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  • I tapped on “jingles”, and watched the video with the guys singing, initially had no idea what they were singing about (later realized it was Martha White flour, I think). After that, however, there’s a bunch of videos, mostly about knitting, that are so much fun to watch. They keep changing, so there is a lot of material to enjoy. A special shout out to Kay– loved your video about knitting and sewing tools that you always carry with you!

    One question: why is the pic of the Sunbeam fryer there? I thought it might be a video of frying some delicacy, but nothing happens when I tap on it.

    • Deep Fry – Deep Dive – pun?

      • Oh!

  • Wow. You have just brought back so many memories! I remember this jingle from the many Saturday nights I was forced to listen to the Grand Ole Opry while riding in the car to & from a relative’s home so the adults could play cards (usually Rook) & I got to play with my cousins. Wonderful times! Thanks again ladies!

  • Thanks for sharing “lady”! Especially love the instructions to “cook ’em in deep fat, like this” though really, this ad is pretty awesome start to finish.

  • You’re killing me here….the way the announcer says ‘lady,’ is particularly wonderful. Thanks for some fun memories.

    • That’s what stood out to me, too.

  • Clog an artery!

    Though I love their vision of a housewife lounging on a chaise. Some fantasies never change.

  • Now I want a corn dog….. But I really see the possibility for some pre-Pinterest Pinterest fail here–cornmeal crust falling off in the hot fat,etc. Plus, I love the fact that what makes this “easy” is because by using the self-rising corn meal, you don’t have to stir any baking powder into the mixture. Because, y’know, the part about the crust falling off or hot fat splattering all over the kitchen is no big deal!

    But no corn dogs for me – I have to go close up the armpits (Kitchener? 3 needle bind off?) on my finally finished Stopover!

    • I was unsure until the very moment, (on Wednesday of this week) but ended up going with the 3-needle bind off and am very happy with the results!

  • I grew up with that song in my head.

  • Got the video this time — wonderful! It made me wonder, though. Ann, do you have a copy of ” Easy Living”?

  • The lady was a bit stingy coating the “wiener” with Martha’s Special Batter:)

  • I was cranky until I saw this. Fantastic, thanks!

  • What this brings back to me is Flatt & Scruggs on the Beverly Hillbillies, when they brought their wives for a visit.

  • I’m 90% sure this guy must be Kevin Spacey’s grandfather.

  • GOODness gracious, that was amazing, lady!

  • No one wears their cowboy hat that jauntily these days, do they?
    (That was awesome, by the way; I love how relaxed everyone is in a commercial that lasts a minute and a half!)

  • Ladies!

    Those guys were plumb proud to be singin that jingle, weren’t they? NOT

  • Hey lady – that’s right up there with “It’s Shake & Bake and I hepped”

  • I have nothing to add here, but this level of glory cannot be uncommented upon.
    Thank you for brightening this day with that.

  • Thanks for sharing the video, that was fun! Wow, there was no zip code in the mailing address so this must have been before those were being used.

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  • Goodness gracious that was good to see.