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  • Ann, in case you wonder how the St*rmores or Kaffe Fasset ever create their colour scales, you now need go no further than your nearest seasonal holiday. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  • Oh Ann what a beautiful picture over there in found objects! I immediately recognized you from your Birch photo! Happy Easter, Annhb

  • What beautiful eggs! They look so festive. Happy Easter!

  • Happy Easter Ann and all!

  • The resemblance between the Girl on the Right and
    1. Ms. Birch 2003 and
    2. Fiber Arts Boy and
    3. Clif the Youngest
    is striking indeed.
    Happy Easter, belatedly. Not to brag, but at my house we did Japanese Washi Eggs. Which means, truth be told, that we committed Decoupage (a Class 2 Misdemeanor) on wooden eggs. OK we only made 2 of them, so we will not be doing serious time. But they were cool. Out of date photos to follow. I will soon be asking our readers to barrage Dell with emails telling them to fix my computer. Love, Kay

  • Um, Kay, we ended up making homemade Marshmallow Peeps yesterday around five o’clock. What happened? Was there a full moon or something? Did anybody else have extreme Easter craftiness come over them?
    PS What the heck is a Washi egg anyway? DId it have, like, haiku on it?

  • My extreme Easter craftiness took a different form I’m afraid. Along the lines of unwrapping the foil ever so carefully, gently tapping the egg open without breaking it, removing the bag of chocolates from the centre, re-wrapping, re-boxing – and then convincing my husband that it must have been a factory error that the bag of sweets had been mysteriously omitted from his egg ! Sadly I could only keep up the pretence for a matter of minutes before the pressure got to me and I confessed … it must be the lawyer in him … I’d be a rubbish criminal you know.

  • Our egg decorating kit included confetti and glitter. If your family’s eggs were shetland, Ann, ours were italian novelty yarn. That’s the closest I’ll get to fabu-glam this year (or decade), I’m sure.
    Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive,

  • Anyone else old enough to remember Little Golden Books ? my aunt used to send them from the States around 1950. The Easter one had an egg-hunt and the eggs were just these colours, not at all like anything we had in England, and the colours got into my dreams and have stayed there.

  • Gorgeous eggs! My Easter craftiness went into decorating a cake to look exactly like the stuffed bunnies we’d been selling at work. It’s much funnier if you know the whole story of the hundreds of stuffed bunnies, really.