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  • I love when Durita asks “How do we get the camera back?” and there is dead silence. LOL

  • By focusing on the sweater, I think you’re missing the whole point: the colorway! Charcoal black, cream, slate grey, soft teal, with that brilliant pop of scarlet red? That’s a PERFECT Fort Tryon Wrap right there.

  • Thank you for this and the Norway video. I have new fun things to watch now 🙂 Also, that sweater is beautiful. We need to figure it out!

  • Sheep! No better way to start my day, though it’s going to be breaking a 60 year old record here today, in the 100s again, and wool is not in the foreseeable future.

  • Stranded Colorwork Time Zone–good laugh to start the day. Thanks.

  • I think you nailed the sweater pattern, although there may be some waist shaping in there too. And the colors! Also liking the inventor guy’s hat, that may need to be charted out as well.

  • Gosh! I am “Tamara S” and I now feel famous! Love the sweater and all these sheep and their beautiful views, and I will always appreciate people with a sense of humor – they’re sprinkled all over! Thanks for the tips on the sweater construction too – but I do love a good pattern. I’m hoping someone creates one. With all the incredible and talented designers out there it would be for someone a no-brainer, it’s just that the someone isn’t me. Thanks for the follow-up blog post and for everything else I appreciate but regularly fail to specifically mention.

  • Stranded Colorwork Time Zone. Hahahahaha! You cracked me up! I haven’t even had more than a few sips of coffee but that still got through my mental haze!!!

    • Same here, except for “coffee” read “tea”!

    • Me too! So funny!

  • Love those colors. The yarn looks halo-y and soft. dreaming of autumn.

  • “The Sweater” also appears to have something of a flat (not rolled), wide, almost boat-neck collar — you can see her brown t-shirt peeking out from underneath a few times. I’ll leave the inventor’s hat to the folks who are still set on “Stranded Colorwork Time”, but a pattern for his sweater could also be useful. Let’s see…DK wool or finer, ribbed mock-turtleneck collar, negative ease, set-in sleeves….

    If the Faroe Islands are in the Stranded Colorwork Time Zone, which zone or zones are us North Americans in? “Granny Square Afghan”?

  • There is a very good view of her sweater if you click the Faroe Islands tab on her blog. Very clear and close up if anyone wants to see.

  • A visit to the Faroe Islands is on my bucket list (along with Shetland Wool Week and Estonian Craft Camp). This is marvelous. Thanks, Kay and Tamara!

  • My first thought was that the sweater is crocheted. What do you think?

  • My first thought was that it seems entirely possible that the sweater is one by Guðrun & Guðrun; it’s very similar to this one on their website: https://www.gudrungudrun.com/vasi-black/white.aspx
    (Also, that would be an appropriate wardrobe choice to make if you’re working for the Faroese tourist bureau)
    It looks like it’s got a bit of mohair haze like the one in the link when I view the full size image – mohair’s super popular in Norway as well!

    And thank you for “Stranded Colorwork Time Zone” !

  • I think there’s a purl row at the color changes in the striping. Love the sweater, the hat, and especially the sheep. Yay sheep!