A Fine I-Cord Edging

By Kay Gardiner
September 24, 2016

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  • I found my way to this entry from today’s (1-17-17) about your Hap Happiness, and enjoyed reading and studying it – can’t wait to use it, and will try your knit-through-the-back-loops method. And since there were no comments – how could there be no comments on such a clever and useful tutorial – I decided I would leave one to say thank you. So – thank you!

  • Beautiful! This has always had me baffled about how to do this soooo neatly. I see this getting worked into a new project. Hmmm I wonder what it will be?

  • Found this article when Googling ‘neat i-cord’. Your explanation is great, however all the pictures are missing except the first one of the shawl. Would love to see the examples; that said, I immediately started using your technique anyway.

  • Like the previous commenter: I don’t get the pictures except the first one. Could they be re-posted or something? Pretty please??

    • Running to fetch them, please stand by….

      • Thank you Thank you! I’m psyching myself up to start the Volt, have the kit and everything, so I just needed some encouraging photos! (PS wondering if you did yours with all the increases on the right side like so many knitters on Ravelry did?)

  • This was perfect timing. I saw this link today on facebook (6-19-18) just when I was needing a stretchy icord edging for a shawl. By incorporating the YO into the stitches I give myself just a bit more give in that edge. So that is worth the slightly extra amount of time it takes to do it for me.

  • K2tog though back loop is definitely the wtg (a non-knitting instruction).

  • Such neatly tucked and hidden stitches ! Only way to go !

  • Do you knit the I cord with the right side facing you?

  • Found this today (7/22/19) doing a google search for attached i-cord. I REALLY love your explanation & am ridiculously excited to try this out. This is by far the best explanation for attached i-cord on the entire internet! Thank you so much!