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  • Have you seen the commercials? I was amazed w&t Carrie’s voice! I think she’ll do the part proud!

  • no. no. NO! That is just wrong. very, very wrong

  • Christian Borle! And who knew Bill the vampire could sing? I too was impressed with Carrie’s voice in the commercials. Obviously she can’t duplicate Julie Andrews’ beautiful clear soprano but she’s a long way from her country belting style.

  • Granted remakes are rarely as good as the original but I will reserve judgement until after I see it. We may be surprised or …………maybe not?????

  • Twerkin’ in the Rain, staring R Kelly and Miley Cyrus

  • Anyone else having trouble getting images of True Blood gore and wonkiness out of their minds on this one? Now if the lead-in and titles were just as good as TB! jdu (I’m seeing dead people!)

  • I just want to say that I love that you have a tag for ‘big hair’ and it doesn’t necessarily involve anyone from Jersey Shore.

  • Perhaps Oklahoma! with Zac Brown and Lady Gaga?

  • Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.
    Why can’t they leave well enough alone? and Christopher Plummer – tres sexy as Captain von Trapp.

    I couldn’t recognize a Carrie Underwood song if I heard it … no Sondheim (though I hear Jessica Molaskey is in that production, and she is good.)

    However, Reba McEntyre was really really good in “Annie Get your Gun” — and for another one available on dvd, watch her as Nellie Forbush in “South Pacific” with Brian Stokes Mitchell as Emile, and Alec Baldwin (yes, Alec Baldwin) as Luther. A really wonderful production, not fully staged, done at Carnegie Hall. I dare you not to cry in the final scene!

  • Sound of Music is one of my all time favorites. It is a classic but does that mean no one else can ever recreate the part? I’m looking forward to watching.

  • We traveled to Salzburg, Austria, a beautiful city in the mountains full of history and culture – and crazed American women who run around singing songs from The Sound of Music. How embarrassing! The have a few hundred thousand people in the city and 6 million tourists annually, apparently mostly crazed American women, etc.

    They do sell not only sock yarn but also knitting tchotckes in the .99 Euro stores. I also found a lovely yarn shop. So it wasn’t a total loss.
    PS.. Kay, your dish cloths look worse than the Swiffer cover I showed you at BAKG luncheon.

  • I’m still reeling from the news that there’s gonna be a sequel to “It’s a Wonderful Life”! Not Happy.

    • This has been canceled thank goodness! People forget that a lot of this movie is about George’s struggle to swallow the bitterness of his lost dreams and opportunities and to forge ahead by doing right by the less fortunate. In today’s “Me” world, that would probably be written out leaving nothing but treacle.

      • Well said, Catherine! I hadn’t heard of the cancellation, now I can sleep at night.

  • You had to ask: Miley Cyrus in “My Fair Lady”. Or any member of a boy band, past or present, as the title character in “Tommy,” with Tiffany as his mom, Madonna as the Acid Queen, John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) as the Doctor, (I’m sure you can come up with other bad choices for the rest of the parts)!

    • Although I never saw “Tommy”, I like your Miley Cyrus referance. Very funny!

  • I hear Justin Bieber has always wanted to play Bert in “Mary Poppins.”

  • I’m disappointed that there is only one post under the Lonely Goatherd tag.

    Lady Odel Lady,

    • Here I am simply remembering all my favorite things and that trailer is STILL making me feel so bad.

  • Hmmm — can Merle Hazard maybe do Oklahoma? I think there are two C&W chick singers from this site who could support him.

    Cheers, Karen

  • Interesting enough the Van Trapp singers are preforming this evening and next right here in my hometown.

  • Shhhhhhh! If no one watches it, it doesn’t exist.

  • Listening to Carrie on Pandora (while procrastinating from work) as I read this. Just sayin’. 🙂 Guess I should put Pandora back to the Baroque station and get back to work! 🙂 Thanks for the smile.

  • I keep hoping this is a 30 Rock joke. It’s not.

  • Had to add this courtesy of my local NPR (and Kay’s as well):

    Soundcheck Smackdown: The Sound of Music; here:

    Pros and cons; about 15 minutes or so. Gotta admit, one version of the title song by Carrie Underwood had me cringing a bit …

  • I first heard about the remake here so thought I would leave my reactions. I am a big fan of the stage version and find some aspects of the movie cringe-worthy. I can’t imagine anyone being happy with NBC’s choices. I didn’t last through the first few notes of The Hills are Alive and then had to dip in and out through the rest. Ghastly idea. I assume the universally bad reviews will ensure that we won’t see its like again.