The Quest for Ease

By Ann Shayne
July 10, 2018
Field Guide No. 7: Ease is a little getaway you can carry in your bag

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  • PLease tell us more about the squirrel-proof bird feeders!!

  • “Eight weeds”- you are too funny!Sounds like me! Thanks for lightening my day early!

  • Ease you say? After vacation I hit my first hot yoga practice in 10 days………….. that was enough to shower and slide into my me made caftan for the day sans makeup and catch up on life on my desk. Leftovers for dinner and as much time as possible knitting on my Shakerag in Sylph Haboob. I just rounded inch 8. Easier ease today. Is your blackberry cobbler a biscuit top or a ‘runny’ batter and boiled water top? Either way, I”m in.

    • Wish I had that cobbler.

  • One Bohdi washcloth and four frogs adopted from the French Market on Saturday. It s a start.

  • Checked Ravelry for Bodhi leaf-appropriate stash yarn and aired an old Lone Star quilt on the line to put on the guest bed in preparation for our daughter’s weekend visit. Finished machine-hemming my latest Shirt no. 1 then vegged on the couch binge watching episodes of Alone to catch up while knitting on the (decreasing rows of the) Montparnasse Eco Cardi I’m working on for the Fringe Assn. Summer of Basics. Today I’ll make a batch of olive & nut spread and a KY version of pimento cheese (don’t drain the pimentos) for weekend eats. Ease-y.

  • Well, the weekend was sorta ease-y. Rained torrentially most of Saturday, so lots of knitting done, while I watched him cook. Rowan denim from Ravelry arrived (!!!), so I was able to skein, pre-wash & ball up enough to start a Picket Fence. Two squares made!
    Since the (clay) ground was now saturated, we busted it on Sunday digging out small trees, random unwanted stuff and poison ivy, ick. Then recuperated with more knitting (and local beer) to the new PBS post of an entire Journey concert, followed by gumbo (made previously).
    A good weekend, progress made slowly, with denim yarn. Plus the first bag came with the “Made with Rowan” tag I can sew on – bonus!

  • The weather was utterly perfect over the weekend, and the only knitting I did was frogging several rows of a sweater after catching a mistake I couldn’t live with. I wanted to kick myself initially, but frogging ended up being so very fast and easy, and I reminded myself that in fact I DID work on the sweater. So. Some knitting was accomplished! Our meals throughout the weekend: freshly made pickles from a neighbor; hamburgers on the grill; takeout; salads made with assortments of veggies and berries from local farmer’s market. No oven, and barely any work involved at all! A divine and very easy weekend, and the hope of having many more this summer.

  • I’d love to know the brand of your squirrel proof feeders.

    • Here you go: I buy my bird food and feeders at Wild Birds Unlimited, which is a franchise chain across the country. There’s something sweet about an entire business devoted to feeding birds!

      • Our neighborhood birds are particularly fond of the golden safflower. Bonus: sometimes a few of the discarded seeds sprout – and if you aren’t too aggressive with your weeding (eight weeds seems safe here) you will get genuine golden safflower plants, which have a lovely golden flower when full grown!

      • Watch through to the end. “Best squirrel proof feeder ever!”

        AND the counterpoint:

  • Very entertaining, reading about the squirrel etc. enjoy!

  • Temps in the triple digits here lately (SoCal), so Friday night dinner was ice cream. Lots of knitting all weekend on log cabin squares for blanket (last square half done and border knitting in sight, yay!), Knitflixing with husband binge watching Death in Paradise (finished season six) then started Churchill’s Secret Agents. Once temps fell from 110’s to 100 in late afternoons was able to comfortably float in pool reading for a few hours.
    Morning neighborhood walks while temps still in 80’s because we have two 6K trail runs in the fall we want to be reasonably prepared for.

  • If Ease needs a mascot, I vote for Kermit.

    • Hear, hear!

    • Yes! We’re saving Olive to be mascot of a future Field Guide: Unending Nervousness and Angst.

      • I can design four patterns for that one in my (lack of) sleep: Sign me up!

    • Right!!

  • Last Thurs. my firstborn moved across the country to N.C. with her hubby and MY 9 month old granddaughter (sob sob) Cried all day 🙁 Friday went to my LYS & to console myself, bought pattern and the cutest yarn to knit said granddaughter a “Frock and Bubble “!! Saturday swatched, twice, and cast on. Sunday, finished lace yoke of dress. Stayed in my P.J.s all weekend now that’s ease!!

  • Just returned to work after a week in Eastern Washington (read HOT SUN). There was swimming in Potholes reservoir, fireworks on July 4th, a farmers market, and lots of TV along with finishing my first string of freak flags, and my 2nd Bodhi Leaf Washcloth, knit on the only (but larger) needles I brought with me across the mountains.. On the flags, I seem to have done some wrong turns as some of my flags fly twisted (freakier??) than the rest. My granddaughter is 8 and I am itching to teach her to knit or to bring her to a class to learn with someone else. This coming Sunday 7/15, my sister (from another mum) Heather, is going to coach me in sewing my first Shirt Number 1 from 100 Acts of Sewing. Such ease!! Almost forgot, I also knit along on my Shakerag top but only brought two balls with me so had to stop. Ease On Down the Road everybody.

  • I love your list, Ann!

    Here’s mine for yesterday:
    1. Finally watered my front step garden (only the strongest survive this gardener).
    2. Deadheaded three spent roses.
    3. Cleaned the toilet, not the whole bathroom, mind you.
    4. Checked the bag of greens in the fridge for viability.
    5. Ate same.
    6. Played with Ghillie on the floor to distract her from the yarn I was balling.
    7. Watched ALL of Colbert.

    I love summer!

    • This sounds more like my life of retirement!

    • Hey, that’s what I did! Almost exactly!

  • I agree with Kermit re: Godfather II 🙂

  • Poor Kermit! Exhausted from his week at MDK World Headquarters!

  • This sounds so incredibly perfect. I too managed to ease my way through the weekend, knitting, readin, and napping. Summer perfection!!

  • My weekend:

    1. Got my swim on. Swimming is the best thing ever. Wax earplugs are also the best thing ever.
    2. Was bitten by bugs approximately 40 times.
    3. Resisted scratching.
    4. Gave in to scratching.
    5. Was driven around the East End of Long Island by someone with a learner’s permit. Have a bone to pick with Robert Moses about short length of his entrance ramps.
    6. Was driven to Poughkeepsie by a licensed driver, and had a delightful Car Snooz on the way home.
    7. Retired 10 year old bathing suit whose elastic gave out at least a year ago. Got 2 new ones on sale for less than 50 bucks. See you in 2028, Land’s End!

  • My 6 year old granddaughter has started speaking “in Southern “? No ease here!

  • More info on squirrel proof bird feeders. My birds never get a chance at the food.

  • What an Ease-ful report. Thank you! I especially loved Kermit “watching” the Godfather! Also, “accidentally” Facetimed Clif? Are you sure the empty nester in you didn’t do it accidentally-on-purpose? Happy Summer to you!

  • Oh, I do love your lists, and your attitude. I spent some of Saturday at a delightful benefit for a local theater and “won” something from each of the raffle, silent auction and live auction. Have lots of theater to look forward to on future weekends. Sunday met a new friend from the Shakerag Getaway at my favorite LYS and knit for about an hour with her. Yesterday I had an angiogram and have been forced into ease for the rest of the week. Don’t recommend that last. All is well, cardio-wise, but I wonder if that ease of mind is worth the recovery protocols. Thanks for gladdening my ink-stained heart.

  • As I’m on vacation this week and off all social media (except for your blog, obvs), the quest for ease is my full time job. Mostly my quest involves reading because, unlike all the knitters I follow on Instagram, I can’t knit on the beach. Sweat, saltwater, sunscreen, and wool?! I haven’t figured out the trick to making that work. I do receive alerts on my phone so I was joyful at the news that all Thai boys and their coach are safe. Now if we could reunite the children separated from their parents in our country, I could sleep well at night. (Sorry to get political on your blog, but the situation at our southern border causes me much dis-ease and I won’t enjoy true ease until families are reunited.)

    • Oh those boys! What a miracle! Almost overcomes border dis-ease.

  • Spent the week-end away with friends. Attended All Well That End Well and herd Sarah Chang. In between, chatted with friends and worked on my Sequences scarf. Enjoyed seeing the mighty Mississippi and the twons along it. A nice ease.

  • ooh yes the summer of EASE – started by having a Not to Do List, followed by a do my creative stuff, drink raspberry and rose cordial…. browse in bookshops, have tea in new to me cafes, plan trips, listen to the inner knowing, drop obligations