Details, Details . . .

By Ann Shayne
May 15, 2018

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  • The edging on Dohne is simply elegant, and deceptively simple to do. Brilliant. Details like these make all the difference in a finished piece. I love the MDK bracket, thanks for this beautifully curated selection of patterns and designers. Let’s see, 64 patterns, 52 weeks in a year…

    • Sooo agree on the elegant edging, simply blown away with how beautiful mine looks!

  • Ann, the Prado de Lana yarn that you describe, Wee Bairns, is a worsted weight but I think that the pattern for the Dohne show all calls for a DK weight yarn. Did you have to adjust the amount of yarn that you used and needle size, if so was it hard to manage? Also, do you have that yarn in the shop?

    • Yes, Wee Bairns is worsted weight, so I went up to a size 9 needle rather than the size 7 specified in the pattern. It was great fun to make–the cast on is at one point of the triangle, so it just gets bigger and bigger, which is satisfying. I still haven’t blocked my Dohne, but the gauge I see is 15 sts=4″, rather than the 17 sts specified in the pattern. I had five skeins of Wee Bairns and used just about all of it. As for having Prado de Lana in the Shop? I WISH! They sell only directly via their website and at fiber festivals. My dream is that they grow their flock enough that we can carry it someday.

  • I came for the Humulus cast-on and True Colors color party, and I stayed for the 2-stitch i-cord edging. I was wanting to make it (without having read the pattern), and now I’m DYING to make it. #mustmakeDohne

  • Thank you Thank you for the German short row tutorial! As luck would have it, I’ve been mulling over how to do short rows in moss stitch; this I will try pronto! Love MDK for all the wisdom and guidance.

  • I am working on a sleeveless top,, and I’ve use two of these techniques that were new to me- the German short rows and the I cord edging. They have both turned out very, very well!

    • I’m not sure why a picture of a flower came up with that link, and I can’t figure out how to edit. But that’s not correct. Obviously! The pattern is Iris, by Ririko

  • I may have to make True Colors just for that stitch! And German short rows were such a revelation – I learned them when I made Wanderling, also by Isabell. Previously, short rows made me nervous and generally unhappy, but the German ones are so perfect! I’ve even figured out (thanks to googling) how to replace other types of short rows with German one. (And Happy Anniversary!)

  • I,m halfway through the Fair Isle on Humulus and yes. love the german short rows, don’t think i will do them a different way. Don’t have my bll band with me but using a Plymouth worsted in navy blue with a bright green for the Fair Isle and I love it! Will have to join Instagram i guess but yikes that means one more password to forget!

  • Wow you are a prolific knitter with many projects going at the same time! I have to be a monogamous knitter or nothing ever gets finished. But I’m having a grand time with my Shakerag Top!

  • I’m knitting a Dohne with Prado de Lana’s Lavender, a CVM/Romeldale oatmeal-colored DK, and it’s been a wonderful experience. I love the slipstitch edge. At first I wasn’t so sure about it, but I am a convert! All of Prado de Lana’s yarn is delightful.

  • You said to click on the link to see knitterly trip to Scotland in the fall, but the only link was for the short row video. where is the other link? Thank you, catherine

    • Hi Catherine!

      The link for Amy Detjen was what I was referring to– Enjoy!

  • True Colors is truly beautiful, so much so that I am recommending the stitch pattern for my daughter’s next blanket. Thank you for pointing me in that direction.

    German Short Rows are AWESOME! EASY and discrete. What more could a knitter want?

    I-Cord edging is a personal love of mine. Another technique that is easy and discrete.

    Enjoy your posts enormously!