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  • That is some down right scary fabric! I wonder if I could make boxers for a couple of my friends with it. Heck, I wonder if they would still be my friends afterwards!

  • A very distracting distraction from the hopeful extra credit crush! The i-cord would just make you grouchy under the circumstances.

  • “Is that for me?”– the winning punchline. Seriously, if that’s NOT printed on the selvedge I’ll be disappointed.

  • I’m not a quilter, but I love those fabrics!!!!

  • Kay – Cool shawl! Citron question — did you use a single strand of Jade Sapphire — or double? I swore I read somewhere that you used double but now I cannot find it. I have the Jade Sapphire in a different color and it’s just begging to be a Citron! Love your blog, all of your knitting, and your books!

  • I can’t decide between “ready for action” or “twin peaks” !!

  • Now if that doesn’t get me motivated to quilt, I’m not really sure what would! 🙂

  • Heavy Equipment for me! Oooh la la.

  • OMG – that fabric, the names of the fabric, hot men printed on fabric…Thank you for making my Monday!!!

  • Something seems wrong to me about that fabric. It’s great if you still think a Ken doll is a hunk, otherwise it’s rather scary.

  • Thanks for brightening up my Monday!

  • something about buff guys with big packages….oops! I mean carrying big things..oops! how ’bout hottties holding big…nevermind….how ’bout we just call’em “eye-candy” and call it a night!

  • Thanks for the Newberry Yarns video and link. As I was watching it all came back to me that I visited that shop a few years ago when I was in Boston sometime around New Years. It’s a nice place, especially on a cold day.

  • I didn’t see a Yankees fan in that video…was he edited out? Red Sox Nation…bah on you!

  • gotta love those adorable UPS men!

  • taking a little break-y here at work, and yes I did scroll QUICKLY thru the Christmasy hunks image.

  • Oh my word! Whatever will they come up with next? Maybe I need to make a pillowcase for my teenage daughter with some of that fabric (and I’m not talking about the UPS men one!!!).

  • You’re THAT far on ANOTHER Fine Line shawl? You GO.
    Restraining myself from any further comment…

  • that fabric makes my day! those campers and fireman are awfully hunky 🙂 thanks kay!

  • Holding out for the colourway “Investment Managers.”

  • Kay, the last part of school is always bigger in scale. More activities, more assignments, more angst. Eye rolling on the part of the mother, while deeply satisfying, seems to cause more distress in the student. I find a drink with dinner makes things go more smoothly. A larger number of drinks, can cause dinner dishes to be left out with hopes that there really is a dish fairy and maybe she will come to your house tonight and do the dishes. One drink however, makes the student’s actions appear quirky and charming rather than (fill in term of choice here).

  • Just thinking of the fun I could have if the Christmasy fabric were available as wrapping paper. Someone has missed a major marketing opportunity!

  • That fabric gives a whole new meaning to “What can brown do for YOU?” 😉

  • OK, I might have to buy the Xmas fabric with the chaps on to wrap all my presents in this year. Just how fabulous is it? At least 4 of my friends, male and female (but more probably the male ones) will love it. Off now to look at the link and see what else there is. x x x

  • right. And I have to get this one for several birthday presents. You never see an ugly fireman, you know?

  • Thanks so much for the fabric link. Maybe it’s time to take up quilting? or something. I was going to use the “What can Brown do for you” but someone beat me to it. Oh well, it’s a great line. Great fabric, too.

  • Just like I said, the internet is breaking down–better send in the “Heavy Equipment” guys.

  • Thanks for the link to the fabric. “Heavy Equipment”
    Oh gosh I cannot tell you how badly I needed a laugh and how perfect your timing was.

  • My niece finished 8th grade last week. Math is her weakness. A year and a half ago, my brother told her that if she ever managed to bring home a B in Math for the 9 weeks, he would get a mohawk. Well — she did it! If she had managed to pull out an A, he would have had to dye it the colors of her choice!

  • After that blog I think you should add sound…YMCA would be a good choice! Young men…ok…equilter is my new go to site, they have everything, had my Boy Scout fabric in 3 days across the US. good company!As always you brighten my day, made me laugh out loud….enjoyed the Newbury Yarn Video…had my Flip didn’t even think to pull it out in Harvard! Red Sox Nation was well in attendence….

  • So glad Aldrich seems to be doing well. I worried that her little gem might not make it.

  • hi all:)
    what is the name of the song in the video?

  • Bless the teachers who grade that avalanche of procrastinated extra credit at the end of the year–my daughter has certainly contributed more than her fair share. One more week here, too.

  • Fabric. Trips. Me. Out.

  • Viewing “Firefighter Hunks” + my usual “dreamy Fairway Market shopping firefighters” sightings = even more unbearable time in the produce section blushing (melons. bananas. cucumbers. peaches. etc.)

  • Hubba-hubba! I like the one called Ready For Action. They are indeed ready!
    Mark Lipinski used to feature stuff like that when he was doing Quilter’s Home. It was awesome!