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  • Happy Easter from the other side of the pond; and thank-you for the great pleasure your blog has given me.

  • What a beautiful Easter gift! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  • it’s so comforting to know that there is some plan of action for dealing with a crisis like this; i know from experience that the things you don’t know are the scariest. much love to this girl and her family, and thank you for the update.

  • Ann, I remember your post about this girl very well. It was so worrying. Thank you for the good news.

  • I do remember you posting about this letter girl. I am so glad they have found a diagnosis. You said they are stopping the blog and trying to return to normal life. Does this mean that they also have a cure for this rare illness?

  • Man, what great news: Another Easter miracle. I do hope, as Kristy asks, that now that they’ve got a diagnosis there’s also a protocol for treatment….yes?

  • Another person chiming in wishing the best for that little girl and her family. It’s terrifying waiting for a diagnosis like that. I am so glad the family has pulled together and that they seem to be getting a lot of support from friends and loved ones.

  • Thanks for the update. He is a great God! And a knitter, too (Psalm 139)!

  • So deeply glad! Have fun with the Southern edition of the tour!
    xo, c.

  • Ann
    Keep that wonderful miraculous news coming! I am so happy for this family. Good news is so uplifting.

  • I’m so happy to hear this and amazed. 100 cases.