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  • OK, I will confess that even though I knew that the blog was busted and people COULDN’T comment, I was still blue that there were no comments.
    I’m just saying,
    xox Needy and comment-dependent in NYC
    P.S. I heart Becky. Without Becky, we ARE dust.

  • I’ve nothing to say, but Kay sounds so bereft I had to post SOMEthing!
    I had a great moment this morning: When I realized that the sleeve which I had knitted first for the little baby sweater I’m making for my nephew has a half-dropped stitch (it’s cotton, and while not “splitty,” it is certainly “splittable” down towards the cuff. I’ve done the other sleeve, all the other parts, adn it’s time to start assembling.
    Yeah, I know all I have to do is drop a stitch all the way down, but still! It was that glorious moment when you realize you’re ready to sew it together!!! Followed immediately by the realization that you have this boring fix to do.
    Ok, it’s completely off-topic, but all I can come up with to give Kay something to take her mind off her troubles!

  • I think I was caught in the comment black hole yesterday but… Dude? Can I just say how freakin’ flattered I was to see my humble little Kepler on that list of sweaters, in there with Sand Dollar and the Poetry cardy and Kim Hargreaves and all. My lordy. What a compliment, and out there for all to see. My personal knit designing high point so far, perhaps.

  • So guess what. . . .Today I went to Border’s to find an appropriate knitting related book for a friend’s birthday and right there on the top shelf of the “Needlecraft” section was Knit Lit the Third. I, of course, bought it. They only had one copy that I could find so I bought it for myself and the lovely Annie Modesitt’s Confessions book for my friends birthday.
    Now just one question: If I mail this book to you in Nashville, would you mail it back autographed?

  • o, so that’s what’s been going on. i admit to feeling left out, when my pattern didn’t appear in the running….sniff. libby

  • Now see – you think it was a squirrel – or bad software….but REALLY….it was a release of PSYCHIC SHOCK at any group that actually reaches a CONSENSUS – because when we get a whiff of how great it feels to be in consensus – WORLD PEACE will be just around the corner….or should I say at the end of our next row….when we actually knit the project we could set off shock waves of untold proportions….we ROCK.

  • Go Becky Go!

  • Yay Schnapps! Yay Heffeweisen!
    [Returns to clanging away.]

  • Ah hah ! There I was,thinking nobody loved me anymore…
    Maybe if I offer hand knitted socks I can tempt Becky over to the engine room of my ship.

  • On a totally unrelated, but thoroughly exciting note, I went to look at my Amazon.com wishlist today and voila! You have a cover! Three cheers for “Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitter’s Guide!”