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  • So nice! I’ve had her Dark and Stormy in my queue for years. These are achievable. Thanks for another brilliant book.

  • This looks so fun! Skipping off to the shop now to order my copy. Fa-la-la-la-la….

    • Done! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • Love. Every. Single. One.

  • Thea is simply the best designer! I could happily knit every one of her patterns (I’m trying, but might not live long enough! She is hard to keep up with!).

  • Love it

  • I LOVE EVERYTHING! I am now in the mood for hot apple cider and chunky knits and lots of pom pom hats. I’ve been wearing the same fingerless mitts for more than 10 years now so I think it’s time to knit up a new pair!

  • Something wonderful this way comes!

  • Woohoo!

  • I’m in! New Field Guide new yarn. Mr. Postman look and see is there a package in your bag for me…

  • Huzzah! Looks awesome, congratulations. Also, I NEED A GIANT TEA BALL. Heck with cider, I am 100% about the mulled wine. Red and white. So good. Sangria of the wintery north, glühwein. And Knitting, balm for the soul.

  • love the patterns, and really want to try the sangria!

    • I’ve had fun just gathering the ingredients!

  • I want to make the sleeveless sweater she has on. Is the pattern available?

  • can’t wait for the knitalong. I wonder, if you double the stitches and knit in the round, if the Appleseed coasters could become Appleseed coffee (or tea) cup sleeves? Oh yeah and now toddling off to order my Field guide #8 to round out my collection.

    When you get to 10, how about a cardboard sleeve to store them in?

    • Love the cozy idea. Everything should have a cozy. And stay tuned, we love that sleeve idea.

      • The sleeve idea is awesome!

  • Is any of this yarn superwash? It seems like that would be necessary for hats and coasters, at least.

    • Yes, the two hat yarns are superwash or blends with superwash. I have plenty of hats and coasters in non superwash yarns, though, but then I never machine wash wool regardless of its superwash status….

  • I am so excited! I have several plane rides in the next 2 months that will need nice traveling projects! Score! Thank you!

  • Super fun, I love that giant turtle collar on the cabled vest!

  • Love that two of the yarn suppliers are from Maryland! Love these projects!

    • REPRESENT! We love it too!

  • So Fantastic!!! 😀

  • So beautiful and so much fun!!! I’ll be ordering mine soon! Love love love!

  • Love these ideas. Will order now. Not sure where Thea is exactly, but hope her home is safe from the crazy fires tonight.

  • Looks like fun – hats, mitts, and coasters all around.