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  • I wouldn’t have even thought to look at Kramerbooks for anything related to the miracle of knitting. See, it’s probably difficult to smoke and knit at the same time, so they wouldn’t know.

  • You two look like you are having too much fun!

  • You two are making me realize how exhausting book tours can get. You should be commended for having such a great attitude day in and day out. I hope those copies are selling by the droves.

  • Ooooooo the evenings I spent browsing at Kramer Books looking for crafty books and settling for a piece of chocolate pie and coffee in the back! I love these posts! The whole family can’t wait to see what you are up to next!

  • As a committed Lurker, I can’t quite believe I’m commenting, but I had to thank you both for a delightful evening last night at Politics and Prose, or Politics and Pro’s, or Politics and Hos…. You put on a great show, and I actually came home and started on a dish rag, something I never saw the point of before.
    All of you who CAN get to a book signing by this pair, do. It will make your week/month/year/eon. Liz of Takoma Park

  • I’ll let you know what response I get from my email to Kramer Books!

  • Ohhhh, so it’s the old “stuck in an elevator” excuse!
    Tired yet? ;-D

  • Did you say ROLLER DERBY? I knew there was a reason I heart you both…I recently started practicing with a derby squad. It ROCKS. Plus, now I have somewhere to wear hand-knitted legwarmers without feeling like Molly Ringwald in the Breakfast Club. Or Ally Sheedy in Short Circuit.
    PS – just bought the book, and my non-knitting mother stole it from me and I think roller derby-style smackdowns will commence. She is demanding that I knit here everythign in the book, and refuses to learn to KNIT FOR HERSELF.

  • Oooh! You met Lolly! Cool!

  • What a blast – thanks for the fun night, ladies! Great to meet you both 😉

  • Look at that…it’s Lolly! Looks like you all had fun. I can’t believe you are still standing, however.

  • How not to look pale, or “TV and photo makeup for beginners” – actually, you guys look like you have a basic understanding of this stuff from your pictures, but just in case!…
    1. Check out the Bobbi Brown counter at Parisians/Nordstrom’s and have them match a yellow-toned foundation and powder to your skin color. Do not, under any circumstances, EVER wear pink-toned foundation for photo shoots, tv appearances or other professionally lit situations. The pink-toned foundation will make YOU pink, and your neck will be its normal tone, and you will be embarrassed (check out Jane Fonda’s latest book cover for an example of what not to do).
    2. You must always wear blush on tv or in photos. Always. This is a rule similar to “never stick a fork in a light socket.”
    3. If you want to look tan – no tanning! Bronzing powder. Even if you are pale. (Just get a lighter shade.)
    4. Adding some contrast through a middle-toned matte lipstick is a good idea. Nothing too light or too dark.
    Bobbi Brown stuff is classic, fairly foolproof and easy to apply. I highly recommend it. You can definitely do this – it’s easy with a very short lesson and some basic principles (like no pink foundation). Like I said, it looks like you’re already doing this right, but if you feel pale…
    Anyway, I thought I could jump in and help with that bit, but if you don’t actually need that advice, feel free to tell me to jump in the lake! 🙂

  • Kramer’s just started to have a very small craft section that crammed in a little doorway and is very Stoller heavy. Olsson’s, Kramer’s cross-circle rival, has a fine knitting book selection and is hence why they are superior. Can I say that it makes me happy to know that you both are wondering around in my city right now? I’m so looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at Stitch DC for my birthday!

  • Great book tour post. This is better than Kerouac, who probably didn’t read knitting books either. And who was accused by Truman Capote of being a typist, rather than a writer. So really, that isn’t much of a compliment.
    But I have never before had a craving for pork belly until now.

  • I had no idea you had such an eventful morning before the Politics and Pro’s… It was great to meet you both! (and even more fun to run into you just now – OK, 10 minutes ago – on the street!)

  • OH NO! Books a Million AND Politics and Prose are on my way home! Why o why couldn’t i have known about this yesterday?! I was knitting about two stories under you on the train ;(

  • Ok, when are you coming to southern CA?!!

  • um – wouldn’t that be Kim the meterologist – not Kelly – the meterologist?
    Wish I could make it to Knit Happens….

  • Wait, is that Lolly? Sorry I can’t come to Knit Nouveau next week…sounds as if I will miss a lot of fun. I am still reeling about the BAM in Dupont Circle. What has happened since I left DC?

  • Dear Kay and Ann,
    You two ROCK!
    I bought your book and read it cover to cover in one evening. I want to make so many of the projects in the book:
    — a log cabin — mine will be a deep red center square and various blues and creams for the logs;
    — a bathmat — got the yarn on e-Bay this week;
    — curtain for the window in the laundry room and the one above the kitchen sink;
    — those fab felted boxes;
    — and that darling potholder loop rug — oh my gosh sooooo cute — I want one for the screened in porch!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Kay and Ann? You ladies are fab! I love the book, and your blog makes my day.
    Further suggestion for road music? Cross-eyed and Painless by the Talking Heads. Actually, just about anything by the Talking Heads makes good road music.
    Come to the Los Angeles area soon? Puh-lease??

  • Kay and Ann, loving reading about your exploits; and really wanted to congratulate you on your fabulous book! You even inspired me to get some Euroflax linen to try it out! It will be the most expensive hand towel in my home! 🙂 Please come to Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg, VA. If that doesn’t tempt you, we have a Books A Million! 🙂

  • I’m sorry to report that I went into a Borders in Denver and they had only ordered one of your books (I was shocked and told them so) and they couldn’t find that one. I left my name and they did call me two days later when they found it. I love the book!

  • Great talk at Politics and Prose, ladies. It was very nice to meet you, however briefly, and I don’t think I’ll ever recover from meeting another Amy Lanea (though she spells it the Swedish way). I hope the tour is a blast.

  • Mmm, pork belly.
    I love how in the last picture you can see the sign for the “Early Readers” section. “Mason-Dixon Knitting: Bring one home for your first grader today.”

  • Hey y’all! The Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono is 2/3’s finished–much of that done in a bar on the UWS last night…
    I’d like to toss in some more make-up advice with Jen’s.
    Hie thee to a MAC counter. I did a semester on film/tv acting (I know..I know…) at Tisch and that’s what the make-up teacher told us to run go buy. Tell the counter girls what you need it for and they will hook you up!

  • Sounds like you two are having an absolute blast! May I suggest some Classic Queen, Def Leppard or the new Great Big Sea for the road? I know i just dated myself, but, I dare you not to sing along or tap your feet in time!

  • Pork belly is my favorite flavor of ice cream.

  • Just bought your book. I love the pictures and your sense of humor!

  • I missed your NYC appearance, but I have to tell you that since I picked up your book I have been obsessed – OBSESSED – with knitting a blanket. King Size. With miters. Thanks a lot.

  • I just received your book yesterday from amazon.com. I ignored the tv, phone and yes even my hubby so I could read it, and then there it was…page 92 and Ann talking about Grundy County TN and the Monteagle Assembly!
    I have kinfolk in Grundy County! They’re in Monteagle, Tracy City, Pelham, Coalmont, Altamont, etc. My kinfolk there are all crafty and creative souls, so I’m just betting they got the pleasure of meeting Ann in person. Okay now I’m jealous!
    I sure hope that your book tour brings you and Kay make it to the St Louis MO area.

  • hee hee hee, great travelogue. I see you will be in Overland Park, KS (not to be confused with KC – at least that’s what they all think). I’m going to try, try, try to trek across the prairie in May to see you. I’d better leave now.