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  • I would use whatever buttons fit through the holes, but I assume that question has already been solved. I vote #1.

  • I am all about button 1, though I do admire button 4’s saucy, rustic insouciance.

  • Wow! Truly amazing sweaters. My vote is for button #2.

  • I vote for Button #1. XXO

  • I vote for button 1 also…the motifs match the sweater.

  • I vote for button #1.

  • I truly hate to go with the majority on anything, except Presidential elections, but I think #1 is a clear winner.
    And about that dog-hair thing, isn’t there a story about the beautiful dog-hair sweater which was caught in a rainstorm, and smelled so atrocious that the manager of the storm in which the spinner/knitter took shelter actually asked her to LEAVE, since she was stinking up the place?
    I’d say that would be worth carefully considering.
    Of course, one could always make a sweater for someone one was less….um….enthusiastic about. Say a brother-in-law one was being guilted into knitting for?
    Just a thought.

  • For sure button #2 – the sweater is amazing! I’m just learning fair isle – so I’m in awe of this stuff.

  • Button #1–the center looks like the knitted pattern . ..

  • I have to chime in here as a crazy spinner type and request said dog hair! Carefully washed dog hair yarn knitted into a garment smells as much like dog as does a washed merino sweater. I’ve spun dog, cat, rabbit and just about anything else spinnable. I’d love to try Sheepdog.

  • #1

  • While I love Button #1, I have to cast my vote for Button #2. Fabulous sweaters!

  • I vote for button #1. The radiating center matches especially well with the motif at the waist. As far as dog hair smells – a thorough scouring is all that is needed. I would recommend blending with some wool before spinning.

  • Button #1 seems as if it would work the best. Button #2 is interesting, but its somewhat irregular nature might “fight” the orderly precision of this sweater. Button #3 might work, depending upon how it looks against the light tones in the sweater. Button #4 is a nice one, but doesn’t seem to add any zip to this particular sweater.

  • #1, my dear – it is beautiful and will match the fabuousness of the sweater!

  • Definitely Button #1. It’s dark so that it won’t compete with the sweater’s complexity, but has its own textural complexity when examined up close.

  • I would have to say button number 1 but just to throw a wrench in things it looks like it may be a little busy and might detract from the sweater. If that happens go with number 2.

  • button #1 is no doubt the most popular choice due to it’s perfection and symetry, but i prefer the off-beat, tipsy, wackiness of button #2…… anyhoo….the sweater is truly a masterpiece, and should be admired under glass….

  • Oh, number 2 for sure!

  • Button 1 is a nice button but Button 2 has so much more character. This exquisite sweater deserves exquisite buttons. My vote goes to Button 2.

  • I’m with Carolyn–off-beat, tipsy, and wacky.

  • I like number 2 best, it looks more like the design on the jacket.

  • I like 2. and I found Mary Neal reportage fascinating! thank you!

  • #1

  • I really like button 2 – at least on the screen. It has similar bluey tones as the sweater.
    Should the combination of sweater and button 2 not look so wonderful – button 1 is my second choice as I like it better than 3 or 4.
    : )
    I just may make a buttonhole bag this weekend. I loved the tribble allusion! : )

  • I love button #3, but alas, sadly it would not be right for that sweater. So, #1 it is.

  • I like them all – she couldn’t do a mix and match button showcase down the front ?? No ? Button 2 then. The colours are perfect ( at least on my monitor !)

  • I vote for #1 to suit the sweater, but surely button 3 (ivory colour) is the most beautiful button ever created?

  • I vote for button #2.

  • Button 2, very cool and ethnic looking.

  • Button #2!

  • I vote for Button #2 but I covet Button #3.
    I saw Mary Neal’s Freehand Fair Isle on the needles. Gobsmackingly beautiful. Gray upon gray upon blue-gray. xoox Kay

  • I vote #2! Beautiful work and design by the way!

  • Number 1. Number 2 is too rustic. Takes away from the gorgeous symmetry of the pattern.

  • I say button #2!

  • My vote goes to button 2 – is she really going to WEAR that sweater? It looks as if it ought to have hooks in it and hang on the wall, like the antique Georgian stuff.

  • This is a wonderful piece of knitting. I vote for No.2 button it is so beautifully aged. Deirdre

  • i can tell i’m in the minority (or maybe alone), but at least on the screen, I like #3. My second choice would be #1. I like #2 a lot but to me it doesn’t fit the sweater…

  • Button 2 is my favorite.

  • Wow. Such an outpouring! I love knitters.
    My dilemma was that I adore #3 with its X’s and O’s, just like the sweater. But it’s bone and, thus, too light. I’m going with #1 ($3 the dozen from Baer fabrics).
    And, because I am in fear of being sued by Lady Voldemort, I have to admit that the charts for the traditional Fair Isle designs came from her book. But they were only 4 colors, and I recolored to 7.
    Thank you again one and all.

  • I’d choose #1 but I don’t want to send you my finger to dip in the vat. I need it to knit with.
    Exfoliator!! whoo boy that made me laugh

  • i’m leaning towards button 2 but 1 is close behind.

  • i vote for button #2.

  • I love the sweater! It is gorgeous! And although I love both #’s 1 & 2, it needs red buttons. So yeah, go with #1.

  • I like button #1, with button #3 as a second choice. The sweater is beautiful!

  • I liked #1 best.
    Not to change the subject entirely, but is the Afghanalong ongoing? I had a lot of fun doing it, and would love to keep making squares.

  • Lydia–we’re at the sewing-up stage now, and some of our afghans are just now arriving in Afghanistan! But if you want to send squares, God bless, and we’ll sew them up. I am currently in need of cotton squares to finish up a 2/3 afghan that we sewed up in Nashville before running out.
    So go ahead and Cotton Facio if the mood strikes you! xoxo Kay

  • I vote for button 2… that sweater is a work of art o_o

  • Oh, please, sir–button #2! If SHE doesn’t want it, I DO! I think a traditional Fair Isle can always use something a bit off the expectation chart…

  • I love the old look of number 2 but number 1 is a close second. What a fantastic sweater.

  • Just one question – who shaves the Caucasians? Bawahahahhaa

  • “Causasian mountain wool”….are we talking like Johnson City? Is that why you see those Appalachia folks with the long beards? For some reason, this just cracks me up.
    I am here all week folks.
    Oh, and I vote for Button No. 1.

  • Aaa-ann! Make Mary Neal give me my glasses back!

  • I KNEW I left them SOMEWHERE.

  • Check it out. Those are definitely my glasses:

  • Number two…my personal fave but number 1 would be beautiful also…
    Gorgeous sweater no matter what button is used!

  • button DEUX, baby! And I love the sweaters Fair Isle, especially the Caucasian one.

  • Button #1

  • I vote for no. 1.

  • Hi Unc. Is that you?

  • MN, very pleased that you think Cristina and I might be Unc. (Cristina: Unc, who usually appears here under the pseudonym ‘Brother In Law’, is a comedy writer.) Unless you think Unc was voting on the button for your sweater, in which case, never mind.

  • I just have to congratulate Mary Neal on the FABULOUS sweater. Amazing stuff – I love that it’s in 7 shades of grey/beige/black (at least on my monitor).
    Also, thanks Kay for the gates reportage. I got totally lost on those paths when I was in New York. I’d never get out with gates everywhere! They look so beautiful – wish I was there.

  • My votes with #2. Although I love #1–I think the beauty of it will be lost with the fair isle.

  • I love and vote for button 1. I like the way it echoes the motif in the diamonds.

  • are you crazy? button #1 is the ONLY choice! 🙂

  • wow… so many comments. Button 2 (with a slight hesitation over button 1)

  • Button no.2.

  • None. I think the winner should be black – just a modest fastener, purely functional, with nothing going on design-wise, so as to not detract AT ALL from the fabulous knitting.