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  • It’s the lanolin makes the bad smell, Kay. If you suck that wool, you get your ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and you moisturize your tongue.
    Elio’s up from his nap–‘scuse me while I kiss this guy (Cf. Purple Haze the song, not the cheese).
    xo, c.

  • I’ve got four hanks of Knitpicks dye your own sock yarn that I’ve been wanting to Kool-Aid dye. Maybe you and Carrie (and Joseph) should wing your way over to NJ for a dye-fest! I’ll provide the munchkins. 😉

  • You can try soaking it in a little warm water with some Pantene shampoo w/comditioner it takes out the smell, just make sure not to stir it it will felt. once it is cool dump out the water and put in more warm water and let it soak until cool again and then drain and hang dry and it soulh smell alot better.

  • Kay,
    You will be glad to know that John Prine (writer and singer of Sam Stone, Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore, et al)has a lovely wife who knits. I will see the non-knitting half of the couple play at the world-famous Ryman Auditorium tonight!
    Cristina has fabulous taste in music–she needs to visit Music City and see some of those artists.
    One who keeps track of such things,
    PS Congrats on your Yankees clinching the AL East this afternoon.

  • ooohhh…..what are your plans for the tangerine pasta?

  • LOVE IT!!!
    That orange colour just makes me think of a curly-haired friend of yours!

  • I will gladly take that smelly orange stuff off your hands.
    But if you decide to keep it, just use a little Suave Coconut creme rinse on it and it will smell superfantastic.

  • Your life is just one big adventure, isn’t it?
    Oddly enough, there’s a chain of grocery stores called Hy-Vee. Maybe you knew that. And they’re hotter than . . . something.

  • The coloring is cool, but I’m having a ball looking at the expressions of your cute little model/assistant. PRICELESS! 🙂

  • I still have grape scented socks from kool-aid dye. Letting it hang outside (loosely tied) in the wind while you squirt febreeze at it is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of stinky wool smell, and might work on the kool-aid, too.

  • definately yes!….i also need most capable chef-boy joseph in my kitchen,….does he do dishes?

  • Dyeing yarn is our favorite snow day project, it is the best for the mad young scientist contingent!
    We also use paste food colorings (Wilton, etc.) to great effect. We also love over-dyeing yarn. You get really luminous colors by taking yarn, say red, and overdyeing it with red food coloring paste. If you do it right, it glows! We do use vinegar but mild baby soap makes the vinegar smell goes away.
    Carrie is clearly a budding fiber lover!

  • I love the yarn and the very capable and lovely assistance on the verge of her own fiber obsession, but I’m really beside myself at the thought of all those awesome CDs you were wailin’ to. I personally think that Iris Dement CD is among the top ten in my life EVER. I saw her perform in a little club in Birmingham and she is as cute in person as she sounds on CD. The recording of her mama, though? Gets on my nerves. Sweet the first time, but now I skip it. The song right before that one where she talks about her mama’s op-er-y? Is my favorite one of the whole CD. John Prine in the liner notes says he almost dropped his pork chop when he heard it the first time. Shows you what good taste you do have indeed.
    P.S. I used to drink so much Lime Kool Aid as a kid that I worried I had some sort of disease when it came out the other end the exact same color. TMI, I know, but still. That dye’s powerful stuff.

  • When I have dyed wool with KoolAid, I mix vinegar in with the KoolAid. I also twist the yarn up in the hank and then you get interesting variations in the color. 🙂
    I like the color you got in the end. I do think KoolAid makes my lovely shades, if limited in color pallete. 🙂

  • Wow, wool spaghetti and matzo balls. My mom, not Jewish by any remote connection, can make good matzo ball soup. Maybe the soupiness disguises any faults in the actual balls. I wish my kitchen helpers were as diligent!

  • What’s all this about hardware store wool? You can get wool at the hardware store where you come from? Hmmm, must be some store….

  • If you put a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar in the water the color is more instense, red and prurple are the most intense, orange is pretty good but the blues and greens do take more concentration… No vinegar = lighter colors.

  • Word. I am THRILLED to hear that you love the muzak. Great stuff to lull and stimulate the heart!