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  • Great summation of the 8 year old boy.
    My son, after his 9th birthday party, passed out on the sofa from exhaustion (slumber party where no one slept). After letting him sleep for several hours I went to wake him for dinner.
    “Honey, wake up.”
    He bolted upright and shouted, “I’m bored!”
    Then he fell immediately back to sleep.
    I believe being bored, even while sleeping, is the hallmark of the 9 year old boy.

  • You forgot the belching prowess of eight year olds. It’s truly something to witness (again, and again, and again….it’s going to be a very long Summer).

  • Ok, so that’s how I’ll know my sweet 7-year old is officially 8 (only 10 days to go). He’s pretty proficient at the hand farts already. This morning we used the word “turd” in his presence–he was still laughing about it 10 minutes later. He’s probably still laughing about it now.

  • Ahhh, Rocky Top. My grandfather, consummate bluegrass musician that he was, never failed to include it in his repertoire. It still reminds me of south Alabama rather than a mountaintop in Tennessee, and my family. Especially the part about “all the folks on Rocky Top” who “get their corn from a jar.” Sniff. Still makes me weepy.
    I know very little about boys. Oh, looking back on that sentence and my life, I think a truer statement has never been written.

  • Rachel’s comment made me laugh. My parents LOVED and played lots of bluegrass, gospel, and old-time music. Growing up in SW Virginia, I got to hear so many of those performers live many, many times, including the Osborne Brothers (Bobby was the one singing tenor in that 3rd clip). I used to tweak the words to “Rocky Top”, singing “Rocky Mount” (my hometown). Rocky Mount, VA is the county seat for Franklin County, also known as the Moonshine Capital of the World. I didn’t make that up. So, y’all have a great time, show those CT gals a good time, some Southern hospitality, and make sure they have some wilted sallet and beans and cornbread. Play “Rocky Top” and a less electrified version of the “Davey Crockett Theme” in the background. And let the 8 yr old wear that coonskin cap.

  • When my son was 8, he was good for not only the thunder-cracks of armpit farts, but also could make the same noise with his knee, his neck and — regrettably — his heiny bumper.

  • I just watched that first YouTube. With the bear and the mullets and the coonskin caps ? I am VERY afraid.
    (oh cmon, just kidding. I know all the words to The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, right down to the nah nahs . That counts, right?).

  • Kay, where do you GET this stuff?

  • Okay. I am posting for supportive help (only because my 8 year old boy does not read knitting websites).
    I have an 8 year old boy who does NOT do this! He farts and belches, whistles and plays inCESSantly with transformers and bioncles. He has been counting down the days till the release of the transformer movie for almost a year, but
    he does not do underarm farts.
    When woken from a full sleep, he generally drools and walks into walls.
    Is there a summer school program? A special camp? An on-line tutorial? I imagine there must be a YOU TUBE movie, but, really…
    Please help. I don’t want him to be ridiculed next year in school.
    an over-zealous mom

  • Clearly, I am unschooled in some facets of Americana, because I don’t get the significance of the potato…..

  • You know, my son must be some body farting prodigy…he learned to do it at 6, in both armpits and then UNDER his knees!!! It got so bad, I didn’t let him wear shorts when we went out in public. I guess he also drove the bus driver crazy. We were all thankful for colder weather, long sleeves and pants.

  • *sigh*
    Now I’m inexplicably pining for some burnt orange and moonshine. Dang it.

  • I can tell by this entry that you need to read or better yet, listen to The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson. Let your son hear it. He won’t believe half of it, but I’m here to tell you it’s true. Bill and I must have grown up just a few miles from each other. He and I were living the same life. Too funny.
    Love that rocky top!

  • I just love the Kentucky Headhunters (1st clip). And oh the joys of a house with small boys;-).

  • Boy, that was fun! Thanks for the YouTube links. Y’all have a great time in Tennessee now.

  • Ah, the under arm fart. We have been working very hard on the Alpha-Burp (burping the entire alphabet) But Angus is only 6 and a half. Time to train! I think this is a job for his grand father (who greatly rembles an 8 year old), nothing like learing from you elders!
    And I so want a the “I am a legend in Japan” T-shirt. So, so much!

  • As opposed to the 8 yr old girl who is busy polishing her skills in extensive punishment and the sharpening of her tongue 😉 Gotta love the kid!

  • THIS made me make my first post to a blog!! I do try and forget that 8 year old stage, as I remember it that was the year of the voice that rattled teeth. I do’t know where they learn that particular note, but that was an ear ringing year. (He turned 26 yesterday.)
    Now to my main point!! Can I come to Tenn to visit, too?

  • Thanks for the laughs. I’m just guessing, but some of the guys in the videos might pass the 8-year old boy test. BTW – since you’re tantalizing us with comments about the knitting for the new book – when can we expect it?

  • Boy howdy! Since I am now great with my own boy-child right now, I guess I need to get ready for thundering armpit farts in about 8 years. Sadly, I think I’m more likely to serve as instructor on the art & artistry of armpit farts and alphabet belches than the hubby is – he’s far too refined. Whoops.
    And by the way – that rendition of Davy Crockett was FRIGHTENING! Have fun at Monteagle and don’t forget to give us updates on the bluebirds!

  • o.m.g. play them all together it’s like ……um……just try it.

  • Kay, I hope you’re takin’ that New York Times article from the Sunday paper featuring Jack White for Miss Ann as a hostess present. Read it and thought of the southern half of Mason-Dixon.

  • Oh jeez. You know, besides being a knitter, in “real life” I’m a photojournalist and during the school year, cover Florida athletics… which, since we’re in the same conference as Tennessee, means at least 2-3 weekends of a WHOLE LOT of Rocky Top, with football and basketball. Summer’s supposed to be my Rocky Top-free season – it was with slight horror that I realized what I was listening to here!

  • Yes, but can they BURP AT WILL? There’s a precious skill. My cousin Sally and her brothers (two older, one younger) could all do this: swallow air nonchalantly and produce real, resounding burps. I admired them hopelessly as a child. Every time I tried to swallow air I just inhaled and exhaled. As futile as trying to wiggle my ears; I didn’t have the gene for that fabulous physical skill either. Ah, childhood. . . I had to settle for saying “burp” in a rolling, gravelly voice, which fell sadly short of the real thing.

  • Okay. That was scary.
    I can give you all something to look forward to: At 13, my oldest brother could burp the chorus from “Duke of Earl.” Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

  • I just asked my 7-yr-old if he knew what an armpit fart was. He said yes, he’s been practicing. WA HA HA! I had no idea.

  • You know how when your babies are little you worry about sending them into the wide world? You worry that they are going to come into contact with unsavory sorts who will teach them bad habits.
    Well, at the tender age of four, my eldest son had precocious talent: he could burp the alphabet. And I suddenly realized that it was MY son that everyone would be considering a bad influence.

  • I just want to know if “bar hunt” is the conceit.

  • first of all, my 11 year old and his class have recently discovered the two hand fart…. (Japan might be a bit behind the real world) I just asked him if he can do an armpit fart and he gave a HESITANT/IFFY yes.
    2ndly, I have several versions of that song on various records and I thought they were saying HONKY TOP… at least thats what I have been singing when I sing along.
    and finally….. ” I ” am a legend in Japan.

  • I’ve been sitting here searching for Rocky Top videos on YouTube for an hour now.
    There’s going to have to be some sort of revenge. Be afraid. (perhaps I’ll record it myself and send it to you — that’ll larn ya!)

  • My 12 year old still practices armpit farts daily .(

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you (one for each video)! Tears of laughter are just rolling down my face. I loved it all!

  • Since I bleed in orange I loved both versions of Rocky Top. And I can testify that 8yr old boys retain their skills well into their teens. sigh

  • I had to laugh at the Japan t-shirt, because, well: http://www.flickr.com/photos/e_marie/250258153/
    It’s one of my most favorite belongings!

  • I laughed right out loud tonite at the grocery store-I was in this aisle with no one else but a young boy when out of nowhere comes this LOUD farting noise-I looked and sure enough, his arm was a-flapping! He was holding a whoopee cushion from the toy section and I think trying to match the noise and I thought “hmm, he DOES look about 8”!! Thanks for helping me recognize one in his natural habitat 🙂

  • I have a nine year old GIRL and SHE can belch at will. But GOSH, is she going through the bored while sleeping thing. Bored while awake, sleeping, eating, going to a VERY EXPENSIVE WEEK OF CAMP –not that I’m bitter. The other day I had a sort of nervous breakdown (in print, on my blog–very embarrassing) over the whole situation. I’m sort of relieved to hear that it’s a nine-year-old thing because I honestly tried to resign from this mommy gig on Monday. Unfortunately, my husband is out of town and there was no one here to accept my resignation.
    Thanks for getting me stuck on THAT song… seriously. For some reason, I had a whole ABBA medley going in my head. (Moans: I am soooo ooold.)

  • OMG OMG OMG! This is what I have to look forward to in about….6 months. I know he is practicing when I’m not looking. I just know it.

  • Ah, thanks for the nostalgia… I went off to college in Tennessee… I’m not a Vol… but that doesn’t matter, everyone else was!
    And yes, it really is like that…. and some people are still waiting for the south to rise again…
    YeeeHa (and all that.)
    Given that my son is 4, I have several years before armpit farts… but he has a twin sister that, I fear, he will drag into it as well… [sigh]

  • Kinda late to the comment pool here, but OMG! Just when the tune “Amos Moses” was my current ear-worm, you’ve gone and replaced it with “Rocky Top.” Amos became the hum along song of choice as my nearly 20 year old armpit-farter left for New Orleans on a college co-op position. “Knockin’ alligators with a stomp” and “his daddy used him for alligator bait” ahhhhh, now it’s “corn won’t grow at all on Rocky Top…” The tune is incessant. Last time I head it, the UT and Ole Miss pep bands were trying to out play one another at a women’s Vols NCAA game. Each band tried to play louder than the other. Being that we were sitting closer to the UT group and the entire arena was in orange, Rocky Top won by a landslde. As did Pat’s girls.
    Could you challenge your son to “fart” or burp the tune?

  • For starters, thanks for helping me to miss the mountains on the Eastern side of these United States. Oh, and the memory of Rocky Top Cola.
    My boy is only 11 months. At least now I know what I have to look forward to…
    I wasn’t clueless. I’m a former at teacher turned stay at home mom. After 8 years in a classroom at the elementary and middle levels, there’s little a boy can do that surprises me. And, yes, that is the field guide for the 8 year old boy.

  • I happily discovered this site last night and was treated to a huge fit of giggles! I have 3 boys, ages (almost)12, 7.5 and 2.5. So, I too recognize the natural habitat of 8 year old boys and am familiar with the many and varied bodily noises they exhibit.
    Have a great trip!

  • never having been an 8-year-old boy, i believed (until this very morning) that i was not capable of the Art of the Armpit Fart. Had never tried! Unable No More! (insert fit of giggling of 7.5-year-old boy here.)

  • Those videos were hysterically funny, and you know what? I never would ever in my life likely have seen them if not for you, dear Kay. What a sad thought.
    This is the perfect venue to let out a little secret — I happened across a combination swap/knitting contest filling up fast called “Dish Rag Tag”– see this site:
    It’s a team effort, an around-the-country dishrag relay — you’ll just have to see for yourself! Signups are limited, though, so any interested warshrag knitters (not that there’s any of THOSE reading or writing this blog!) may want to check it out! Anyway, I signed up but immediately thought of MDK, so wanted to pass it on (only AFTER I’d signed up, of course!)

  • OMG!!! I logged on to look up a dishcloth pattern and what did I find??? Rocky Top!!! Boy, did that have me waxing nostalgic! I sang in an old-timey string band a few years ago (OK….YEARS ago in the 70s) and hearing Rocky Top brought back a flood of memories. THANKS!!
    As for my “little boy”….he is 31 now and those 8-year-old fads are far behind. However, he manages to come up with new noises and bouts of craziness at every stage of his development. Gotta love him!!
    Enjoy the armpit noises (and other strangeness that can only come from a young boy) while you can. Too soon they’ll be in their 30s and you’ll wonder where the heck that little guy went.
    Thanks for TWO strolls down memory lane. Sniff.

  • I so totally LOVE your blog….I have lurked for ages but have to come out and tell you now I’ve seen the YouTube stuff on tonight’s blog….and my daughter bought me your book for Christmas-awesome-Keep it up. Fran UK

  • My son took special tutoring classes in pre-school. We were so proud when his focus paid off – he would go to sleep with red marks around his armpits – and he could arm fart with the best of them. Now, at the ripe age of 5 1/4 he also burps with such ease. After each burp recites notable quotations such as: ‘Wow, I do not remember eating that’ (Robin Williams as the genie in Aladin) and ‘Better out than in’ from Shrek. Borderline rude but my gosh, he makes us laugh!!