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  • Congratulations on your great coolility. Cool….
    Kid Silk Haze… Looks nice, feels nice, but I went batty knitting with it. And had a wee accident involving dropping stitches and then not really knowing what was where in the picking-back-up stage. Put it in a nice glass bowl on your table and knit with the other!

  • You are so much cooler than me. There’s no way I could ignore the fact that I was talking to BD Wong. My roommate and I yell out “BD”! every time he’s on Law & Order. Which is, as you know, a lot. I am jealous…

  • You are TOO COOL for SCHOOL!
    I tried to knit with that kid silk haze, i.e. hairy dental floss, and almost strangled someone with it – or at least I would’ve if hadn’t broken when I tried to stretch it.
    Euroflax. All the way. I recently saw a shawl knit with it and it was very nice.

  • I might’ve picked the KSH if you were knitting it for yourself, but in the interest of sanity and deadline, go for swingy! I’m inclined to say that BDW beats my latest NYC encounter, which you may recall was Murray Wiggle ~

  • Really, Kay, is there enough sanity left in you to spare for Kid Silk Haze? Please go with the Euroflax.
    BD! BD! And he didn’t say, “Hey, I WORK with S (or would that be Epatha?).” You New Yawkers are just too cool.

  • My vote for Euroflax linen is partially influenced by my curiousity to see a shawl knit with this fiber.. I have been dreaming of knitting this shawl myself with the KSH.

  • Euroflax. Don’t be a hero.

  • Kidsilk haze is so beautiful and so difficult that it should be reserved only for yourself and the closest and most appreciative of friends. The Euroflax, on the other hand, will still produce a beautiful shawl, but you will not feel as if you are tearing your first-born child from your breast. Dramatic? Perhaps. But true. I would personally love to receive the Euroflax, it will make a lovely exchange.

  • BD Wong takes the subway? That’s so cool!

  • Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    Believe me, you don’t need sewing lessons to make those dolls. I don’t even have a pattern. It’s all very primitive and the fun is in embellishing and making up the stories!

  • I gotta get out more: I had to click the link to see who BD Wong is. (Heck, I remember clicking Maggi’s link to see who Murray Wiggle was!)
    I personally dig the idea of using something other than KSH for the shawl, and can’t wait to see its drapey wonder when you’re done!

  • omigod!!!! BD WONG! I love BD Wong. He’s the only reason I can think of that I keep watching those damn [email protected] reruns. Plus, he was (the voice of) Captian Li Shang (sp?) in Mulan. For some reason Donny Osmond did the singing, and BD the voice. J spent her 4th year pretending to be him–not Mulan–even for Halloween. Anyway, you are too cool, because I would have been compelled to ask him what BD is short for.
    Shawl? I like the Cotton Classic, actually, although something thinner and shinier would be nice too. And guess what? I just finished a complicated baby blanket with many yarn combos in it, and my absolute favorite was a strand of Cotton Classic and KSH knit together. Brought out the best of both, for sure. Shiny, hazy, you get the picture. I think it would be easier to knit than straight KSH.

  • I would also be interested in seeing how the linen would knit up in a shawl, my little guinea pig ;D Will it have any elasticity for blocking? I am sure the drape would be lovely. *clapping hands*, I can’t wait!

  • I personally like the cotton, too. I used Elann Sonata for my kiri and it has a neat sort of crocheted-grandmaish feel to it. I wouldn’t use the kidsilk haze. Ugh.

  • Hello there, Kay. It’s me, your inner voice. You know, the deep and resonant one that sounds kind of like Bea Arthur only less naggy. A little Maya Angelou in there, maybe. Lauren Bacall–that’s it. This is your inner voice that sounds like Lauren Bacall.
    Sure, Kay, you’re getting a lot of support about the notion of using Euroflax for this shawl. “Great idea!” “How cool and swingy!” Sure, but do they know the sordid truth about you and Euroflax? Do they know that you have knitted 4,312 miles of Euroflax in the past two years? Do they know that you buy Euroflax by the pallet?
    Your Conscience thinks that Kidsilk Haze is no worse than any other yarn. It’s just . . . hazy. Temperamental, maybe, but no worse than some linen yarn that splits all the time. (This is the echoey voice part.) Braaaaaanch ooooooooout. Tryyyyyyy it. You will not regreeeeeeeeeet it.

  • I’d do it in the linen first, then make another in the Kidsilk Haze once you have the pattern permanantly etched into your brain. So says she who knitted Kiri in fuzzy laceweight first, then moved up to sock yarn that is sooooo much easier this time around.

  • BD — dreamy. Does he realize how popular he is with women who wield sharp pointy sticks? Would he consider that a good thing? Let’s keep the fantasy alive and hope so. BD, if you’re googling yourself, let us know.
    Kay, go for the KSH. Keep in mind that it hides little tweaks much better than the linen will, although, knowing you, you probably could not suffer a tweak, could you?

  • I always thought my bd wong attraction was a strange thing to be hidden from even those closest to me. Thanks to all of you for letting me be me.
    Kay, is he really as hot in person?

  • It’s summer. You’re working to a deadline. You’re knitting for someone whose tastes & sensitivities you don’t know. KidsilkHaze is gorgeous, but it’s also fiddly, sticky, and may well get up some people’s noses, in a nasty, itchy, sneezy kind of way (mohair does that to me :-(). Everything points to doing this one in the linen. I’m sure it will look gorgeous, and it will be a great all-seasons wrap.

  • Hi Kay!! I just started my Kiri in Knitpicks “Shine” – a sportweight cotton/modal blend and I’m LOVING it!! It is very drapey but much like your linen, no memory so no dramatic *reveal* at blocking time like you get with KSH.
    Of course I’ve already knit TWO Birches in KSH, both gifts, including one in ~~BLACK~~ so I’ve already got my chops 🙂 I think you should knit Kiri in the linen which will be stunning and knit Birch for yourself in KSH in the fall/winter when you can actually tolerate touching hairy dental floss without melting! I don’t have pics of my Kiri yet cause I’m having some puter issues right now but you can see my *Wicked* Birch on my blog.
    Good on you for not blubbering all over BD as I would have…you are the coolest chick, Kay!!

  • You got BD Wong?!?! I’m jealous! I just had that nutty guy with his guitar and harmonica singing his political rant AGAIN on the 6 train.
    I voted for KSH–it’s character building.

  • Kay – I have to add – you are so COOL! KSH! Annhb

  • Hi, Kay,
    Make it Euroflax. I’m currently struggling with my own Kiri in KSH. Here’s a new survey for ya: how many times is it possible to knit rows 23-32 before a person gets it right? Hmmm? I wouldn’t know. I’m still working on it. It’s like living in a knitter’s version of Groundhog Day. All those little, practically invisible threads. And yet, that yarn is so gorgeous.
    Well, courage. I’ll be following your progress.

  • It would seem that not only do I also need to get out more, but I should go buy a tv whilst I’m out there. Who the heck is BD Wong? Who cares – he talked to our Kay, which makes him cool enough for me. As for the yarn debate, I feel one hasn’t lived until one has knitted with KSH. Unfortunately, one mightn’t survive the experience (maybe all the silk worms are trying to exact their revenge, as are the poor cold little kids), so keep alive and swing with linen!

  • Hi Kay,
    Wow, I am thinking of the five degrees of separation or was it six. BD he is soooo cool.
    On the knitting, beware KSH can prove to be addictive. Almost in a denim sort of way. I ‘love’ knitting in KSH but I don’t like wearing it.
    Whatever you decide on have fun.

  • Linen! Linen! (see, I refrained from saying ‘denim’)(is there any indigo dyed linen out there?). BD. Cool. 9 years in London, only celebs I’ve ever clocked are Jeffrey Archer (celeb?, hmm.), Gloria Hunniford (again, hmm.), but, one day, walking down Oxford St. – Jarvis Cocker! Oh joy. The day I bump into Mr. Bowie I will faint. Ignore Your Conscience. It’s too warm for furry stuff, the recipient might be allergic to it, as far as I know no-one is allergic to linen. (waits for howls of ‘I am’ from around the world….)

  • I think I second Kathy–try it in the linen first for the exchange and then a second time for yourself in the KSH. But I’m a novice, so I say this only because it sounds logical and not because I have any real knowledge about it 🙂
    And Google to the rescue, Susan… B.D. stands for Bradley Darryl. Now we all know, and can impress our friends should the question come up while playing Trivial Pursuit, or something!

  • I LOVE BD Wong. You know what he said about his role in Mulan? He was proud to be the very first character EVER in a Disney film to have nipples. !

  • P.S.: I walked right by Vince Vaughn yesterday on Michigan Ave in Chicago. Looks just like himself!
    P.P.S. Bowie and Iman live on Lafayette St. in NYC. Go hang out. See the Eugenic Baby!

  • I’m confused ! There’s another Emma…
    I just want to say a] I’ve no idea who BD Wong is and b] knit what your heart tells you to.You’re the one who has to labour for hours to finish this project,driven by guilt over your late start !

  • Well I’ve just started my own Kiri in KSH, so that’s what I voted for. I’ve finished the first chart (not that much I know) and found the KSH not to be THAT hard to deal with.

  • I will not poll, because it’s a bludgeon since you’re sworn to obey (like Ella Enchanted) Might I rather, per-su-ADE you to try out the KSH? I knit Birch. Lots of people knit Birch. And survived! It’s a pan-seasonal and lovely yarn whose diva reputation is much over-wrought IMHO, and you are, after all, the queen of Denim: a tiny yarn not for the faint of guage. C’mon Kay: you can DO IT!

  • Mary Neal – thanks for the tip! x x

  • I voted for the linen for the purely selfish reason, like others, of wanting to see how it would turn out. I’ve been intrigued lately by the idea of a linen shawl.
    I followed Ann’s lead and have been working (FOREVER) on Kiri in Blue Heron cotton. I really love it, so far, and it serves dual purpose of preparing me for a KSH version afterwards. I’m so glad I started the cotton version first! I not only understand the pattern, but understand my own vulnerabilities with it. But then I’m a novice knitter. Something tells me Kay can handle KSH.

  • Kid Silk Haze – not really as bad as all that. Easy, actually, when you are willing to admit that a) you LOVE it and will not rest in peace until you have something made of it and b) you MUST KNIT LOOSELY.
    Seriously, I’m going to be a little bit disappointed if you wimp out. You say you already understand the pattern after, what, a seven-stitch swatch? You know you want it. just remember loosen up, loosen up, LOOSEN UP!

  • After my Elfin escapade, I’m not one to wholeheartedly approve of KSH, but if you must…
    I’m so impressed you didn’t tell B.D. who he is. I mean, really, do you think he knows? Why do we feel it necessary to do this to famous people? I *would* have had to ask him if he and S. Epatha have a secret LAO handshake (and btw, what DID you think of the play?). Those Dick Wolf initiates surely have some sort of club or at the very least a t-shirt. I wonder how many drinking games/quirky viewing behavior the LAO franchise has inspired. Probably scads.

  • YOU TALKED TO BD WONG!?!!!! Oh I am so jealous.

  • oh, how i love ol’ BD… thanks so much for linking to his site!!!
    also the shawl is looking great! KSH is a pain in the ass but looks so beautiful…