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  • I love the rumpus room! I have dipped into the bliss that is the MDK Knitalong, but it’s totally messing up my Bloglines. Everytime there’s a post (quite often), my heart skips a beat. Is it Ann and Kay? No…just link above it…the followers like me who shaved their heads and drank the Kool-Aid. Ah, but still quite inspiring.
    Great photo essay and update from the heartland. We heart the heartland.

  • Is the road show really over? From the uncomfortable seat of my thrifted desk chair (MUST BIG DOTTY PAD IT) I really enjoyed the scenery, the new faces, and the barbecue.
    So did the chef using the jackhammer win the salsa contest? Mother’s Day is coming up after all, and I want to know whether to ask for a food processor or road construction equipment.

  • Schlotzky’s Deli? I’m so jealous! Aside from, you know, the published and the famous and the traveling all over having fun and calling it work. Y’all really need to come to St. Louis. We’re way cooler than Kansas City.

  • It was so great to see the both of you at SOP!

  • Your book was sitting on my doorstep Saturday. It’s taller in person! My love for the log cabin blanket has only grown now that I know how easy it is. And also? I have seriously contemplated going to Salvation Army to get some colorful and cheap t-shirts just so I can make a calamari rug for my bathroom.
    Y’all have made me a knitter. Congratulations.

  • If you figure out the right answer to that “Why is knitting so HOT right now?” question, do you think you could email me?

  • I LOVE the calamari rug, I agree, we are moving and I was going to do the log cabin, but now I’m torn. My husband has PLENTY of old t-shirts I’d love to rip up!

  • I have that book Color Work! It has a whole bunch of punch-out color wheels and strips in the back which you then use in conjunction with these pages with little die-cut holes in them, supposedly to determine the exact colors which you should use together. It’s like a pop-up book for crafters. Is it super fun to play around with? Yes. Has it kept me from making occasional bad color-combo choices? Nope. Oh well.

  • I haven`t seen the book yet, sorry. I have ordered it and it`s waiting for me at my mom`s house. BUT, I have been cutting up t-shirts for years and knitting bathmats. I`ve made like 10 of them…. the one with the best colors though was made from my HANES maternity underwear…. recycling and great colors. I can`t wait to see the book!!!!!!!

  • Look at the goodness! That rug is faboo.
    My scribble knit scarf is as tall as I am now, but I am going to soldier on until it’s 6 feet long and not an inch shorter. I may just keep going til I use up the slippity silver nylony yarn.
    After that, I am going to take one of the less crazy knitting ladies at my lys hostage until she adequately explains the warshrags and then, hoooboy, there will be knitting action.

  • Man I love those felted boxes. They are art.

    okay sorry. I have been coveting it awhile. It’s a long and boring story. Quite. Trust me.
    Anyhoo. I LOVE imagining the moments of knitting, reading and noticing the actions of the other re: the Baby Moderne. Falling off your chairs laughing at each others’ posts, even after months of working together, weeks of bad Buicks, days of yarn fondling and no time for knitting!
    It is so interesting to think about my reactions to your book. Okay, I’m going to get into that later. Not now. Later.

  • Hi, can y’all check that link to the Kiri shawl? I was very excited to look at it ’cause I’ve got a very good friend with that name…(Kiri. Not Shawl. Though I do not know her middle name offhand.)… and I thought it’d be nice to make it for her, mayhap. But the link doesn’t work…

  • thanks a ton for coming to omaha. we LOVED having you, and now i HAVE to knit linen. those hand towels were mahvelous! i hadn’t seen the kiri shawl or the first knit project, but i did see the scribble lace. i’m looking forward to doing a lot of the projects in the book (although i’m inspired by the diagonal log cabin, i can too so make that work!)

  • oh, and i thought you might want to know that i regularly contribue to A4A (just sent a box 2 weeks ago!)

  • Regarding ColorWorks by Deb Menz: I have the book and recently took her workshop (you get to PLAY with cutouts, paints, and gluesticks–I was in HEAVEN!), it’s a wonderful resource for learning about colors, how they work (and don’t work) together, and maybe for spotting which color in a grouping might be “just-a-touch-off” and how to remedy that.

  • hey all yall!It’s awesome that you guys put me and my mom up here that was such a fun day!!!I also had fun at the wedding afterwards also I will have to send you pictures of the belt I’m making after I finish making it
    well thanks for the fun