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  • oh goodness I can’t wait for the reveal!!!

  • Looking perfect even not done v

  • Great googly moogly! Will you wear that sweater everyday during the winter? It’s beautiful but I’m afraid I would need to send it away for a while after working on it for so long.

  • Not yet done – still more fun!

    And I listened to the sample of you reading on Amazon–excellent! And I loved that image of you surrounded by the knits. So cozy.

  • The Rowan style photo shoot?

  • For the sake of that sweater, I’m wishing you a cold, long winter.

  • I love steeks! I confess to only having done one, but I must say, I trusted in the process and the generations of Scandinavians who have steeked before me and just cut. And wow! It works and is truly a sight of bits of yarn to behold!
    Your sweater is loverly. I await the modeling.

  • I love your sweater and can’t wait to see it in its finished form.
    Hey, I have a suggestion for your “totally useless yet hard-won stuff”. I take all of my tails and shove them into an overflowing tin in my work room. I use them to stuff the occasional knitted toy. I made an Adipose doll (Dr. Who)last week for my high school daughter to inspire her as she learns about adipose tissue in her biology class. You could knit up a Kiki Mariko Christmas ornament and enjoy that much loved steek-stuff year after year.
    Adipose pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/adipose—unavailable (a link to the pattern can be found in the “comments”)

  • You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.
    Beautiful progress on a beautiful sweater! I know I could never do it (well, if my life literally depended on it…..), all the more to admire your work.
    I, too, liked to see you surrounded by all of those familiar projects. It gave a cozy feeling to in some way be a part of this blog’s history.