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  • The blanket is gorgeous! Everything about it looks just perfect.

  • It looks great! I love the symmetrical randomness of it. Can’t wait for your next book. Please come to Southern California when you promote it!
    from a frequent reader, infrequent commenter.

  • Are you the Mary Anne now just sitting in the town hall, having dug yourself in with no way out? Motherhood is kinda like that, I guess…

  • The FO is great!!! It came out beautifully.

  • “symmetrical randomness” what a great way to describe it.
    Love it. David’s a lucky boy.
    Congrats on finishing it!

  • Stunning subtle colours & cubes. Quite wonderful.

  • I LOVE this blanket. I also love that you didn’t flake out on it. It gives me courage to try something similar and believe I could get through it, albeit with Jane Austin or PG Wodehouse as companions ;-).

  • The blanket is just beautiful. David is a lucky boy. My kids are lucky if I manage to knit a pair of mitten or socks for them. The blanket came out great. If you need a new project you can help me knit Christmas presents.

  • LOVE IT – love how well it complements the couch and the chair as young men are known to leave such items in such places!
    great job.

  • Stunning honey, just stunning! (that’s kinda Southern talk – I wouldn’t actually SAY that)

  • you could box up your red scarf 2008 project
    time to send them off
    a manicure trim your hair
    make something sparkly for
    the holidays run for president
    clean out a closet go to
    an out door play buy new shoes
    learn to tango climb every
    mountain buy any thing de la
    renta now call ann she will
    tell you what to do like
    read mary jane clarks mystery laid in ny and the cloisters

  • It’s lovely!

  • It is fabulous! Tell David that he has a very good eye for color and I want, no I covet his blanket very much! Hope he has a blast!

  • It’s perfect. A piece of art, really.

  • Love the blanket. My boys have been asking for one. I really love the Mike Mulligan reference. As a mom of little ones…we’ve been reading that a bunch. But, I’ve always loved that book…I remember my mom reading it to me. And she remembers her mom reading it to her. So, if this made you feel like Mary Anne and Mike Mulligan, then your next big project should make you feel like The Little House (Virginia Lee Burton as well). We’ve been reading that one this week (we’re in the stage when I read a book…they say AGAIN) Do you know that one too?

  • wow wow wow — it’s gorgeous!! I love the squares, I love the tweed, but most of all (surprising myself here) I LOVE the orange border flanked by the green.

  • It’s wonderful Ann – what’s next on the blanket roster?

  • Definitely it grows on one…like lichen. Oh, come on! It’s really beautiful. I like to think of it in contrast to Belinda’s all denim that shimmered like the bottom of a pool (cain’t find it in the archives) or Kay’s for the book that pops. Yours winks knowingly. Lucky David!

  • That is one beautiful blanket!

  • So absolutely smashing that I can hardly put words to it…

  • Awesome!
    As for what to do next? Knit something else is always a good option.

  • lovely!

  • Love the different shades on different sides. Love the finished blanket. Love that you love making your bed about as much as I love making mine. Love the counting time with your own unit of listening measurement. Love knowing that someone has enough time and quiet to listen to anything for more than 3 minutes. And knit more than a 500 feet of garter stitch. Here in speedy, hectic, overworked NYC, I only have time for math:
    7″ miters x 4 squares = 56″ per side
    56″ x 4 sides = 224″
    (4 orange + 10 green ridges) x 2 rows per ridge = 28 rows
    28 rows around the entire circumference of 224″ = 6272″ or 522 feet
    And that doesn’t account for the picked up stitches, the bound off stitches, the increased number of stitches at the corners, the fudging, etc. (I never claimed to be a rocket surgeon).
    But in a final equation:
    Border = 1.1 O’Brians
    Border = 522 feet of garter in DK
    1.1 O’Briens = 522 feet of garter in DK
    1 O’B = 474.5′[K all] DK
    It’s back to school week, right?

  • Luvitluvitluvit!!!

  • That blanket is a work of art and will be a family heirloom one day. Kudos to you.

  • Oh, what a work of art this blanket is. It’s just beautiful. Congratulations on everything from the design (amazing) to execution (perfect)and for having the the stick-to-it-iveness to complete it! Wow! I am so impressed. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • Forgot to add the square footage calculation.
    Using your 18′ of 3″ border calculation, it’s 4.5 square feet of border. That’s 4.1 square feet [K all] [DK] per O’Brian. To knit a 1,200 square foot ranch house, you would need approximately 267 O’Brians.
    But that’s without accounting for increased speed over time. Or sanity. Clearly lacking on my end today.
    Let me know if you’re interested in an Excel sheet that would recalculate according to different variables. I think it would take me less than .1 O’Brians.

  • Oh, Ann. It is just lovely. I think you loved it because it was for David AND because it was made of such yummy tweedy Rowan. As David gets older, you will find yourself waiting to hear him ask you to make him something. There is no greater thrill than knitting for one’s children, no matter the age.

  • That. Is. Awesome.

  • Wow, it’s so beautiful! I just LOVE it. Congratulations on finishing it!!

  • Words fail, Ann, because I am in awe. Stupendous!

  • The couch and blankie shot is saying “nap time” to me. Great job!

  • You sent yours rafting! Now I feel better about letting my 12-going-on-13 year old walk to school by himself today. (Hey. We live in a big city.) Now that he’s literally as big as I am, I realized I have to stop pretending that I somehow serve as his bodyguard.
    David will be thrilled to come home to his new blanket. It looks great.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next. (Have you seen that mitered wonder over at Knitting Daily in KSH?)

  • David is quite a lucky-cool guy! First, he has a sense of color. Second, he is the recipient of one great love-it-forever blanket. Third, whitewater rafting in West Virginia is awesome this time of year (check out the new WV quarter- if he is rafting the New River he will go right under the bridge depicted on it!). Try not to worry too much- he’ll be back before you know it.

  • Eeeeeeeee! Am a very keen fan of Mike and Mary-Ann! In fact, I just bought the board book version for my tiny niece, because 17 months is plenty old enough to learn that a cheering section helps you go a little bit faster and a little bit better through a tough project. Blanket is llllllovely…I’ve got a real yen to make something big and square, and I think you’re the influence!

  • Way cool! I finished my sock yarn log cabin over the weekend, too. Yep. Sock yarn log cabin blanket. Used up all the bits of sock yarn that were left over after knitting a pair of socks. Love it.

  • I know what you mean about not knowing what to do with yourself after a big project. I just finished the Moderne Log Cabin afghan from your book, which has been my primary project since last October, and feeling somewhat at loose ends about what to do next. At the moment, I’m finishing some long-cast-aside projects.

  • The blanket is lovely! I love the colors, the geometrical design, and of course, the border.

  • Time to knit something for yourself! It’s just gorgeous and warm and lovey looking! What a great blanket!

  • It is beautiful!!!!

  • It’s gorgeous! Well done!

  • That’s a seriously great blanket.
    I sent my 6 year old boy off to his first day of Grade One this morning. He had a great day. I’m still reeling from the shock, and quite frankly, injustice that my baby is already big enough to be in grade one. He’d like that blanket too.

  • That is a very beautiful blanket. I love it.

  • You can always come by and see your neighbor.
    It’s gorgeous! Fab. Fab. Fab.

  • I am going to miss this blanket… it is lovely and i love the colors… More, please! 🙂

  • Ann,
    It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so impressed by your stick-to-it-ness. I don’t think I could do anything that large at this stage in life. There is a scarf on the Interweave blog that resembles your blanket. It’s a beauty, but don’t know if I could do that either. Maybe for a throw for my living room sofa, since I live in Florida and have no need for a scarf.
    You continue to amaze me with your projects. I love reading the blog and look forward to your new book.

  • The blanket is AMAZING! Congratulations on such a beautiful job!

  • Of course I love the blanket, but I really love the fact that you worked Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne into the mix!

  • YOWZA!! Nice work!!
    Next up: something quick and satisfying – which may or may not involve knitting 🙂

  • That is one fantastic looking blanket! I love its tweediness. You’ve got me thinking about actually knitting a blanket… but I know that would probably just end up with me having about 12 mitred ‘potholders’!

  • Soooo… Since this was your biggest project EVah, when it is wrapped around your son, the result will be….
    (wait for it)
    David in Goliath! :o)

  • Wiping the drool off my chin, that blanket is my all time favorite. It pushes all of my “must make” buttons. Beautiful! Now, how to replicate it…

  • The blanket is just lovely and what a treasure for your son. I hope you stare at it often during the day. What an accomplishment!

  • We ADORE Mike Mulligan in this house! Your blanket is beautiful. How do you feel about Katy?

  • The blanket is beautiful! Have you seen Knitting Daily’s log cabin style scarf/shawl? When I saw it, I thought of you. Could be your next project.

  • We ADORE Mike Mulligan in this house! Your blanket is beautiful. How do you feel about Katy?

  • You are amazing, I think that is my favorite of your recent project. Just Loverly!

  • It looks FABULOUS Ann !

  • I’m awed, not only by the hugeness and loveliness of all that tweed–but also by the depth of your stash. That’s a lot of tweed. I knew that Kay had this thing for the denim, but I did not realize it was matched only by your acquisition of tweed yarn.

  • This is a thing of beauty, I wish I could afford enough Rowan Tweed to make something similar.
    (I’m reading The Ionian Mission at the moment and loving it!)

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  • Wow, the afghan is gorgeous. I like the optical effect of changing to a lighter color in one of the angles; it almost looks like we’re studying something transparent.

  • One very nice blanket! Hope it keeps Daivd warm on cold nights.
    nice work ann

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