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  • Ah the triumph of the weaving in the ends! I so totally agree. And it does make the front look better – even if I’m dealing with short rows and not intarsia it’s still a helluva lot of ends.
    Oh and I don’t know from Kaffe, I only know from Kayye.

  • This is why I come by day after day. Knitting hygiene (sewing in ends), personal hygiene (nasal irrigation with coffee)–it’s all here, it’s all good.

  • okay a baby wrapped in a clapotis is about the most adorable thing i think i’ve ever seen. now i must make baby clapotii!!!!!

  • Swaddled babies ! Cluck,cluck,cluck.
    Love the glasses ! Love the sewn in ends.

  • Ahhh, sewn in ends. I am Zenned out. I can’t tell if the Sqeaker is cute or not, I can barely see her, but good photo of you Kay. And Zoe – ahh, inscrutable in the face of a camera, like so many ancestors! Confucious (spelling?) say ‘Happy baby pull faces at camera’. OK, I’m rambling, it’s late and I’m on my second Scotch…

  • wow, I just came by to read a little knitting, had no idea I’d get a dose of babie cuteness, scandalous intaria photos and wild and crazy weaving of ends. I scored!

  • I found that sewing in ends is a good project when you get tired of following a complicated pattern (and I always have ends to sew in). Hard to say which baby is cuter!

  • gosh not 1 but 2 babies… it’s enough to make one (almost) broody ;-). zoe is gorgeous.. and the squeakster…sniff swaddled in our shawls… sigh…
    you brave soul… all those ends (shiver)

  • I, for one, think that the sewn in ends look awesome. But I still want to know how the left side of your brain works! Help out an uncreative sister, please?

  • Oh you look so proud to hold the bundle. Don’t you just love it when its your TURN. Nothing like those babies to bring it all back to perspective eh?

  • there’s nothing like a “baby fix” to flutter your cares away….tra la…..

  • LOVE that picture. I don’t know who’s lovlier you or the squeaker babe – i’d say it’s a tie!.

  • aw! that’s a great picture of you and squeeky.

  • OK, Kayye, or Kay, I wish I’d been clever enough to Kaffe-ize your name but credit is due to commenter Ann from Purlingswine.
    But never mind that – WHERE did you find those great glasses that complement the cute baby in the clapotis so well??

  • Saw your book today at Colliseum Books. I got to look through it and really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to buy it when it’s released. Much luck with it!

  • thanks kay, for the photo of the ‘wrong side’ (what a chauvinist term! how about ‘other side’?) of yo’ intarsia– i always like the flip side of my knitting, it’s my contrarian nature…

  • If there’s more Kaffe-style intarsia in your future, dear Kayye, I can show you a trick I figured out when making my Rosetta blankie – for weaving in intarsia ends as you go, eliminating the need for that horrid eternal end-sewing session – and the front looks fantastic!