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  • WOW, I won — I can’t believe it. So excited. Haven’t got the email yet, but hope it comes through soon.

  • UFOs! UFOs! I am ALL ABOUT the UFOs.

  • Lord. I have two Nina shawls and a log-cabin blanket in the paralyzing UFO arena. I’m thinking about making them my New Year’s resolution.
    Hey…wait a minute. Those are BOTH Mason-Dixon projects!

  • Any book with a cashmere goat on the cover gets my immediate attention 🙂
    Extremely Laid-back Knitter, but
    Not-so-laid-back Cashmere Goat Owner

  • “Tripping over the WIPs” is a great phrase, and called to mind the dust bunnies in my WIP basket.
    What? I can vacuum that? I have table clothes spread between and over projects, like frosting over cake layers.
    But fuzzier.

  • at first i hyperventilated when i read *five* blankets. but perhaps that’s like 10 quilt WIPs? best of luck with all that finishing!

  • I joined two knitalongs this year (bad idea, the year-long knitalong). So far, I have more or less kept up with the one where I have to knit a square a month, but I think my March socks have yet to be cast on. But! I have 2 gorgeous sweaters *just waiting* for the last 75% to be knit, a stunning shawl that needs to be done for a birthday present soon… And so on. So, once I get the shawl done, I’ll just sure as heck get cracking on finishing something else.

  • Dusty projects! So glad it’s not just me…!

  • I expect to finish fewer things than I start each year. I’ve been looking at my ravelry WIPs and I currently have 6 unfinished projects started this year. I consider it a win if it is only 6 at the end of the year and if I have finished an old thing (or two or three) from previous years. The idea to tackle the small ones first is a good one. I am sure I have a pair of socks that just require a dose of kitchener!

  • I bought the laid back knitter book and loved it. So sorry not to have won (again), but am with you on the UFO game. Have to sew in the ends of my niece’s blanket before Thanksgiving when she comes to visit, trying to get others done so I can stash dive again!

  • Good luck with all the projects – One of my favorite yarnharlot quotes goes something like this – “It is called knitting not (insert name of ufo here) making…” so sit down and knit – and continue to be laid back!

  • Just as long as you don’t get the crazy idea to raise that garter stitch debt limit. We all know what sort of havoc that can wreak.

  • Why are new patterns and new yarn so seductive? So hard to stay disciplined and finish those WIPs. Good luck with that!
    Am saving up to buy Noro for my Mitered Cross and plan to give it to ME when I finish it (or rather when I start it and then finish it).

  • I better get that book PRONTO.

  • I wish I had known about this, I LOVE knitting books!