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  • Dearest,
    I knew that sometime in our endless conversing–or as the kids say, “conversating”– here, there and everywhere, this little historical footnote would eventually come out:
    There. Are you happy now?
    This is the God’s honest truth. I am not happy about it. I do not even know what the “AMC” stands for. What a horrible car, for making out, but even worse for driving. I remember that opening and closing the door of that contraption was an epic athletic achievement. A testament to the powerful Spring Fever of 1982.
    I hope you still respect me, Ms. Dodge DART for Pete’s sake. I mean really. Glass houses and all that.

  • Ann,
    In the spirit of sharing I’ve been trying to remember the most storied automobile I’ve ever made out in. I don’t remember the make but it was a 1972 Buick and it was l-o-n-g. No AMC Pacer’s in my past either not even a Gremlin or a Ford Pinto. Alas! I’m a little sad for the young un’s. What kind of memories will they have without the cars of the 1970s to get misty eyed about? I’m going to go dig out the 8 tracks.

  • Kay,
    I WORSHIP you! You made out in an AMC(American Motor Company) Pacer. I may have to make you an award. Sorry I lack the skills to make a commemorative plaque.

  • A friend of mine was concieved in the back of an AMC Pacer. Does that count?
    Ah, the joys of broken prophylactics. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • For the car section of this post, I offer a Ford Torino Station wagon, white with red interior. They don’t make interiors in colors like that any more.
    And, actually Ann, I would sort of like my stash to end up at the Nashville flea market. What a story that would be! How did it get there? Was it in a AMC Pacer or a Chevy Vega? Imagine all the joy someone will get over $2 llama. As for the codicil, naw, I am just going to float free of all the Stuff.

  • In the 70’s I dated a car head. We made out in 1) a ’57 Chevy, 2) a ’64 Rambler that didn’t go in reverse,(you had to get out and push it), 3&4) 2 Citreons, (one was supposed to be for parts, but it kept switching as to which one that was.) 5) A Buick of indeterminate age, but with big fins, 6) a Renault 2 seater sports car,(bright screaming yellow), and others of similar ilk. I could only WISH for a Pacer, a Gremlin or a Chevy Vega like the cool girls got to get knocked up in.

  • In the 70’s I dated a car head. We made out in 1) a ’57 Chevy, 2) a ’64 Rambler that didn’t go in reverse,(you had to get out and push it), 3&4) 2 Citreons, (one was supposed to be for parts, but it kept switching as to which one that was.) 5) A Buick of indeterminate age, but with big fins, 6) a Renault 2 seater sports car,(bright screaming yellow), and others of similar ilk. I could only WISH for a Pacer, a Gremlin or a Chevy Vega like the cool girls got to get knocked up in.

  • among other things, this is why we read you guys, ya big dorkuses….

  • p.s.
    volksvagan beetle, thankyouverymuch
    and the flea market for stash!

  • Well, I don’t have stories of conceptions occurring in a Pacer but I do want to share that my daughter just about made her worldly appearance in a Pacer! I was due around the 9th or 10th of January so I thought that a lunch date with a friend on the 5th would not cause any problems. Wrong! I went into labor shortly after lunch. No hospital bag with me. Nothing! Husband at work over an hour away. Friend bundled me into her Pacer and drove me at what must have been break-neck speed to Booth Maternity Center in Philadelphia where I delivered my beautiful baby about 15 minutes after we arrived! Sadly Booth is no more. I remember it as a wonderful place with caring midwives. Anyway, that was 29 years ago….

  • Ooooh, confessions! I too married the owner of the powder blue VW Beetle we made out in, me a young student nurse, he a blind date newly arrived from England with the loveliest accent. We went on to own a VW camper, blue with orange curtains made lovingly by me. That van took us on many, many camping trips on northern Vancouver Island. Great memories.

  • My first real boyfriend had a Gremlin. I seem to remember making out in it. I thankfully escaped any contact with broken prophylactics. WHEW!
    Parts kept falling off. I made a necklace out of the Gremlin emblem and a re-purposed canine choke chain. Ahh…heady times.

  • I actually owned a metallic avocado green Chevy Vega in college. Made out in it too. The guy’s still here 28 years later but the Vega, alas, is long gone. Nice roomy seats it had.

  • Dodge Dart here too! And I married him, too!
    That was, strictly speaking, his dad’s car, coz we were high school sweethearts, but we went on to own and make out in VW buses (2) and a 1973 Pinto! It was the 72s that tended to blow up; ours had a little hunk of extra metal that was somehow supposed to stop the gas tank from exploding. That car met its end in a snowstorm in Manning Park when it met a Delta 88 on a turn. Ah, the memories. My husband was teaching “inelastic collisions” that semester, so the loss of his car was balanced by the great pictures of the inelastic collision.

  • My first car was my grandparents’ hand me down giant Buick Le Sabre, I believe many friends had a fair bit of fun in the back seat. My brother had a Gremlin, much cooler, but no AMC pacer!!!!

  • ’62 Plymouth Fury.
    That’s right. My makeout car was uglier than any of yours. And it had a push-button shift system. And it was mine. I empowered the makeout thing.
    After having cleaned out my grandmother’s house, I consider it my mission – nay, my duty – to collect strange things and carefully pack them away, leaving no clues as to why they are important – merely that they must be.

  • You lost me at Tabu Perfume. My first grade teacher wore it. Every day. Lots of it. I’m kind of instantly catapulted back in time…

  • You knew this thread would go this way, didn’t you? VW here, fastback and bug.

  • best car on the market was a 67 Plymouth Fury III. I guess there was a Fury one and two somewhere. You could sneak the whole gang into the drive-in through the trunk. Probably had more people in that car than most vans hold now.
    As for wills and estates, my favorite threat to the nieces and nephews is that I will keep a laptop on my table at the nursing facility and print a fresh new will daily based on who comes to see me and who doesn’t. It’s roulette for them on which day I am formally declared crazy therefor making any future wills null and void. The only way this one works is if you actually hoard things they really want. Lucky for us so far they think our stuff is pretty cool.

  • I guess the upside of dating guys too poor to own their own cars meant the rather deluxe accommodations of parents’ Cadillacs, Pontiac Bonnevilles or Ford LTDs (although there was a green Hornet…and FYI? Mustangs in the 70’s had a weird hump in the middle of the back seat)

  • Giggling myself silly at the stash codicile, mostly because if you REALLY care, then it a pretty legit requirement – third very original idea I’ve heard this month.

  • i do not believe one single
    can you top this entry

  • my first (and second !) car
    ’73 Gremlin with *Levis* interior
    what a hoot this post and comments has been…

  • Ann,
    I came across this will for a quilter’s fabric stash created by eleanor pierce bailey and with a few changes it might do for a yarn stash too, but of course it may not be as legal tender as a real codicil. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dodge Dart AND a Chevy Chevette(w/racing stipe)
    These posts are hilarious-loose knitters casting off!

  • The codicil…great idea actually. It’s not just stash…books! When I found out what my copy of Poetry in Stitches could be worth, I stuck a note in it so the family wouldn’t put it in a garage sale!
    The cars? Some great memories is all I’m sayin’.

  • Sorry – had to respond. I grew up in Oyster Bay, NY and the name Underhill (one of the witnesses) was still very much around when I was growing up in the late 60s-early 70s.
    Just saying…

  • I grew up in Syosset, part of the Town Of Oyster Bay, home to Underhill Boulevard – although I didn’t know any actual Underhills like Joan.
    Where’d you find this Last Will?

  • Ann & Kay,
    I feel a new book idea for y’all comin’ on. Knitters and the classic cars they made out in! Well if not a book at least a chapter in a book down the line. Mebbe with some groovy knitted steering wheel covers, stick shift covers(do you really want to keep looking at that magic 8 ball novelty knob?)There could even be knitted seat covers. That last idea covers both the automotive angle and the furniture covering angle! Two birds with one stone. You two are an inspiration!

  • OMG – was that a Pacer or a Gremlin that summer of ’83? Now I can’t remember, but it was one of them!
    And as the inheritor of 1/3 of my grandmother’s stash and virtually all of her UFOs – yes, please designate these somewhere. And also the FOs! We really struggled with (and I still struggle with) many of her spectacular handknits that just didn’t fit anyone in the family, were made with a strong 1974 ethos, etc. On the positive side, if I finished any of those sweaters on the needles, I’d have another full collection of needles to spare! (so glad she preferred wool!)

  • Ann, I NEED the 1,000 words that go with the Selleck Waterfall Sandwich pictures. So evocative, yet elusive. And why that mustache? What’s it all about, Alfie?

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