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  • Precious!!!
    And BTW? I LOVED the Log Cabin Afghan idea and have started my own!!! I’m linking my picture of my first few rounds to this wonderful blog! Thank you for such wonderful inspiration! (Even to improve my blog! :o)

  • LOL! “Hey officer, you made me drop a stitch.” Do you limit your classes to above-ground transportation, or could I meet you in the subway for a quick tutorial?
    And PS (or should I say PMS?)–Your Found Object about the New York Liberty’s sponsorship situtation almost did me in. “Tampax WNBA Defensive Leaders”? The Women’s National Basketball Association is either a) totally comfortable with women’s issues (right on) or b) needy, deeply needy.
    BTW, what exactly is the New York Liberty’s mascot? I’m seeing a puppy with a tiara?

  • This had me laughing! A very NYC solution!

  • Too funny. I only drive into Manhattan when my son needs to get to a concert. On the weekends, or after hours. I don’t think I could handle the stress. I am only approved for the LIE.
    I thought the webheads had it bad trying to exchange knitting advice and emergency support via instant messaging. At least our approach doesn’t require me to get out of my bathrobe, though.
    Please convey my empathy to Suzanne, I’m also married to a Norwegian American who is somewhat sparing in the word department. Large and cuddly, yes. Talkative, no.

  • Oh my, this rocks! I am giving knitting lessons to an acquaintance and we meet occasionally over lunch at the Metropolitan Club, a swank private club in the Sears Tower. She and her husband are members, and it’s the easiest place for us to meet, but I am quite confident that the MC has never had people knitting at their tables before.
    I thought our situation was unusual and funny, but it pales in comparison to knitting class in the tow zone! Go Suzanne! Go Kay!


  • Hmmmm…you’ve got me thinking Kay!!

  • is that afghan along button for stealing? I uhmmm.. stole it but I’ll put it back if it’s not for the taking.

  • Hi Polly! It’s stealable, all right, thanks to Bets who made it for the Afghanalong. We have some other cool buttons that we’ll put up once we remember where the heck we put them.
    This blogging is not for the faint hearted, I tell you.