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  • I’m sure your designer rug will look lovely once blocked. Blocking does do miracles, doesn’t it ?
    Your rug reminds me of the rug I had for kindergarten nap time back in 1956.
    You have given me an idea. I’d like to do the same using the multidirectional scarf pattern only make it wide enough to be a rug.
    Knit on

  • ann–
    love the rug and the rugrats who are modeling it!!how much did you get taken for….i mean how much did your the little guy get for the yarn ball? i need a rug, so send those kids over. do they do piece work? ( no, wait, i take that back i think that we have a local law here in nyc outlawing such child labor.)
    heard from your other half today…news about her version of the power outage, the arrival of the frenchies, no phone(land line), and a new threat, the dreaded thunderstrike. i will let her tell you all about it. and, in the meantime, i think you two might need to communicate with smoke signals, or something like that.

  • Hi Ruth!
    Great idea to do a multidirectional rug. I’ve never tried the multidirectional thing (I’m having enough trouble going straight ahead), but I will say this about rug knitting: a size 17 needle will make you feel more productive than a Marine before nine a.m.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Lis–Would you please tell Kay to get her dangself to an Internet cafe and I mean soonish? Surely to God there’s some kind of bandwidth available on the eastern end of Long Island. I can only blab on about myself for so long–this blog thing is wearing me out. Can’t she post from her Blackberry or something? Crikey.

  • And Lis–the little wheelerdealer hit me up for twenty bucks. Knocked down from twenty-five. You can imagine how successful I am on eBay, with this kind of negotiating skill.

  • Hi:
    I’m David, Ann’s brother-in-law. I was on the beach adventure and observed many rows being added to the 12 lb. ball of yarn rug, and I called Ann today to get an update. She said there were pictures on MasonDixonKnitting, but if I went to see them, I had to promise to post a comment. So here goes:
    “SK8er Boi” is her absolute best! It’s touching, moving and even more complicated than “Complicated,” which is saying something.*
    — Dave
    (*ANN: Sorry, I don’t know anything about knitting, so I just posted the same post I sent to the Avril_Lavigne_Rules blog. Hope that’s okay. Love, Dave — P.S. Just out of curiosity, will I ever be allowed back here again?)

  • Ooops! Please disregard my previous post. I meant to say 8 lb. ball of yarn.
    — Dave

  • ann —
    the life of a blogger is tough one, especially when your other half is swilling champagne and eating lobster rolls. (or did she say she was mixing chocolate milk and heating hot dog rolls –kay, kay, can you hear me now, now, NOW???) i will send up the bat signal and hope for the best. i was thinking of helping you out at my sight, but i know, its not the same. it would be if you had curly hair though…..:)
    btw, i vote that the brother in law NOT be allowed back to your site until he signs up to do the “birch” knit a long that is going assunder over at the rowan website. that will show him not to make light of knitting and those that fall under its magical spell!!

  • oh yeah, i forgot how to spell. site not sight. i would be a bad copy editor, for i hate to proofread.

  • Lis–We at Mason-Dixon Knitting welcome guest bloggers. Just jump right in–I’ll cut n paste you.
    I’ll discuss my brother-in-law later. Horrified to have named my son after him.

  • Hey, I spent a week at the beach with Ann and family. And did anyone show me how to do a “birch” or anything else? NO!
    I’m ready to learn. Forget the fact that I have the eye-hand coordination of…um, a duck (an eyeless, handless duck at that) and although not color blind, you wouldn’t be able to tell by my clothes. Sign me up.
    — Dave

  • ann —
    the brother in law does seem to be a handful….:). posting at 3:30 am. there are only two reasons to be up at 3:30, one is knitting, and the only, well, i cannot say it here at such a family friendly blog as MDK. send me your email, i have an idea.

  • Dave–Omigod you mean Avril Levigne is a knitter? AWEsome!
    Lis, I definitely think we need a dude knitter at Mason-Dixon Knitting. I’d like to point out the extraordinary fact that Dave actually ASKED me about the eight-pound ball of yarn. Shows that deep sensitivity and yarn aptitude that we’re looking for in a dude knitter.
    x0 A.
    PS–Unc, fyi Birch is a shawl pattern that involves a yarn that feels like fiberglass insulation. There are a number of knitters worldwide who are knitting it at the same time (“knitalong” in the vernacular) and are having such problems that the whole thing has turned into a “bitchalong.”

  • and the “other…” man, i am a joke killer, arent i?

  • I love the rug. I would guess that it will last forever. My mother knitted round rugs back in the 60’s and I wish I still had a couple of them, for purely sentimental reasons mind you.
    This will be one of those things your boys will look back on fondly later in life. BTW I love your site.

  • about the rug, I personally heard KF say ‘never apologize, just get more and more outrageous until you get it right’
    about Kay, who knows?
    have fun, Ben

  • Ann, love the rug! The 8 pound ball of yarn will clearly last FOREVER! I’m about to head to the beach, wish I had that much yarn to take with. Also, your models quite clearly love the 8 (4?) lb ball of yarn as well. 🙂

  • I am just taking up knitting and need advice. What should a rank beginner do?

  • YIKES! It’s my DAD! That’s the second dude in 24 hours to visit Mason-Dixon Knitting!
    Dad, I promise I’ll be home before midnight, and um, could I borrow twenty bucks?
    x0x0x0x0 your daughter (the OBEDIENT 40 year old one)

  • Your DAD!?????!!!
    I warn you, Ann, I have relatives, too!!
    It’s not going to become the Ann Family Blog if I have anything to say about it!!! It’s the Ann and KAY Family Blog. Joseph, for example, my little Oscar Wilde in the making who coined ‘Cartoon Edward’ (for Cartoon Network)–he could ROCK the blog (if only he could type, read or write).
    LOVED the photo of The Rug in situ. I actually think the rug is fab. You did good.
    xox Kay

  • I’m totally diggin’ on the rug, but was wondering… are the darts to hold the thing down, or some sort of interesting decoration? heh 😉

  • Kim–The darts are for blocking. I always block with darts. Or skewers, or toothpicks, or whatever sharp pointy objects I can find.
    Actually, in the interest of keeping the Dept. of Human Services from taking my dart-playing children away from me, the darts do have plastic tips. I guess this picture is kind of like showing my child with his broken-glass collection.