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  • Gobsmacked, as usual. No more to say.

  • Awesome six different ways! Love the dishcloth, makes me want to donate blood or find a Saint Bernard. In a good way, I mean.
    Just took a stroll through the Ravelry Mitered Square projecks, and it really lays out the many, many moods of this simple square. Highly addictive!

  • Love it, Kay. Makes me want to stand up like Aretha and belt out, “Come on and rescue me!”

  • You never stop, do you? Love this one to bits. And $16.5k! What a star you are. B x x

  • That looks great! I love how after all these years your blog has retained the same voice, the same path where you gab about knitting.
    I’ve been on a dishrag tear this summer. 4 done, 5 on the needles but I paused to make a batman hat for my 6 yo. Helpful hint, intarsia in the round is hellish.
    I miss ball banding so I might just make one of those nifty ball band bracelets to keep the flame alive. And I’ll happily get that calendar; if people at work don’t think I’m quite weird enough already 12 months of dishcloth knitting should seal the deal!

  • such a lovely block design. i hope the money keeps trickling in for a good long time.

  • And, might I add, your photo of the dishcloth is sharp, distinctive, crystal clear. It shows that you were a star student at the Gale Zucker’s Photography for Knitters workshop!!!

  • That is an amazing total. People forget that every little bit really does help. I love the idea of using your pattern sale and that of others to show that by banding together even modest amounts have a huge impact.

  • The dishcloth is striking. Think how cool it would look in a red and white kitchen. Forget red. How about a white kitchen? It would distract from the dirt on anything white. Really red catches your attention like few things. Think of the hot red fire engine.

  • 16.5K….that’s incredible. I’m sure every dollar is helping! 🙂

  • After getting stung years ago on a dishcloth calendar, I decided to make my own: a different dishcloth for each month, focusing on the holidays whenever possible. I am still working on June but your cross dishcloth makes me think it would be possible to do a dishcloth for Flag Day.

  • Well done, Kay!

  • Did anyone else get a malware warning when visiting the site that’s selling the pattern booklet?

  • Yup..I got a malware warning.

  • i did indeed get a malware warning

  • I just got a malware warning, too. Darn.

  • I really love how this is both retro and modern at once. It makes me , a failed candy striper, want to donate blood with Ann but also roll bandages with Florence Nightingale.

  • HEY GALE! I was a failed candystriper too! Did you wear a blue and white striped skirt with a bib thingie pinafore deal on the top?

  • Wonderful post in every way!

  • Very good dishrag, and very good donation amount!
    It’s been a few weeks since we moved, and we are settling in to the new house, but, distressingly, a large percentage of our kitchen towels are still AWOL. (Jane has been heard to mutter, “I think they’re in a green tote.” That’s not as helpful as you might think, as many of the still-unpacked totes are green.)
    I am ashamed to confess how long it took me to realize that I DO know where my cotton yarn is, and my knitting needles, so I could just MAKE more towels. Oh happy day(s) of cranking out garter stitch towels! 🙂