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  • I love how Kay had the same expression on her face the entire time. Glad you got to see each other again!

  • Too bad your taxi didn’t turn out to be Cash Cab. Perhaps churning out all the answers to trivia questions and winning big gobs of money would have made for a queasy-free ride!

  • Exciting!

  • Ha ha ha! I burst out with a laugh looking through this…talk about waxing and waning, but probably your knees hurt, huh? So fun. One question…where’s scene stealing house cat in that last pic?

  • Hurray for the crafty Classicists!

  • I have to laugh at your NYC cab/LGA comments. I have a sister who swears she is going to die in a NYC cab on the way to or from LaGuardia.

  • Try Ginger for the nausea. They have candied ginger pieces that are effective. (Don’t get the hard candy, they aren’t as effective.)There are also some pressure points on the wrist that can stop motion sickness and they sell bracelets to do the job.
    Come back soon!!

  • Tee hee, that’s funny. I have a tendency to crank Klimt needlepoint myself….

  • ok, so in the third picture is a chef’s hat falling off to much hilarity?!

  • Very glad you documented this surreal interlude.
    Susan was amazing! I don’t quite believe you were here. You two pulled up in a cab at noon, I hopped in, and 4 hours later I left you standing on 50-somethingth street……
    I maintain that I do look like a vintage photograph of a native American woman circa 1864. “I traded 6 pelts for this shawl.” Must be the Mathew Brady setting on your Hipstamatic.

  • I love seeing pictures of the two of you.

  • Kay did have to flaunt her shawl, didn’t she. I have the pattern, I have the cashmere. What I haven’t had is the time to knit the darned thing! I am coveting Kay’s already-completed shawl….
    Glad you two got together for the four-hour visit.

  • Yay for classicists with cattle. The pictures are awesome.
    When is Kay going to start knitting a blanket just like that table top? The wood-grain would be challenging, but not impossible!

  • So nice to see both of you together!

  • I want to have fun the way you have fun! Your trip sounds 200 times more fun than my walk the dog paint the house routine.

  • I have also found Classics professors to be most enjoyable company. Glad you agree!

  • We had the world’s worst cab ride from JFK to Manhattan a few years back. The driver was from Tibet and had a little statue of the Buddha and a portrait of the Dalia Lama on the dashboard plus a string of prayer flags. We needed them all. He inserted his vehicle into places between other cars that were not big enough for a motorcycle, let alone the minivan he was driving. #2 Son had met us at the airport and sat in the front seat on the way back into Manhattan. I felt sorry for him.

  • Glad y’all got together, but what I really want to know is what pattern is the scarf? Love it. would be good “faculty meeting” knitting. thanks.

  • I LOVE the pics, (pear tatin woes, and all). It IS a rare and precious thing to see you both in the same place.
    Thanks, so much!

  • Please share a review of Driving Miss Daisy on Broadway. What pattern are you using for the scarf? It’s so cute!

  • You too Ann? Once, in Provence, I had to consume FIVE dramamine before the car ride became bearable!

  • Great to see the Volt out in the wild! Looks fantastic!

  • Yes, do tell…what pattern are you using for the scarf? Love it!

  • I agree, great to see the two of you together, and still hoping to find a day to go see that play. Happy Holidays all.

  • Joyeux Noël, bon temps des fêtes, here’s to a wonderful New Year! xoxo (trying to stay ahead of the game up here…) 😉 à vous deux

  • Woo wee – I needed that good giggle! (yes, apparently I am 12 and laugh at all nausea jokes).

  • ann i was born elizabeth nj i have lived in
    florida for a very very long time
    you really brought back memories of the smell
    and the taxi rides and one time haveing to
    wait a truck break down in one of the tunnels
    but still christmas does not begin for me
    till the tree in the center is lit and the
    ball drops down on new years

  • My DH and I had the pleasure of seeing Driving Miss Daisy on the night after it opened in October. It was magnificent, and I still have magical memories of NYC. Thanks for bringing this to mind again.

  • I think my Mom and my Grandma made those scarves. I think I still have one in a hot pink variegated acrylic.