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  • I love reading these – I can’t wait for this week’s posts!

  • Oh how I wish I was still there. A virginia gal at heart now living in California…..God help me

  • Could it be you guys are having TOO MUCH FUN?! Isn’t this book stuff serious bizness?
    Off to hear how AWFUL I sound on the radio. Thanks for the link.

  • It was so much fun to meet y’all at Stitch DC! My mind has been awash with log-cabin-knited-rugs since Thursday. DH and I helped some friends move on Saturday, and as we were tying up some boxes, I looked at the rope label: “resists chemicals and mildew” and thought, “with some 17s and a bunch of this rope, I’ve got myself an outdoor rug. Hmmm…” And major kudos to Robby, Boy Entrepreneurial Knit Enabler Extraordinaire! Kay, the marathoning world wants you BACK.

  • Kay and Ann,
    Good news from San Antonio, Texas. While visiting my parents this weekend I made my weekly trip through the local Barnes and Noble. Guess who is on the front kiosk when you enter the beheamoth of a store? That’s right! Ms. Mason-Dixon Knitting! Can you believe it! I jumped for joy. And then considered telling those around me that I “knew” the authors. Um, no. I don’t. But I bug them on their blog all the time!
    This little conversation I had by myself out loud to a stack of your books did receive a cowboy hat and boots wearing stare. Or two.
    At least Texas has something going for it!
    (A proud Arizonan)

  • I’m am so glad you are letting us all tour along with you vicariously! It’s nearly as fun as having the book tour arrive in our own hometowns!

  • I so love these posts! It seems like so much fun with all the wonderful knitters everywhere. Do think about coming the west coast!

  • Will you PLEASE make brunswick stew for Kay? For real. The look on her face would be totally worth it.

  • My first warshrag is half done. I blame you’uns.
    See you in August when the book tour hits Atlanta. Sure am lovin’ the tales of the book tour.

  • Oh, Ann, what do grad students do who don’t have blogs OR iPods? I know this is due to my being, if not the world’s oldest grad student, close to it, but how am I suppose to view my favorite dishrag patterns???
    I am so thoroughly enjoying your book tour posts. So many gorgeous handknits. So much fun! Keep ’em coming (and don’t forget your waiting readers in California….).

  • And I see that I’m in two photos that don’t make me look completely hideous! Woo-hoo! 🙂

  • Ladies,
    Are we making our west? like Bellingham, WA in July?
    The book has been distributed as they say here in the UK. Can’t wait!

  • You’re killin’ me here. I have to ask the question, or make the observation, or something: All your attendees are especially well dressed. Is this just a DC thing, or did you trick them into thinking they were coming to meet Benicio del Toro or Val Kilmer, or what? (can you see what’s on my mind?) btw, it looks to me like your schedule is taking you far away from Maryland in May? Damn.

  • Since your stop at Stitch DC, my aunt, the official photographer of the event for Pink Monkey Knits, has learned to knit (although she hasn’t found it fun yet). Baby steps, she’ll be making rugs in no time.
    Thanks for being a part of my birthday celebration, I had a fun time meeting your both!

  • Wait. Squirrels? You’re not serious, are you? 😐

  • Hi, Ann! Running into Sarah on the street was such a DC experience – it’s the biggest small town I’ve ever lived in. And BTW – thank you, thank you for your picture tour of Hatch Show Print! I am their biggest fan, despite never having been there (was in Nashville, didn’t know they were closed on Monday- the only day I could get there). Finally, thanks for the wedding congrats. So far, so good. 🙂

  • Yikes! I look like I just watched that videotape featured in The Ring.
    I was great fun meeting Ann and Kay, but next time I’ll knit a bag to wear on my head if that’s OK.

  • You guys are having a blast, non? It sure sounds like fun! I’d love to creep around in the back room of a yarn shop.

  • Shhh. We are not supposed to tell anyone but there is talk of a KT Network. You may get your wish All KT All the Time. Cheese & Rice that is a scary idea. Meeting you two was a blast. I really wanted to cut the wrap in half and give you each a piece but that is just too downright Creepy Stalkerish.

  • Okay, some of us can’t have blogs because our husbands may revolt. I can sort of pretend to be listening while watching Braveheart or The Perfect Storm for the 9,000th time, but if I were typing and uploading it would be OBVIOUS that I wasn’t paying attention. Even with the posterboy for PHM as a husband, I’m not that good!!!!

  • Trained right, that Robby would make a fabulous Yarn Boy.

  • Dishrag photos on my Ipod? I am a grad student hence I can’t afford an I-pod or maybe I could afford it if I gave up knitting and the yarn. But then I wouldn’t have dish rag photos to put on it.
    I barely have enough time to blog being in grad school, however since I know I am moving I am trying to make it a habit to help me write my friends better.

  • Delightful, all the vicarious yarnniness. Your tour is as entertaining as any mitered square. Hoping that you’ll swing through New England someday.

  • “Repainting the living room,” that’s just hilarious. It sounds like you are having SO much fun!

  • Bought your book last Monday and devoured it. Since then I have:
    1. bought 4 balls Peaches and Cream
    2. become addicted to your blog
    3. become addicted to Yarn Harlot blog
    4. clicked link on Knitting Curmugeon site which led me to view highly disturbing video of Marshmallow bunnies engaged in lewd behavior.
    5. ordered two how-to blog books from Amazon (because one book couldn’t possibly overcome my complete technological ineptitude.)
    All of this means: I’m having too much fun, but not making a lot of progress on my sister’s birthday socks!

  • just when i thought i couldn’t love your blog any more, you tell us about all of the people and places you’re discovering on this jaunt of yours. jaunting. junketing. off to knit me a jonquette (Old French, denoting a rush basket, esp. one for fish or the fabrication of cream cheese) or two. xo! (p.s. am resisting ordering THE book, as i am afraid it will engulf all of my spare time)

  • Can I really be the first to ask it? Because I certainly can’t be the only one wondering it…what was the color (and brand of yarn and project that is involved with the yarn) of the soon to be living room colored yarn?

  • I just found you guys a little while ago and must say that I’m so happy that I did. You all are great! I can’t wait to get your book. I’m loving your blog version tour too…Thanks

  • I knew I loved Mr. Rogers, that just gives me even more reason…a Mama Rogers handknit. Seriously ‘awwwww’.

  • I cannot believe y’all have gone from Swarthmore/Haverford to D.C. to Alabammy, but I am so happy that you have.
    I reserved my seat in the ‘Ham tomorrow night.

  • Delurking to drool at bit. Knit Happens, Wendy, and cool shoes (and let’s not even discuss that back room – I might faint) – you girls just have all the fun.

  • I got your book in the mail last night and stayed up quite late reading. What caught my eye initially is the log cabin knitting, since I’m a big fan of log cabin quilts. I made a quilt for our bed and need to pull it all together for something log-like in the adjoining bathroom – so what about those shower curtains? I can see my WIPs growing by leaps and bounds, just as soon as I get my order in to elmore-pisgoh. Thanks for a great read and patterns I’ll actually knit.

  • Thank you for being kind and friendly to my non-knitting daughter in Alexandria, VA. I have been reading your blog for about a year (?) now, and really look forward to it. And thank you for introducing me to Frapper, too. We added it to our family blogs. Great things, blog.

  • Ann! Thanks for letting me work on your scarf! That yarn was like buttah, I didn’t want to return it to you!

  • Oh my! I made a log cabin square for a care blanket a few months ago in practically the exact same colorways as that log cabin rug. How bizarre to see it writ large.
    And now that I know the Smithsonian has one of Celia Cruz’s dress, I must make a trip down to DC.

  • How much fun are you having? So much, I am sure. Exausted too I bet. I have a yarn shop and am waiting for my order of your book and I can’t wait. I read your bog and just know the book is going to be the very BEST….Many of my customers have knitted your buttonhole bag and I have the pattern as a give a way since I think it is a great first felted project. I am a big fan—all the best. Edna Hart

  • Hi Ladies,
    Excellent tour coverage so far. Congratulations again! I just wanted to say that I listened to your Buzz Radio interview (I’m a Buzz Radio virgin). While listening I had three recurring thoughts:
    1) Ann and Kay have these crazy accents I just never imagined in my head when reading the blog
    2) Ann and Kay make Mark the interviewer sound really _really_ stupid
    3) Curling is really Canada’s sport .. why are they talking about Finland? 😉
    Mwah’s to you both,
    (in Toronto)

  • Okay, I have to ask, just how many knitting Stephanie’s are there? I grew up not knowing another Stephanie. Met a few in college (because sadly, we are OLDER than princess Stephanie), but I’m thrilled to see my name in lights, even if it isn’t me! Travel safely both of you, loving the stories.

  • OH. MY. GOD!!! I just turned on the LOCAL news, and y’all were on it!!! I could not be more excited. That was about the coolest thing I have ever seen. Wish I could make it out to Helena tonight- have fun!

  • I just had (a) my birthday and (b) my family’s vacation. As a result of the birthday I received THE BOOK! Wow! Love it! As a result of (b) I was in Washington DC all last week. I knit in public, but only at the airport, as knitting while touring and bicycling on the Mall was not possible! But knit I did, and I also read MDK on the flight from Seattle to DC. And back.
    And I will be trying a really weird adventure as a result of the the book…. knitting hay baling twine! It’s a cruddy orange color (will ask hay farmer to please bale in that pretty royal blue I occasionally see!), but I run a boarding and riding lesson stable, and through feeding lots of horses lots of hay, I have yards of it! It will be so cool to have a giant door mat in our tack room knitted from baling twine!
    Thanks for all the happy creativity you spread!

  • Can I ask the Denim Experts a Questions? Can I do it here? I want to do an EZ Baby Suprise, for a 6-12Mo baby, in Den-M-Knit. Striping two different colors. Will it shrink funny or since its done in garter, and a lot like the mitered squares, it will all work in the end?

  • I just say your book, and oh my gosh, I just love it. I burst in to tears right there in Barnes & Noble. I am in awe in a thousand different ways.

  • am listening to the radio piece right now.
    i will never say ‘buzz’ again.
    (or ‘electronic water cooler,’ for that matter…)
    kay and ann, your voices sound *exactly* the opposite of what i imagined… isn’t that weird? i imagined more throatiness, more martha-and-the-vandellas, more southern for ann…
    ann and kay on the evening news! love it!

  • Ann and Kay, it was great to meet you. My wife, Mira, was quite happy to get the book you guys autographed at Stitch DC, as well as to know you took a picture of me while there. I know the picture didn’t make it on this blog, but both of us still got a few smiles out of it. I enjoyed your pre-signing talk, too. Fantastic stuff, even to a non-knitter.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Just bought your book this morning and really enjoyed the first few pages. I’m looking forward to sitting down and enjoying the rest of it! The washcloth pattern is just what I’ve been looking for!

  • Hey guys! I don’t guess you’re including Florida in your whirlwind book tour, are you? Is there a tour schedule posted somewhere obvious that I’m not seeing?

  • Hi Ann and Kay!
    I was at the Stitch DC book signing and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it! My husband works in a restaurant on 8th street and noted how many “happy women” he saw walking down the street with your book in hand after the event was done!
    Anyway, I just got some rag balls on ebay and I’m so excited about casting on my first knitted rug!
    Thanks tons for the great ideas!

  • I had never read your blog before, but I was cruising around Borders this weekend and found your book. Genius! You two are really clever. I’ll be back here for sure! Thanks for such a great book 🙂