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  • !!!!!!!!!
    it cannot be humble. it is too beautiful. i feel the need to take it off of your hands. here is to finishing up gumption, fortitude, and sticktoitness.

  • Kay, Kay, Kay, Kay, KAY. FanTAStic! It looks exactly like a denim jacket! It even has the ever-so-slightly-increasing panels in the front. And little pocket flaps and plackets and silver buttons and everything.
    Put it on, woman. It’s amazing. The finishing had to be pure mizry. Way to soldier through it.
    What does the label say? Close up, pliz.
    And Carrie, well. Adorable. I like her city girl vibe with those jeans and that sweet sweater.
    I’m thinking pumpkins must emit some soothing vapor that lulls children into compliance.
    High fives for both of us finishing stuff on the same day.
    x0 Ann

  • It rocks, indeed, and way more than merely modestly! Wow. All those pices came together. Wow. (And who is that Cute Rosie?)

  • Fantastic and fab denim jacket.Be rightly proud of your accomplishment.
    I WANT ONE !!! I’m making plans for my recent Denim haul.
    Well done girls on your wanderful knitting,and beautiful children.

  • Snazzy! And man, you got that thing together fast! Other than the Moss Stitch Purgatory (which is already destined for finishing wimpdom), the next time I am thinking of bailing on my finishing duties, I will remember your denim travails and see if I can’t muster up a little more backbone.

  • Job well done , Kay.

  • Dear all, I’m having a little Sally Fields moment: ‘You like me! You really like me!!’ I’m clutching the statuette for ‘Best Overacting in a Knitting Drama’ and feeling proud. Thank you for all the kind words.
    I’ve been wearing my faux jean jacket all afternoon. Here’s a news flash: THE SLEEVES ARE NOT–I REPEAT, NOT–TOO LONG. I did cheat a teeny bit by moving the button to ensure that the cuffs would close tightly and keep the sleeves up, but hey: we call that ‘tailoring’.
    Feelin’ groovy!! On to the next horror show!!! Love, Kay

  • i love how the denim looks. it’s amazing the look of denim yarn…i had no idea. another idea goes to my list of things i might try one day

  • Wow! Core looks great, and so does J’n’E. What a cute little pumpkin. 😉 I now join the clamoring throngs (almost typed “clamoring thongs, and there’s an interesting mental picture) who want to see Core modeled.

  • Core looks great!! I’m so anxious to make TWO of them!!! One for my daughter, one for me. Oh, better make that FOUR. a pair in bright colors too! i plan on using elann denim-nit. must order MORE to get started NOW!

  • Ah! You ladies are impressing me beyond words. Cute kids. Fine knits. Witty commentary. I curtsy to you both! While I’m at it, may I raid your wardrobe so I can borrow that jacket?

  • Am feeling a bit FARKLEMPT every time I look at that fabulous Core–can’t imagine knitting something that tailored, but can easily imagine wearing said fab item (methinks I’m out of breath because I’m DROOLING). And thanks for the –duh– tip about your found objects section, and especially the info about Rosie. I have a special personal interest in adopted kids, since we’re jumping off that same bridge sometime soon!

  • Woo-hoo Brooks!!! Having been an eyewitness while dear friends have jumped off that bridge (NOT the right metaphor, but I understand it feels that way), I can say that it’s an exhilarating ride. All the worry vanishes in an instant. Then of course, being a parent, many new worries crowd right in about 2 seconds later!!!!! But they are not at all the same worries, from what I’ve observed. Who knew a cute little Found Object would cause such interesting discussions? Knitting IS Life. xox Kay

  • Yes, the metaphor is a tad dramatic, however it accurately describes the feeling you get when you willingly hand over complete control to a group of people you’ve never met in another state who will determine your parenthood destiny for the rest of your life! Maybe it’s more like bungee jumping–you scream, fall, but bounce right back? I defer to the more literate and erudite Kay in this metaphoric matter. xoxo

  • Brooks,
    Pshaw! What do I know, I just operated the video camera. But do let us know when There Is News. Here at Mason-Dixon Knitting, we crave News. Happy News. Life-affirming News. News accompanied by pix of adorable handknits!
    xox Kay