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  • Do either of your books have the complete archive?? Please let it be so…. I’m trying to decide which to buy, and if you don’t have the archive…… wwaaahhh. If you don’t, you should publish all the archives.

  • Good luck with your slip cover! I’m sure it will be stunning when its finished. 🙂

  • Oh, Ann. Should I feel bad that I am a copycat? After reading your great posts about denim yarn, I ordered 12 skeins of my own and set to knitting a “frock” for my little boy. Great research!
    I get the idea that if we met on the street you could give me a mini-course without referring to your books first!
    Oh, and BTW, I think I am going to look for Indigo Knits. I don’t have a copy and I just can’t go on until I have looked through it myself!

  • Whoops! I don’t post a comment often. I meant Kay! Kay is the denim yarn goddess!

  • I checked out your little ditty link, it was pretty funny, but I honestly didn’t know all those celebs were Lutherans; I thought they were Scientologists or whatever. (and as for the potlucks, my mother always made casseroles using cream of mushroom soup, or as she called it “Lutheran binder”!) Now as for this chair, is it just to look at, or can people actually sit on it (once knitted, I mean)?

  • Kay,
    I think the slip cover is devine and that you are a demented genius. I am just a titch concerned that your backside might get ever so slightly blue on a hot day, if you use the blue yarn. Perhaps you have planned on the ecru and I can stop fussing.

  • Transatlantic KAL? I’ll join you…. and it can be My Chair in my New Studio! Perhaps I should order a load of black denim from Elann, would suit the pewter carpet better.
    Love Manhattenhenge! Who knew? (well, not me in London, anyway).
    Off to Ravelry to sign up, and then, as it is Friday night, off to the GP for dinner. Will raise my Hue beer to you, mad knitting and denim!
    B x x

  • I’ve been hankering to do a cover for my task chair/sewing roomchair that is just plain ugly, but I spend oodles of time in, and this just might be the kick in the backside I needed to get started! If you’re starting a group (or just want someone to commiserate with while undertaking the chair expereince) I’m in.

  • oh, you had to go there?…
    there is a chair cover -for an IKEA chair- that’s all i remember- that was in one of the knitting magazines- IK? – quite a few years ago. I coveted it, was singularly obsessed for a good 6 months, then let it go…
    now, you have put it top of mind, i must find the pattern and join the rav group- i’m an idiot. i dont even have SPACE in my condo for a chair. i’ll have to make and gift it. 😉
    anyone remember the pattern???
    off to the yarn book closet.

  • I think it might be the same pattern. I’ll check my old Interweaves from 2004 when this Erika Knight book was published.
    I’ve also been told that Rowan members can download it at the Rowan site. True?

  • Thanks so much for the link to the Lutheran Song! I hadn’t thought of Lost & Found for years. They were a frequent fixture at youth gatherings, oh, 15 years ago.

  • Ah, you cruel tarts! I’ve had Book 2 on order at Amazon ever since I heard about it. Sept 16th is circled on my calendar.

  • Thanks for the video! Couldn’t wait to send it to the family…as Lutheran Minister’s PK….that was funny!

  • Oh, and as to the potlucks..the best line I’ve ever heard..”Keep your fork, the best is yet to come.”

  • There are vastly different breeds of Lutherans as well. Your Texas Lutheran is, generally, something of a nut. I married a Lutheran and, right after we bought our house, a “Wisconsin Synod” Lutheran called to invite us to church. I responded that my husband was Lutheran. “Where’s he from?” I said, “Iowa.” Guy hung up on me!

  • May I just be the odd duck to say that I LOVE THE CHAIR you’re going to cover just as it IS?
    Wow, what a color! What a gloriously sexy shape. You’re going to cover it?
    Ok…denim knit makes that acceptable.
    I think I’m up to my eyeballs in SOS’08, so I’ll watch from afar…you all have FUN! Knitting a chair cozy someday would be a blast, tho’! I think I’ll queue it.

  • I regret to say that I won’t be joining the Society for Knitted Upholstery. Although I should, since our ratty armchairs are begging for new covers!
    But I’ve got me some Lutheran pride! I never thought I’d see the LBW on YouTube! Now, where’s that cream of mushroom soup? I’ve got a hankering for tuna hotdish…

  • And in honor of Lutherans, Martin Luther can be seen doing the chicken dance here:

  • Very intriguing. Would be fun in an intarsia or embroidered leopard pattern, too.

  • Sorry, but I believe I’ll have to take a pass on the upholstering. Might give hubby the idea we NEVER need new furniture and that is so WRONG. Holding my breath until we get to start peeking at the new book. (OMG, I’ll be the color of some of that denim yarn if ya’ll don’t hurry.)

  • Wow, Kay, when you come back, girl, you come back with a vengeance! Your delusions of chair grandeur are inspiring– someday, I really do expect to see a knitted version of Christo’s building-wrapping, stockinette panels-a-flying, purly gates art installation come outta those smokin needles. Y’all sure know how to knit big!
    Am I the only one who notes a distinct resemblance between the Rowan cowboy on the beautiful ball band and the likenesses on your first book cover? Perhaps if I read back through all the comments and archives I could find I am not the first to make this connection, or should I just get over it, it’s so three posts ago, not to mention the new book is imminent and why blab about the other one? Anyway, isn’t that funny? Love you gals.

  • I am concerned about those pointy corners on the Victim Chair. I love, love, love the knitted dark denim slipcover concept, but as the mother of the boy with the pointiest elbows on the planet, I know that sharp points and knits don’t get along terribly well.

  • Thanks for the Lutheran shout out!!! I can’t wait to see the slip cover for your chair.

  • The Lutheran Song video reminds me of Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah song.

  • would knitted slipcovers for
    doll house furniture count
    might be able to handle that one
    the victim could have a christmas
    slip cover all holly and froth
    the chair could have brad pitts
    image knitted on it -the most
    oh my goshwould you look at that
    my friend told me about it can i sit

  • Wow! Kay, I am so excited about this chair cover! Will yours have the bobbles? They’re such a pain in the neck (and in regions farther south) to make, IMHO. Good luck with it, whatever you decide.
    You go girl!

  • Oh Kay, I love that chair as it is, sans cover! Where can I get one like it, with that 50’s-style pale blue leather? I’ve got ugly chairs that really need a cover, but I’d take yours as it is. . .

  • I have a battered leather chair, complete with ottoman, that would look excellent with a denim slipcover on the cushions. If you can figure out how to get it from Denver to Parts East, you can have it. Seriously. Omaha isn’t that far away.

  • Dear Kay: thanks so much for the Youtube link. I had to send it to my brother as payback for all the Saturday mornings we sat through the most boring confirmation classes in the world. I loved the pictures of the Small Catechism and had to pull out my copy to show my sweetie to prove I was a genuine lapsed Lutheran of the Missouri Synod.

  • Working quickly (as I always do when delusional)
    another career option: there’s always comedy writing. knitting humour– my kind of sub-sub-genre
    a knitted slipcover would make the chair less – hmm- austere? curious to see the result xo

  • WOW, that chair (although already fabulous) will look so much more um, RIGHT with a denim slip cover. Are you going to let it show a bit of leg? I can’t wait to see it.
    Love all the denim posts this week. Even learned a thing or two since I have never yet re-sized anything to make it in denim. I’m having a bit of a denim period at the momoent so it feels like synchronicity!
    I’m working on a Kay-inspired denim blanket for a little girl I know and seeing it lying on the sofa last week have decided to knit all my cushion covers in mixtures of the two lighter colour Rowan denims – does that qualify me for the upholstery knitters society? I’ve also got a sleeve done of the stripey (always lovin those stripes) gansey style sweater in indigo knits. Sadly it’s too long but that’s NOT THE DENIM’S FAULT. No, it’s the Sarah’s fault for not paying attention to how long the sleeves actually are!
    Onwards with that denim love!

  • oh, kay, I come to a knitting blog and the lutheran song makes me a bit verklempt.
    I guess good memories of growing up and all the pot lucks….and Holden Village (anybody out there been to Holden??? I learned to knit there.)
    can’t wait to see new book teasers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suzanne, my LYS owner, knit the chair cover from the old IK. So I have sat in a knit-upholstered chair. I have faith that it can be done!

  • Are you the unofficial spokesperson for Denim? The fabric of our lives? Because, frankly, I am about to embark on denim projects for both of the girls, inspired by these recent odes to denim – a sunhat for the baby (her other knit cotton hat is too small now) and a sweater for the 5 year old. She thinks that so many yarns are too itchy, and I just couldn’t bring myself to knit her something out of Caron Simply Soft and didn’t think the Cotton Ease colors look like her. What would be hipper for a new kindergartener than a denim sweater, and it’s Florida, it’s OK if it’s not wool.

  • Have you seen the knitted chair cover in Interweave Knits about 2 or 3 years ago? I made that one and it came out great! Of course I won’t let anyone sit in the chair for fear that something will catch on it and pull something, but I love looking at it and it gets lots of comments! Can’t wait to see how yours comes out.

  • W00t! Missouri Synod represent!
    I thought the band sounded familiar… turns out I attended a ‘concert’ (at our church) with them about a decade ago! It’s a small world (and apparently it’s filled with Lutherans!).

  • Luved the YouTube! It just ‘confirms’ that I’ll always be a Lutheran at heart. 🙂

  • I note that the question of bobbles have been raised in the knitting of them (which I wouldn’t have a problem with in theory, although I can’t even imagine knittin cotton yarn into bobbles – hand cramps for sure!). However, I object to them in Erika’s design from a more functional perspective – who needs a bobbly cushion to sit on? Wouldn’t it make some uncomfortable spots on the seat and back? Like sitting on some tiny bobbly rocks? But you did state that you were modifying the pattern, so hopefully you have taken this into consideration 🙂
    And as for me, I’m out of the knitted upholstery – I’m doing my best to get a baby sweater started and finished while my 4-month old can still wear it!