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  • Hallelujah! I’ve always wanted to know how to knit! Can’t wait to get started! The glue part was my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ this video was almost as funny as Grey Garments. Almost.

  • Oh if only I had learned how to pick my crap up off the floor long before now. This guy is a GENIUS.

  • “We’re not making mistakes; we’re making experiences.” Love it.

  • Ah! That was amazing! “It’s just glue, don’t worry about it.”

  • Okay, so it is “football night in America” so the speakers hooked up to the computer are on the radio with the TV, so I just watched it like a silent movie. Laughed so hard I cried. Will watch with sound tomorrow, but it cannot be better. Love the glue, I imagine this is how my husband would knit.

  • The stapler bit just killed me.

  • Who sez yarn can’t feel pain??

  • Did anyone else watch this and think, right up to the moment where he covered it in glue, that at least the yarn could be salvaged?

  • I suggest this to my husband as proof that he could knit, but he might hurt himself when he gets to the stapler step. Hilarious!

  • Hilarious!

  • Some people say it’s cheating, I say “shut up.” This is absolutely what I needed this morning.

  • The video ended over two minutes ago. I am still laughing! Thanks for a winner.

  • This was priceless. Still wiping tears out of my eyes. Thank you so much!

  • yes glue, i don wanna do it…funny

  • I sent the link to my niece/good friend who is left-handed and who tried to learn to knit from a friend so she could make me a present. The resulting…er hem…”scarf”…is eerily reminiscent of the one in the video.
    I told her that I had found the perfect man for her!

  • “Because tape…is like knitting for everyone!” Awesome!

  • I think the part where he says, “there are no knitting mistakes, only knitting experiences” was my fav!

  • I guess I’ll try not to be so smug knitting on the points & all next time I knit at the coffee shop. I didn’t realize I was coming across as a show-off.

  • This is the funniest thing I have EVER SEEN!

  • It’s so full of knitting wisdom, I don’t even know where to begin! (Much like Dan.)

  • hilarious! thanks!

  • Gives new meaning to being the boss of your own knitting (especially the “shut up” part). However, I may never knit at Starbucks again.

  • Stapling. Why didn’t I think of it first?

  • “This part is full of scarf. This part – not so much.” I hear ya, chief!

  • I laughed out loud…often! Thanks!

  • love this. and since my son only napped for 45 minutes today i needed a laugh!!

  • Ah! So THAT’S where Cat Bordhi learned how to cast on!

  • OMG! I’ve been doing it wrong for 47 years!!!

  • You know what I love? That somebody made a Cat Bordhi joke. A GOOD Cat Bordhi joke. I heart knitters.

  • Hilarious! I just tweeted the link – although I’m a little worried that some of my friends might take it seriously….

  • Hysterical from beginning to end !!!! This is how all the men in my family would knit. But they would add duct tape !!!

  • This is too funny! Thank you for sharing. Who knew that I have been knitting wrong for the past 55 years!

  • The video was funny, but I laughed hardest at the Cat Bordhi joke. Too funny!

  • “it’s only glue…. don’t worry about it!” “knitting, knitting”
    hahahahaha, so good!

  • How did this guy get ahold of my current project??? Give it back, man!!

  • This fellow is so funny! Love (mostly) the INternet!

  • we are amused

  • This guy is hilarious. I had to share this with others, especially the non-knitters in my life. Thanks for sharing this!

  • I almost peed myself laughing. So glad I watched this when hubby and kids were out – they would have thought I lost my mind! Stapler was my favourite part – more subtle than the glue. Thanks for posting ๐Ÿ™‚

  • From now on all patterns should consist of several glamor shots, a list of materials and supplies, and the instruction, “Make it good.”

  • We are knitting experiences… ha! Love it.

  • “Yarn feels no pain” or something like that… “we are not making mistakes, but making experiences!” Ha ha ha ha!!

  • What – a – scream! I think I’ll give up teaching…. this guy could replace us all. reminds me of someone I knew in college – didn’t know how to sew, but had to costume a show for theatre 101 class – he did the whole thing with fabric, duct tape, glue, and a staple gun. Gotta admire the guts.

  • I don’t even like scarves..

  • Brilliantly hilarious!

  • I’m sorry but the Cat Bordhi joke has been rolling on the floor and other “stuff”…..thank you!

  • That wasn’t a scarf…it was modern art….someone give that guy a big grant to create more.

  • My favorite part is when he says “yarn can’t feel pain”. Awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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  • Is it weird that I’m feeling sorry for the yarn? I’m hoping it was some cheap acrylic and not something good…

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