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  • And I have two complementary colors of Louet lace-weight linen that have been wondering what to become. Belinda it is!
    And happy birthday Kay!

  • Co` latha breith sona dhuibh, Kay!

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! My cats (the ones that bought me your new book for Christmas) also send their meowerly birthday wishes.

  • Happy Birthday Kay! My day is not complete without a visit to Mason-Dixon Knitting. Everything you do is so inspiring. I hope you have a fun day.

  • Happy Birthday Kay!!!

  • **clapping**
    Happy, Happy Birthday!
    From All of Us to You!
    Happy, Happy Birthday!
    May All Your Dreams Come True!
    (Now, if this were in some restaurant, we’d totally be making Kay wear the huge, floppy, totally ridiculous looking Birthday Sombrero. 🙂 So you all will have to imagine it.)

  • Happy Birthday Kay!
    Way to rock the Esperanto Ann!
    If you can check out Incubus from your local library.
    It’s in Esperanto and it features William Shatner.

  • Happy Birthday Kay! (despite my attempts to learn other languages, the only one that has stuck is my native English)

  • Happy natal day, Kay!!!

  • That’s actually over mile and a half of habu linen. (1.57mi) There are 1760 yards in a mile (5280 feet in a mile).
    Happy Birthday Kay! It’s my husband’s birthday today too. Gotta love those arieses (arii?)!


  • bonne anniversaire,
    mes voeux les plus sincères
    kayye c’est à ton tour:: hope that you are having a fabulous day. xo

  • Happy birthday, Kay!
    (And that Habu skein isn’t a half mile of yarn, Ann, it’s a mile and a half, for 250 grams. No wonder it took you a week to wind it.)

  • Bonne anniversaire, Kay! (French)

  • Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, we love you.
    Happy Birthday and may all your dreams come true.
    When you blow out the candles, one light stays aglow.
    It’s the love light in your eyes where ‘er you go.

  • Yom huledet same’ach!

  • Yaum milaad sa’iid, ya Kay! يوم ميلاد سعيد
    Hope you have a good one!
    As a language geek, seeing a language I didn’t recognize was a thrill- I’ve never seen anything in Esperanto!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!
    Ann, I understand where you got your figure, if it were feet rather than yards, it would be about half a mile.

  • Happy Birthday Kay!
    Ann, I understand where you got your figure, if it were feet rather than yards, it would be about half a mile.

  • Ah jeez. A 51st birthday is one you just want to pass quietly. So, Ann, just for that, I shall insist on both wabi and sabi portions to that scarf. Git busy. I have one of these every year, you know.

  • feliz cumpleanos, Kay!

  • Tillykke med foedselsdagen, Kay! (Danish)
    And what a great idea – I had been wondering what to do with my Habu linen! As always, thanks for the inspiration, gals.

  • Buon Compleanno, Kay!

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! Hope your day is GREAT!

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! Hope your day is GREAT!

  • Happy Birthday Kay and many happy returns of the day!

  • Happy Birthday Kay and many happy returns of the day!

  • Feliz Cumpleanos, Kay! (Oops, I don’t know how to type the ~ above the “n”!)
    Mary G. in Texas, a volunteer ESL teacher for some wonderful people from Mexico, El Salvador, and the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Happy, happy birthday, Kay!!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday and wishing you a great 51 which I recall as a pretty good year. I have this Daid Cassidy CD if you want to relive 15 which is the reverse of 51 if you think about it.
    Mary Sue

  • HB,K!

  • Happy Life Day and many more knits to come.

  • Bonne anniversaire, Kay! It’s my birthday too, and I am planning on knitting a lot tonight(if I can get out of making dinner for the masses.)

  • Bonne Fette! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

  • Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Kay !(that’s Dutch !)

  • A very, very Happy Birthday to you, Kay!!

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! What kind of cake have you chosen?
    March 24 is also Kazimiras Diena, the day on which ancient Latvians commemorated the return of the larks. At least so says Wikipedia. How cool is that?

  • Masha Pabien I hopi aña mas!
    That’s Papiamento, from the lower Netherlands Antilles.

  • Bonne anniversaire, Kay. You share your date with one of my best friends. Early spring– great time for a celebration.

  • Happy Birthday!
    I hope you receive presents as lovely as this blog, as it has been a present for me.

  • Happy Happy Birthday!! Hope it is a wonderful day. And the start of the Year Of Kay !

  • Happy Birthday Kay! Herzliche Glückwunsche!

  • Bonne anniversaire from us Canadians eh!

  • Appy-hay Irthday-bay, Ay-kay!
    Just like in 4th grade! We used to think we were so sneaky but I’ll bet Sister Marguarite knew Pig Latin too.
    Happy 51th! Celebrate ’em while you got ’em!
    Yeah, Ann, let’s see some wabi to go with this sabi. We’re all waiting now. It’s gorgeous. (My birthday’s Sept. 1 if you feel like making another one.)

  • Happy Birthday Kay, hope your day is as special as you are! Enjoy! Wendy

  • Joulu sunnipaev. (Estonian – less proper accents)

  • Otanjoobi Oomedetoo Kay-san!
    It’s a good year. I’ll be looking forward to my 51st later this one.
    And good for you for selecting some balance for your linen. I think silk or mohair would be lovely.

  • happy, happy day!

  • Since several people have already beaten me to it in French, I’ll just say it in English– I hope you have a great birthday and I wish you the best in the coming year. =)

  • Tavallod dat mobarak. (Farsi– although I am a novice)

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!!

  • Appyhay Irthdaybay!!

  • Happy birthday, Kay!
    Wishing you all that you would wish yourself 🙂

  • Happy Birthday, Kay!

  • Happy Happy Birthday!

  • 生日快乐凯
    Happy Birthday Kay!

  • Hippo Birdie to Ewe, Kay! And many more to come!

  • Happy birthday, Kay! I so enjoy MDK; thanks so much for being part of my knit life.

  • Herzliche Gluckwunschen zum Geburtstag! = high school German that’s marinated 25 years or so. Say it with a Texas accent to get the full effect (I went to high school in Houson).

  • Happy Birthday Kay!
    I hope the weather in New York is as beautiful for your birthday as it is today here in Tennessee.

  • maligayang kaarawan Kay! (it’s happy birthday in Filipino) Wish you all the best!

  • Parabéns à você
    Nesta data, querida.
    Muitas felicidades,
    Muitos anos da vida!
    The b-day song, the way I learned it when I was in Brazil. Translation: Congratulations to you/On this date, dear/Lots of happiness/Many years of life!

  • Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin. (That’s Polish, courtesy a friend because I don’t speak a word of it.) Have a wonderful day, Kay!

  • Happy Bday Kay! My birthday is March 25, so Yeah, March Girls–us early Aries women are great!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!

  • Hippo Birdies, Two Ewes!
    (that’s happy birthday in sillyspeak)
    many happy returns of the day!

  • Happy Birthday!!!!!

  • Froehlicher Geburtstag, Kay!

  • Happy Birthday Kay- It is also my sister’s – Hope you have a great day – grey and yucky in chicago!

  • Happy Birthday Kay- It is also my sister’s – Hope you have a great day – grey and yucky in chicago!

  • Happy Birthday Kay- It is also my sister’s – Hope you have a great day – grey and yucky in chicago!

  • Happy Birthday Kay- It is also my sister’s – Hope you have a great day – grey and yucky in chicago!

  • Happy Bday Kay! You’ll enjoy being 39 ! You do need that website!
    Nice work on the photos Ann, that is the perfect grey beach scene with grey fishnetty scarf setting. You just need some depreessed looking waif girl to wander in there somehwhere (dragging a coffee mug…or a pine cone…) Just kidding about that last part, its a wonderful project, so perfect for Kay.

  • Happy celebrate your bellybutton day!
    Hope you have a great birthday – we all love how you and Ann inspire us on Mason-Dixon. Thanks!

  • Happy Birthday to a fellow birthday girl!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday to a fellow birthday girl!!!!!

  • Grattis på födelsedagen! (Swedish)
    お誕生日おめでとう!(otanjoubi omedetou – Japanese)

  • Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday, dear Kay.
    Happy Birthday to you!

  • Happy Birthday Kay! May you catch a wonderful day! (Sorry, I couldn’t think of anything but fishing references.)

  • Happy Birthday Kay (as it is my parents’ anniversary today, I hope to remember it going forward). All of the foreign languages I know are already represented.
    Ann, I think the scarf looks great as it is (but it isn’t my birthday). I visited Habu in Japan, was quite fun.

  • Yom huledet tov! (Hebrew) It’s good to be 39 – I recommend sticking with that for several years, until you can’t get away with it anymore.

  • Hyvää Syntymäpäivää Kay! (Finnish)

  • Van harte gefeliciteerd, Kay!
    From the Netherlands. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! today is my little brothers birthday as well, and yesterday was my mom and my stepdads birthday.
    Must be a popular time of march to be born.

  • Quchjaj qoSlIj, Kay! (Klingon — my inner geek just appeared, obviously.)
    Or to put it in one of my two original languages, Piranda naal vaazhthukkal! (Tamil — my other original language being English, and also the only one I still speak, alas.)
    March 24 is a great day to have a birthday. My grandmother was born on March 24 and lived to be nearly 103 years old, sharp as a tack right up to the end. Clearly, being born on March 24 leads to a long and happy life!

  • Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag und alles Liebe!

  • Happy Birthday from one March 24ther to another!

  • Vy-apave nde arambotyre!
    feliz cumplean~nos!
    happy birthday!

  • Also, I just realized how handy other non-base 10 numbering systems can be. For example, I am only 32 in base 15. How great is that?

  • Hippo Birdie Two EWES.

  • Happy, happy day! Hope your day is fabulous and that you know how much joy you (okay, and Ann!) bring to each and every one of your readers.

  • Happy Birthday wishes to you, Kay. You make my days so enjoyable by sharing your art and your humor.

  • Dearest, most lovely Kay
    *H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !
    Big love. xxx
    Ann, bung it in the dryer. That’ll soften it nicely.
    No, really !

  • Happy Birthday Kay!

  • Came here to wish you a happy b-day. Glad Anne posted something.

  • It’s my birthday too! I always love finding out someone shares a birthday with me.

  • Buon compleanno Kay! (that’s Italian).

  • Happy Birthday, Kay, and to me too! Isn’t it funny how good it feels to find someone who shares your birthday? I was born at the mid-century, so I’m probably a bit older than you.
    Your books and your blog are always great fun and a great inspiration to me.
    Wishing us both a great new year!

  • Gratulerer med dagen, Kay!

  • don’t worry one teensy moment, hun,…..you’ll always be a spring chicken compared to moi!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!
    Have a great day.

  • Bon anniversaire et Joyeux tricotage!

  • Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám!

  • Happy birthday, Kay!

  • Happy Birthday Kay! BTW its is also the birthday of Harry Houdini.

  • Happy Birthday!

  • (You mean a whole year has gone by, and you’re STILL 4 years younger that me? Sheesh!)

  • If I could convey sign language via text, I’d wish you happy birthday that way. Guess I could have made a video. Plain English will have to do;-) Happy Birthday!!

  • Vsetko najlepsie k narodeninam!
    (I’m only half Slovak so I can’t remember where the accents go).

  • Happy happy day to you, dear Kay!
    Susan in Chicago

  • BTW, I don’t remember sending any birthday felicitations to Ann over this past year. Has my Piscean memory failed me, or have I brought up a subject that is “strictly taboo”?
    Just sayin’.

  • May the candles on your cake
    Burn like cities in your wake
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday
    (A very SCAdian birthday to you)

  • З Днем Народження, Кай!

  • Hubby-ap-pubby-ee Bubby-irth-dubby-ay Kay! (I can also speak fluent pig Latin)

  • tours jours gai tours jours gai
    my favorite cat says–
    wat the hell wat the hell
    theres a dance or two left
    after you are fifty
    happy birth day and all that jazz

  • Tillykke med fødselsdagen.. (DK)
    – I understand how you feel.. turning 30, 40 – and I assume 50 – is all about “hu.. I am 30/40/50…. oh no.. bla bla bla..” but 31, 41, 51 is just “ok.. now we are on our way through the next decade…”
    But you seem to be going strong, so no big deal really.
    Knus IDA

  • HBD, Kay. Very very hbd.

  • Herzliche Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag Kay!

  • Happy Birthday to you
    Squashed tomatoes and stew
    You look like a monkey
    And smell like one toooo!
    Have you heard that one before? Childish, but vaguely amusing. (EastEnders would sing it in the Vic, I think). Happy Birthday doll, with all our love from the London posse x x x x x

  • Happy, happy birthday, Kay!!

  • Happy Birthday Kay!

  • Otanjyoubi Omedetou! Happy Birthday Kay!

  • You lost an “F” there – it’s “feliĉan naskiĝtagon”
    I’d love to throw in a Happy Birthday in another random language, but, well, the only other language I know is esperanto. So – feliĉan naskiĝtagon!

  • Kay, Herzlichen gluckwunsch zum Geburtztag!!! (bad spelling und alles!)

  • Happy birthday Kay! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Kay! I happen to know you are receiving a lovely scarf for your Birthday. Hope I’m not giving anything away there…. I hope you have a lovely day and very happy year ahead.

  • Very happy birthday wishes!

  • Appy-Hay Irthday-Bay Ay-Kay! And-ay Any-May Ore-May!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Grattis på födelsedagen!

  • Bon anniversaire, Kay!

  • Since pig-latin has already been taken, I’ll have to go with zoom-language: Hubbappubby Bubbirthdubbay Kubbay!

  • Hope your day has been superfantastic! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    I miss you.
    L, C

  • Happy Birthday to us Kay! ~x~

  • Feliz Aniversário, Kay! (in portuguese)

  • Happy Birthday Kay! Take the silk!

  • Kay,
    Lá breithe mhaith agat
    and many more!

  • Bonne fete, Kay!

  • happy birthday to you kay!

  • Happy Birthday, Kay.

  • Tanti Auguri Kay!

  • You make 39 look utterly effortless! May you have many more years!

  • Happy Birth, Kay.

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! This is crazy, but I know 6 other people who have their birthdays today. What was going on 9 months before March 24????

  • Felicem diem natalem, Kay! (Latin)
    I really appreciate the wit and creativity that you’ve brought to the knitting world!
    M inM
    PS – when is ANN’S birthday?

  • ������� ���! Happy Birthday!
    My Hebrew calendar birthday was on March 24th this year – four years older than you. Hope you had a great birthday, and, as the saying goes in Hebrew “til 120”!

  • Happy belated birthday Kay!

  • Sorry for being a day late, but still:
    Gratulerer med dagen! (that’s norwegian 🙂

  • Gar, you be avin’ an appy birthday, matey! (Pirate speak)

  • Sang Il Chu Ka Ham Ni Da Kay! (Korean)

  • Happy Birthday, Kay! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and wish all the best in the coming year as well.

  • Woo hoo! Happy birthday!!

  • Happy Birthday — to both of us! Yep, we’re both 3/24ers. Huzzah Ariens!

  • oh, I missed it! happy belated birthday!!! Tanti auguri!

  • Hipy Papy Bithuthdy! (That’s Owl to Winnie the Pooh)and who cares if it’s a day later? We always have a “Birthday Week” at our house! So you still have a few days. Live it up!

  • Big Happy Birthday wishes to you, Kay! Love, your friends in the Basement

  • Grrr! How could I have missed this??
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, liebe Kay!!

  • bonne fête Kay !