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  • You just Keep Hope Alive honey, on that Oprah thing. Lemme know if you need any help teaching Faith Hill how to knit. I can get you some people. xoxo Kay (shriveling up, in a most unattractive fashion, with envy at not being in CHICAGO TOMORROW)

  • I’m getting very excited! I might have to polish my party shoes!

  • Seriously. You’re making us NY Knitbloggers look bad with our meet-ups. (And I can call myself a NY Knitblogger even though I reside in NJ the same way the NY Giants and NY Jets can call themselves NY even though they play in NJ.)(Don’t know why I just commented on that. Forgive me.)

  • and suburban knitters bearing wine!! i’ll be there, cheap wine in hand…Mariah on my back, as long as zipper gets installed, and fair isle mitts on, well, my mitts. and brining yarn to wind. whew. super thin laceweight. NEEDS a swift. i cannot do it on my own.
    see ya then!

  • I quiver in the Deep South. Unable to knit with any of you. Note to others who can: Go to Chicago in winter! Learn why scarves were invented! Stay warm, ya’ll.

  • Note to self: Bring dip, partridge, and shrubbery.

  • Surely Oprah will want the whole lot of you when she hears about the party? Yarn winding, and dip, and beer!? Whoa, this will be fun. Have fun, y’all.

  • I wish I could justify the 3 1/2 hour trip from Davenport, Iowa to Chicago to knit with you ladies, but I’m pretty sure my family would look at it as the final lapse of my sanity. Hope you have fun! 🙂

  • Go SEE Oprah! KNIT IN THE AUDIENCE. BRING A FEW KNITTER FRIENDS. I bet some staffer notices and talks to you at which point you can casually mention that knitting is the new yoga and oh by the way I just wrote a book which totally came about because I BLOG, BABY. I bet you dollars to donuts that the staffer mentions it to Oprah, and there you go within weeks, sitting on the very couch that Tom Cruise jumped on like a little shaved monkey.

  • I am keeping a warm (yet windy) happy thought for everyone that is meeting (or has already?) up to wind yarn! If it were economical, I’d have hopped a plane to be there – but after some research a cherry swift and automatic ball winder were cheaper. (I’ll continue to use backs of chairs and my wrists though, it keeps me honest.)

  • Oh to be in Chicago! Have a blast ladies. I best get on the ball for the NoVa/MD/DC Winding party- apparently I have fallen behind!

  • I saw that episode of Oprah the first time they showed it…that stay at home mom who wrote the Faith Hill songs…made me bawl!