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  • I am going to have to get Polly to bring me back a packet of Cheetohs and a Moon Pie – we don’t have such things this side of the pond, at least not called those names. You all looked to have a great time – loved the Persian Poppy scarf – way back I did the waistcoat the same way. And those corsages and the ‘flower’ arrangement – what a lot of thought they put in to your visit. Quite right too!

  • What fun!

  • That sounds like one of the best parties EVER!!

  • Uh oh . . . so much for my moon pie plan or do you have room for more??
    And while you’re up north, how about carting back some whoopie pies? I couldn’t find anyone to send me any of those!
    We are so excited about next Friday night and I saw a stack of your books at Davis-Kidd today.
    Have fun and see ya next week.

  • What a fun party! I almost became neon green with jealousy reading the Brandon Mably part! “GET OUT!” I also shouted to the computer screen! LOL!

  • That really sounds like the best party. Boston? Boston!!

  • Now THAT’s a party!

  • I want to visit there ! Fab place,fab knitters !

  • Well that’s done it, I want to move across the pond and meet all you wonderful knitters. Only thing is, my non-knitting family might not be quite so impressed.

  • I’m floored by the reception you received… WOW… what a party, tribute, and celebration!
    I’ll definitely remember Finely if I ever get to go to PA. : )

  • OMG, I already had a mopey week, and now I’m even MOPIER, coz I missed this wonderful event. I think I need to take a trip to Swarthmore!

  • WOW! I’m so so sorry I missed that. Who knew you could have that much fun in Pennsylvania?

  • I am afraid the Finleys may have depleted the world’s supply of Cheetos. Perhaps Birminghamians can tempt you instead with our large cache of Bugles?
    Great party! Thanks for the virtual tour. It was almost as though we were there with.

  • Sounds like a blast! I’m looking forward to your homecoming in Nashville.

  • Sounds like an awesome time. Moon Pies are definately the high point of any gathering. (I’m from Alabama. I should know.)

  • eeee please come to California!!! i promise we’d be fun too!

  • I had just now accepted the idea of moon pies. Now I learn they come in BANANA?

  • I loves me the Persian Poppies. I also loves me some Brandon Mably. First, he’s adorable. Secondly, he doesn’t weave in his ends, he just knots them. Why? Because: “If someone is going to look on the inside of my intarsia sweater they should expect to see knots.” Word.

  • ohmigod. when i die i want to go to finely. (is this place real, or didja make it up?)

  • If I knew how to plotz I would plotz with you ! It all sounds unutterably fabulous :0) And just think of the mitred square possibilities if you made your own self-striping yarn like Gusty ?!

  • Sounds like an awesome place – I’m adding it to my list of shops to visit.

  • Oh my gosh! What a knitting party to be had. Who knew they could do that way up North! 😉

  • yay for moon pies!! and we can’t forget, Goo-Goo’s!! 🙂
    it looks like ya’ll had wayyy too much fun there! so many creative ppl, I love it! and those “badges” they made you…and the floral tribute..and the knits from the book…great!! they were some busy, busy bees.
    excited to meet you two this Friday in Brentwood!! 🙂

  • Happy Easter! May New Life spring up within and without – despite our human efforts.
    It’s raining on Easter morning out here in Sacramento California…..but the babes have their Easter Buckets and chocolate flows freely. Off to church to greet the day………..wearing Talbots linen and a handknit!

  • sounds like a great time! now what about those Boston dates? we’re still sitting here knawing our knitting fingers with jealousy. soon we’ll only have stubs left and we’ll be unable to knit. do you really want that on your concious? =) happy bunny day!

  • I’ve got to have some Cheetos at least once a week but the big question is, how do you keep the cheese dust off your knitting?
    And….OMG! That child knitted her OWN sweater??!! I am truly embarrassed by my own intrepidness to knit a sweater.
    Happy Easter to everyone:)

  • Wow! What a grand party. After this entry, I’ve definitely filed this particular store away in my brain as a ‘must visit.’
    Glad to see you’re out there having fun!

  • I was actually there! And, yes, it was quite a party… with lots of great energy. Very friendly.
    It was also my first visit to the store, and my introduction to Mason-Dixon Knitting. My daughter had invited me to go with her; she’s begun stopping in fairly frequently. And I’ll probably become a frequent visitor, too.
    And now I’m inspired to try some log-cabin knitting.

  • So sorry that I missed it! We live in Baltimore, but my parents live near Swarthmore. We had every intention of going up, but then our real estate agent called with a house to show us…
    I got the book for my birthday (which is tomorrow!), and love it already. I can’t wait to start reading/knitting it.
    Glad you had fun in Swarthmore. It is a great town. Come to Baltimore next time!

  • Ohmawgawd I have to move there. A local yarn shop that understands the importance if Moon Pies . . . I could swoon. And apparently plotz, since it seems to be the word of the day.

  • To the mother of the “aran twins”: pattern source, please. Also, what yarn are they knitted in? Thanks.

  • The book and the event at Finely was motivation to get me out of my knitting funk. Mary and I have started a bunch of bibs and burp cloths. Great time and inspiration. Lots of young folks around us have babies or “in the oven”.

  • OH.MY. I can hardly believe the place exists. The event occured. I think I might have been overwhelmed a little bit. The post overwhelms me a little bit. Amazing.