favorite, although cran-pomegranate is right up there.
    The log-cabin is beautiful, as are the fairy huts. Hmm, I see a connection -log cabins: built from big sticks; fairy huts: built from little sticks. I wonder if you could knit a fairy hut?

  • KNIT a fairy hut– yes, with laceweight mohair! Good lead, Becky. Now Kay and Ann can get right on it.

  • Chalk it up the the Week of Lost Items. They are all somewhere, having a party.
    I lost my cell phone, my dh one of his contact lenses, a friend’s transmission went in her car, etc etc.
    Hope you find the KayCam, so it can tell us where OUR stuff is! 🙂

  • you DESERVE a brand spanking new KayCam…..regardless!

  • the VIP and i drink a lot of Raspberry Ice Crystal Light. we buy ours at the local discount club, and mix up a gallon at a time in a repurposed OJ jug. i too am getting off the diet coke addiction, but i still have one per week at tuesday night stitch n bitch. one a week is okay.
    blanket is beautiful, and i hope the camera shows up soon.
    the VIP and i drink a lot of Raspberry Ice Crystal Light. we buy ours at the local discount club, and mix up a gallon at a time in a repurposed OJ jug. i too am getting off the diet coke addiction, but i still have one per week at tuesday night stitch n bitch. one a week is okay.
    blanket is beautiful, and i hope the camera shows up soon.
    <3 tola

  • I recommend the Sony Cybershot to replace the KayCam. It’s awesome and takes amazing pictures, so easy to use!

  • Kay, I too crossed the pond to attend a wedding in Whitstable (in 1994) and it was a lovely event, followed by a joyful ceidlidh (sp?) filled with dancing and wine. (Katie and Joe, it was wonderful!) Glad yours was a good one too!

  • Love the idea of Crystal Lite with real tea – I’m a sucker for Nestea instant. Funny, too, cause I hadn’t read it on Angry Chicken, but have been doing the concentrated brew for a long time now and am considering going back to full size pitchers because with a toddler in the house, even taking 3 steps (ice + tea + water) seems too much bother sometimes and I just end up with tap water. Though it never seems too many steps for my cold brew ice coffee, which requires ice + coffee + water + milk and lots of back-in-the-fridge. Hmm. Perhaps a portrait of where loyalties lie.

  • What a wonderful looking wedding, and as I’m reading in reverse, I know your camera is found – hurrah! Just have to pop up to say that the quilt underneath the knitting is fabulous…looks like Crate & Barrel? Anyway, big dotty chair is in good company with both the quilt & the knitting! Ah! Love those colors so!
    While I’m babbling about these colors, did I tell you about the art house I made in this pallette? I think so, but if not, it’s here:
    It sold so fast, I miss it so, and must work more with these colors! Why do I have to sleep?
    Anyway, enough rambling – I’m off to make some concentrated tea, to mix with concentrated lemonade (maybe I’ll try Crystal light) and, wait for it, mix it with diet Ginger Ale – BEST summer drink EVER!

  • I may be the only Jewish woman who prays to St. Anthony when I lose things (OK, I converted, and I still cross myself when I see an accident on the highway)
    I had prayed to St. Anthony for years, but then one day I read, in a Lisa Scottoline novel,
    “St. Anthony, please come around, for something’s lost that must be found”
    I think that St. Anthony, like Little Flower, like to have their props. Admit to others that you do this, and they will help you more. So by blogging this, you may well find things more easily for years.
    Now, where is the green linen yarn for the new hand towels?
    ps. St. Anthony and Little Flower may be the same entity
    pps. I am, in fact, a sane person

  • On my digital camera, the very first photo is of my name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. That way, if an honest person finds it, it can easily find it’s way home. (If a dishonest person finds it, nothing will save it.) This first photo is also locked so that I don’t accidentally delete it. 😉