Field Trip: How Alice CVM Silk Is Made

By Ann Shayne
January 18, 2018

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  • I am howling with laughter at “sack lunch” and will finish reading the assignment later. May I have a bathroom pass?

  • Beautiful area to visit also. Go before the Vermont Wool Show too. The people at GMS are always willing to give you a tour.

    • So glad someone else loves the VT Sheep and Wool Festival! It’s a delightful family-friendly weekend fair, AND it hosts the CGA North American Cashmere Goat Show! This year it will be Sept 29 & 30, 2018 at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds, Tunbridge, VT.
      Maple sugar cotton candy made before your wondering eyes, just sayin’…

      • Wait – What?!?!?! A CASHMERE SHOW!?!?! Can that be our next field trip?

  • For certain as soon as the class left GMS, a staff meeting was called with orders from the top to not allow MDK class to visit till time eternity. Super interesting since I just had a tour of the Jacquard weaving process with the Oriole Mill in my backyard. They started the loom in s-l-o-w motion then while our fingers were inside our pockets, they turned that big, intricate machine to normal speed and viola. Is it snack time yet?

  • Can I come on the class trip next time, I swear I will behave better than Julia. I swear! Can I bring two sack lunches so I don’t get hungry?

    • OK, but keep your pencils to yourself.

  • Well, I’m at the front of the class with more questions! We heard where the lovely CVM a few days ago, New we understand the process to make it into yarn. What about that silk. Where does it come from?

    • Back to typing and proofreading class for me!

    • Gold star for the question of the day! It’s raw silk, or tussah silk. I’ll find out more and share it here!

  • This must be one of the special yarns I heard about at Green Mountain Spinnery when I visited there last summer (remember Summer?) as part of my ongoing How To Best Use All This Raw Cashmere quest. I was given a lovely tour, kept my hands and pencils out of all machinery (I grew up in Yankee Mill Town culture), and plagued the life out of my poor tour guide with all my questions about the machinery and the processing. It was swell!

  • What an entertaining post-takes me back to field trips of yore. Very beautiful yarn, and I feel like I learned a lot today. I should pass the test easily.

  • I believe this might be the Best All-Time Mason-Dixon Posts. But I can’t find my index card to confirm. 😀

  • Thanks for this creative tour. I’d like to join next tour! Promise to keep my hands in my pockets.

  • Don’t know which was funnier, the MDK post or the comments!

    • I find the original posts are so creative (and often other things as well, e.g., inspiring, moving, hilarious) and then there are the comments – so clever! Who are these people? The bar is set pretty high!

  • I ordered a skein to make myself a warm cozy winter hat. I can’t wait to see this yarn in person!!

    • Was this yarn expensive? Have you started your hat yet? I have been watching this yarn for awhile and have been debating whether to get some. Thanks Linda

    • I just ordered it yesterday. It’s a little on the expensive side, but I decided it was worth it. Using only quality yarn is a goal for 2018.

  • I want so very much to buy a sweater’s worth of this beautiful yarn! But as I sit at work in my windowless office, where it maintains a steady temperature of 80 degrees F regardless of the temperature outside the building, I fear I would never have the chance to wear the garment!

    • Perhaps there will be the occasional weekend where they let you out to run a few errands and treat yourself to a peppermint pattie…

    • I totally get it!

      Here in the South, we just crank the AC and wear our lopi sweaters no matter what.

  • Ann I met you at VKL and you kindly showed me some CVM and advised me on yardage. I have made up my mind to make a Barn Sweater (Carrie Bostwick Hoge) with it. I think this will be a forever sweater in a forever yarn. Thanks!

    • What a classic, great pattern Barn Sweater is–I hadn’t seen it before. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

      Here’s the pattern, everybody:

      Great to see you in New York–what a fantastic gathering of knitters.

  • My skeins arrived yesterday! They are so, well, knitterly (!) and are going to be knit appreciatively, with intention, not gunning for an FO, ASAP. (They are going to become Michele Wang’s Topiary wrap.)

    • Oh, Evelyn, what a beautiful wrap that is.

      Check it out, y’all:

      And yes, this is a yarn so sheepy that you may need to put out some hay for it!

      • Haute hay. With a side trough of sparkling beverage.

  • I’ll prefer to pay the cost of this yarn by chalking it up to several lost hours of production.

  • A fascinating tour of a wonderful mill, thank you! Do tell, though, are you acquainted with Joyce Grenfell’s “Nursery School” sketches? If not, do check her out on Youtube.