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  • Dear MDK —
    Can you two get your kids to make something for me? Kay, I know that Carrie and Joseph love me…and Anne, if your kids knew me they would love me too.
    Blog looks great!!

  • I’m ashamed to admit I taught Carrie to finger-knit this past weekend. There is something addictive about it (are we surprised), so she did quite a lot of it, running through my ziploc of cotton leftovers in nothing flat. She was better at it than I am–I tend to pull it too tight, while she leaves these nice open loops, fairly uniform in size, that give the strand a juicy, springy feel. Carrie is totally on board with the let’s-make-a-rug concept. I’m sure, Lis, that we can arrange an auction when Carrie is ready to sell her output. eBay? (I’m only half kidding?? How educational would THAT be?)