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  • Ann, Ann, Ann….your rendition of “Moonbeam” is divine. Really and truly. Better yet, it looks absolutely wonderful on Miss Kay. When I saw it in person I thought seriously about telling Kay it was the ugliest thing I ever saw so that I could convince her to give it to me. But, I couldn’t because it is too beautiful for words.

  • Well, there goes my reputation because I did not note any of these so-called flaws. I will visit Fluffa to learn about selvege edges–always eager for anything that might improve my sew-ups. The only thing I can do is mattress stitch, and if another stitch is called for, why, then, I just do mattress stitch. I’ve tried backstitch and find it too bulky. Mattress stitch has the elegance that comes from the fact that when you pull the string tight, it is in a straight line through all the stitches you laddered through.
    Now, on to my comment of the day about Lis. Lis has been really noble about Moonbeam. Lis really wants Moonbeam. But not only did she resist the tactic of telling me it’s ugly (which would have backfired), she didn’t pull out her ace in the hole, which would have been to tell me it makes me look fat. Which it does, but not in a bad way. Anyway, hot HOT pix are imminent. More pix of more stuff than anybody really wants to see.

  • Pics ? Bring them on !
    Warning :mind your bandwidth = my 1st lesson in blogging.Rescued by Becky.I make mine as small as I can ,kb wise,via adobe photoshop ,then set the image on screen size once it’s uploaded.That made sense to me ,but probably not to anyone else :0]
    Ann,what re you knitting in ASC ?

  • Hi Emma–I’m deep into Splash, the weirdo fringey nubbin-edged striped cardigan from the ASC book that Kay recognized because of its proximity to the famous Cherry Boobs sweater. I’m doing it in stashed navy and valour (the dusty plum that Kay used to make my Kelly sweater in our mini exchange. I’m hoping to return to Nashville to find Kelly on my doorstep. And if it’s not there, well, there’ll be heck to pay.) I feel all noble and frugal to be using actual stash yarn from my archives. And I like the fringe, even though Kay thinks it looks like a sea urchin or something.
    x0 Ann

  • Dear Lis, Moonbeam shared = Moonbeam doubled. Can’t wait to see your pix on curlsandpurlsNYC. And yes, I managed to wedge you into our links, despite the fact that I am marooned deep in the low country of South Carolina, with only the skinniest of bandwith.
    x0 Ann

  • Do you think any misguided fool made cherry boobs ?
    I lke splash – and it’s border of mini dreadlocks.
    i now have a mountain of ASC ,in Gay ,from the sales…what to knit ?

  • Emma–What to do with your Gay? Suggest you consult with Lis who has memorized the ASC patterns going back to the 20s of Rowan Mags. She really loves the stuff.
    Rowan should really post some patterns and let the Rowanettes do the naming! For example, the dreadlocks-bordered cardi would have done a lot better named ‘Rasta’ or ‘Marley’ or at the very least ‘Ziggy’. (And to me it does have a crustacean vibe going, so, ‘Barnacle’, perhaps? And Cherry Boobs will always and only be, Cherry Boobs.
    I’ve taken tons of pix but no luck uploading them. They seem to take up all the bytes available. I can’t even email them without them being ‘zipped’ it seems. What to do?? I’m studying the software that came with the camera. Should I run out and get a copy of Adobe Photoshop? Ann, help!!!! Vacation OVER!!!!

  • Kay–Love the name the sweater contest. Cherry Boobs might be Boobylicious if I had a vote, but . . .
    Anyway, the photo upload thing . . . took me a while to get right. When I upload, I check the box that says local archive path (I think), and I add the subfolder “images” in the blank. This puts whatever pix you upload into one folder, which makes it easier to manage. Once I figure out how to manage, of course. I’ll email you about images. And yes, I’m thinking I need Photoshop since the version I have is from 1998 and runs on diesel.
    Off to a big pig lunch at the inn down the beach.
    Bloatedly yours, A.