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  • Sounds like you need a fifty four ring paper chain to help you count down.

  • I believe that you are experiencing a phenomenon identified by my mother-in-law: you begin hating any project when it is 9/10ths done.
    Also, I never knew that rhinestone suit design was so complex!

  • I hope you manage to finish the sweater this go around. I don’t think you’d be that happy to pick this up in 2017/8 and realize that you only had a few dozen rows left to go.

  • I miss the country music stars in their rhinestones and embroidery! An old t-shirt and cowboy hat just isn’t the same. Porter Wagoner and Marty Stuart could rock some rhinestones better than Miss America on her best day.

  • Keep plugging away on it. It’s gorgeous enough to make me consider fair isle some day.

  • I did not even notice the hipbone eyes! That’s a little…something.

  • Maybe instead of special winter **ics knitting, you could do a race to be done before the insanity that is March begins? (I tried very hard to be PC and not infringe on anyone’s copyright – hopefully I was fully compliant without being unintelligible.)

  • Rush! We want to see it, and you want to wear it before the weather gets too warm. Godspeed!
    Have you taken to knitting inside out to keep your floats loose, or did you just want to show us how pretty your stranding is?

  • Keep knitting. The sweater is so beautiful.

  • Loved the rhinestones, and I know you all are infatuated with Jack White, but I gotta say that The Black Keys were awesomer. And where did I first hear their Best Rock Song of the Year “Lonely Boy?” Well right chere on MDKnitting! Keep rockin’ on that sweater.

  • Would you believe I didn’t watch it live? Downton Abbey was on, woman!
    Here is the best video I could find: http://www.spin.com/articles/grammys-performances-2013-video-watch-jack-white-frank-ocean-rihanna
    I adore the girl band–the dresses and the impeccable makeup and the way they play. I adore the boy band; they seem delightfully lowdown. I PARTICULARLY ADORE THE PEACOCK SUIT. If that thing doesn’t end up in the Smithsonian I am going to be one pissed-off ghost in the Hereafter. He wears it without irony or hipsterism.
    And you know what it called to mind for me? Alabama Chanin. WHY ISN’T JACK WHITE WEARING ALABAMA CHANIN?
    I may have to bead something up for him myself.
    I am turning 55 next month. Whenever I see Jack White in live performance, at least a year–a very good year–gets added onto my life. Electrifying. (Just the tailoring on that suit gave me a nice 6 months.) And please, anybody who compares him to Johnny Depp, or Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands–needs to sharpen their perception (don’t get me wrong I like Johnny Depp but HEY). I never understood what my mom said about seeing Elvis Presley live in the 50s–until Jack White.
    OK, that’s my testimony. Laugh if you will. Of the many ways Ann Shayne has enriched my life, blasting Jack White while driving me around Nashville in the Mom Bomb is at the top of the list.
    xoxo Kay

  • Do you mean 54 rounds of a sleeve? If so, maybe it’s time to bust out the M&M row-counters. Or, since it is this particular sweater, the “favorite chocolates” row-counters. With a “favorite beverage” waiting after the Finish Line. Be strong! Glory is on the near horizon!

  • ah, Nudie Suits! I mounted one for an exhibition that was worn by Roy Rogers!
    (The exhibit was called “A Perfect Fit” – and there was an exhibition catalog).

  • Oh, Ann, come over to my house and we can knit on Starmores together. Your Donegal will look even better when you hear me ooh and ahh over it.

  • Don’t falter now. It looks amazing. I may pick up my Kaffe coat with this as inspiration.

  • Gee…missed the eyes on the suit pants. Guess I was looking at his make up (where’s my head?)! Still it was great to see two singers pulling it together after Ms. Lambert & Mr. Bentley’s number.
    There’s no rush, but you do live with a fluffy yarn stalker with a known attraction for this project.

  • Maybe you should be singing the rows you have left.
    You know, something to the tune of 54 bottles of beer on the wall . . . only you could sing “54 rows of Starmore to knit”, etc., etc.
    You’re clever. I’m sure you’ll come up with a catchy lyric.

  • Nudie Cohn! They don’t nickname ’em like they useta. Would love to the the real story behind that one.Have to admit I was also really distracted by the wardrobe.

  • 54 rounds to glory? here’s just the ticket to get you over that hump: 15 minute increments! (OK, you’ve heard it before). the great thing about it is that if you set a timer, the minute the bell rings, you stop (or quickly find a comfortable place in the knitting to stop).
    it will be so comforting to know that you have an end built in at the beginning. and you can contract wth yourself for any. number of 15 minute increments. perfecto, no?
    give it a try, if you want, and see what develops.

  • Dang, I heart Jack White. That suit was perfect. I assume you have watched ‘It Might Get Loud’?

  • Go! Go! Go!
    By now those 54 rounds may have dwindled to far less.
    Don’t give up! Push through that wall!

  • Hang in there on the sweater! The rows are getting shorter and hopefully faster. Put on some fabulous music/really engrossing book on tape, and you won’t notice the knitting.

  • c’mon c’mON C’MON!!! You can do it! Yes We Can!!!

  • Go for it, in a tempered sort of way. It’s going to be magnificent!!!!

  • our leaders have not posted a valentine card
    but i will wish one and all happy vaentines
    i think we say nice nice to kay and ann
    love to you both anyway sniff sniff

  • I LOVE that you are still persevering on this sweater! As mentioned, I’ve been away from your blog for about 2 years, but I remember this gem! You are so close! And it’s beautiful! And someday maybe I’ll try some fair isle myself. But I suspect I’ll do something like a hat, yet it will take me as long as your sweater! Keep on Keepin’ on! You lOVE knitting. Remember?