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  • Oh the good old days of film photography … spring rods in window frames and knitted bubble bathroom curtains … which reminds me they are the solution to a curtain dilemma where the drawn linen hemstitch has frayed and looks frumpy and a LOUET bubble curtain would be the solution … thanks for the fresh view on an oldie but goody Madame!!! Bonne journée and a kiss on Olive’s nose!

  • And this is part of why I love reading you guys. So much normal (doesn’t it take everyone years to hang a curtain?) among creative brilliance. I’m still looking for a reason to knit that curtain that is smaller than my sliding glass door. The linen being both a plus of beauty and a pause for concern to my hands.

    • You can give the linen hank a bath before you knit with it. That’ll soften it up some.

      • Good to know. Thanks! (Still not sure about that giant glass door.)

  • I knit that curtain in honor of Ann & Kay doing a book signing at Finely a Knitting Party in Swarthmore, Pa. The curtain is still hanging and we still love Mason Dixon! Thanks for a great pattern and great ideas. Good memories.
    Happy Stitches,

    • Aw! Glad to know it’s still there.

  • I’ve needed a smal curtain for a pantry window. Now I know just a what it needs! Thanks!

  • I love that curtain. Hoping that I have just the window at my next house, so I have the opportunity to make it. (Of course, one must sell current house in order to move.)

    • Selling a house in order to knit a curtain seems like a reasonable thing to do.

  • Well yes, this does make me want to knit the bubbly curtain, thank you!

  • The Bubbly Curtain was on my to-knit list 11 years ago, when I needed a bathroom curtain, but the window was of course a different size and I didn’t know how to modify the pattern. Now I need a long narrow curtain, and I DO have those skills = so thanks for reminding me about the Bubbly Curtain! (And where have the last 11 years gone??? Love you both!)

    • Be careful on the long and narrow Bubbly. I love mine, made for a side light adjacent to my door. It is beautiful. I should have made it wider, but made it just-to-fit and the sides curl. It is hanging now, filtering the light beautifully with a lovely pattern of shadows and light down the stairwell. Also, I made mine of cotton, maybe the Louett linen will hang straighter.

      • That’s exactly what I want it for – a side light – so thanks for the advice!

  • Poor bubbly curtain, stuck in a drawer all these years. So glad that it finally met it’s destiny.

    • It was in the “Christmas drawer” so I was reminded of it every year.

  • I was actually looking at Bubbly Curtain on the weekend, and wondering if I could turn it into a smashing linen scarf. I have, somewhere, the perfect skeins of natural linen. It looks SO good in the window, Kay. In my case, it would have been another ten years before I even came across it. I may need to reread Kon Mari….

  • Hah! This is so true. I am just knitting up a baby gift in the last of some Morehouse Merino bulky yarn that I acquired to do some designing…for writing Fiber Gathering. I think maybe I purchased this in 2007. Well aged. It was marinating or something. In any event, if I limit my yarn acquisition for the next 9 years or so, maybe I will make a dent in things. (I doubt it.) 🙂

    • Don’t get your hopes up!

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  • I tried knitting that for the narrow window next to our front door. I’m not sure how many times I started it before I gave up. I was making so many mistakes. Eventually the window seal gave out and we had a chance to replace the clear glass with ribbed glass, and that was that.

  • It’s beautiful…

  • Love linen…she’s just beautiful! Don’t you just love a girl and her power tools?! Great job…may you enjoy it for many years to come! I have many huge windows in my home…I’ll never live long enough to knit a curtain to cover even one of them. Hmmm…maybe when I’m in “the home” – I’ll have a tiny little window to knit for! 🙂

  • Oh, I wish I had a little window.

  • Or heck – a little window in Southhampton:)!

  • Hooray, that Bubbly Curtain looks heroic after waiting so patiently. I knit a euroflax linen handtowel with the boxy seed stitch pattern from the first MDK book. It wears like iron, feels sleek as a the bridge of a puppy’s nose, looks great after close to a decade of use.

    The ball band dish rag changed my life forever. I just folded an extra wide one in half and whipstitched a long and a short side together to make a sleeve for a cheap-o kindle. Almost instant gratification, washable, fun texture, and cheerful colors. Yay!