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  • Hope you’re feeling better. A friend had a wicked case of the flu the past two weeks & his doctor said that because it has shown up so early, he thinks it’s going to be a bad season.
    I found Rosehip tea very good for throat aliments. Nice & soothing.

  • Black tea with honey should help a lot – the tannins in the tea help shrink swollen tissues in the throat while the honey soothes and the warmth increases circulation and aids healing. Plus, it just plain tastes yummy 😀

  • Good Will Hunting is on just about every other minute, isn’t it?? I second the tea with honey suggestion, by the way–but I’d also add lemon and brandy (equal amounts of each). Surprisingly helpful! Feel better. I’m guessing the illness will go away faster than the television poisoning will!

  • I was sick and watched America’s Top Model too! My favorite episode is when they think they have flesh eating bacteria, but if I remember right it is just acne. Did you see the one where Tyra flips out on a girl?
    This cold is everywhere, and all the news in Minnesota can talk about is how we are so unprepared for an Avian flu outbreak and how many people will die and have to be stored in hockey rinks.
    My get-well trick is hot milk and honey (learned from Russians that also add butter and baking soda). Hope you feel better and got in some knitting time!

  • What is *with* these tea-related suggestions!??!?!
    Anne, my dear: Drink margaritas! They might not cure your cold, but they’ll sure make you quit caring about the symptoms!
    Trust me — don’t I have your best interests at heart?

  • Those bamboo needles from target are not actually as horrible as they seem if you take a bit of very fine sand paper to them and then wax/oil them in your prefered manner. The colours will come off on the paper, but not on your knitting as I first worried.